Wizard Changes Preview for Patch 2.2

With Season 2 now in the rearview mirror it is time to look ahead to Patch 2.2, Season 3, and what is in store for the Wizard master race. The new Season is just a few days away. Lots and lots are changing with the patch. Even more will change with the start of the season and the new seasonal legendaries coming in to the mix. Wizard Changes Preview for Patch 2.2!

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By: nerdwards

March 7, 2015

Play Your Way Friday: Live Stream Recap

The special Friday edition of Play Your Way Thursday is now underway and streaming live with four Wizards banging through T6 Rifts. The show began at 4pm Pacific time, and features four players: Prfly is the build of the month, showing off his mixed element Wizard build. He’s joined by Blizzard software engineer Roger Hughston, Bnet Wizard forum MVP Jaetch, and Nevalistis.

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By: Flux