April 28, 2015

Diablo 3 Podcast #173: Power Creep and Spin2Win Barbs

Season Three marches on with massive power creep in higher GRifts. Are higher levels of Torment required, or will the removal of Realm of Trials solve the problem? Also, why doesn’t anyone want to play with Spin2Win Barbs, do Seasons need more incentives, and does anyone really want to play Thorns? Featuring N3rdwards, Master X, and Flux.

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By: Flux

Wizard Changes Preview for Patch 2.2

With Season 2 now in the rearview mirror it is time to look ahead to Patch 2.2, Season 3, and what is in store for the Wizard master race. The new Season is just a few days away. Lots and lots are changing with the patch. Even more will change with the start of the season and the new seasonal legendaries coming in to the mix. Wizard Changes Preview for Patch 2.2!

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By: nerdwards