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July 24, 2015

Blizzard press conference set for Gamescom – Expansion news?

Gamescom gets underway in Cologne in just over a week and this year Blizzard are holding another press conference on Wednesday 5th. It was a couple of years ago at Gamescom that Reaper of Souls was announced as the first expansion so can we expect another expansion announcement this year? There’s been plenty of rumours flying around that now could indeed be the time.

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By: Elly

May 5, 2015

Guest Article: D3 Expansion #2: Skovos and Druid/Amazon?

One of our long time forum users, Nobbie, has written a well-researched speculative article about the second Diablo 3 Expansion. No such product has yet been confirmed, but most fans expect it to be revealed soon, possibly in August at Gamescom 2015 (RoS was announced at Gamescom 2013). The main topics of speculation about an expansion are 1) where will Act Six take place, and 2) what will be the seventh class? (Assuming it is a full expansion like Reaper of Souls, rather than a smaller DLC type product with just a new class, new Rift tilesets, some new item systems, etc.)

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By: Flux

December 11, 2014

Updated: The Story of Diablo

Blizzard has updated their online Story of Diablo. It summarizes the story up to this point (with D3-era Metcons included) and takes the tale through events in Reaper of Souls. The RoS portion of the story begins on page 54, and should be useful for those of you who rushed through the Campaign Mode without really reading or listening, and have only played Adventure Mode since. *cough*

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By: Flux

February 13, 2014

Diablo 3 Novel: Storm of Light. Review and Contest

The second Diablo 3 Novel, Storm of Light is now available for purchase. It’s set in the few months between the end of Diablo 3 and the start of Reaper of Souls, and provides lots of interesting lore and story background about that crucial interval. This article contains a review/discussion of the book, and a pair of contests to win your own copy of the book, plus a copy of The Order, Diablo 3 novel #1.

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