August 9, 2015

Datamined Murlock Goblin + Sea Monster = D3X2 Skovos Hints?

A nice short video showing datamined creature animations from the patch, including a Murloc treasure goblin carrying a Blizzcon tag in his backpack (obviously this year’s digital prize for Blizzcon attendees). There’s also a cute and tiny WoW Panda, and most interestingly, a reskinned version of those Act 3 monster troop carrier worms that looks like a sea monster. Thanks to Mads Lund for posting the video, Datamined Murlock Goblin + Sea Monster = Skovos Hints?

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By: Flux

May 4, 2014

Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rates Revealed – Updated

We’ve got the Diablo 3 Legendary drop rates for all set and legendary items in the game. Thanks to site reader Childe for helping us assemble them, via a Korean site where they first leaked. These are the *weighted* item drop rates, much like the old Diablo 2 Treasure Classes. These figures do not tell you your chances of finding a legendary item. What they tell you is IF the game rolls a legendary or set item for a given slot, WHICH of the possible items will appear.

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