Zombie Vomit and Animal-Themed Armors

Blizzard has posted a few interesting tidbits on Twitter yesterday and today.  The tweets are quoted below; Blizzard in blue, the fan replies and questions responded to in white, plus some wiki links for more info in orange:

Intense debate about zombie vomit distance today.—Diablo

Zombies can be a touchy subject.—Kenny McBride
They are indeed serious business.—Diablo

Report from Metzen: ?Digging the vibe.? Good. —Diablo

What is the maximum amount of players you can have in a single session of diablo 3 DiabloWikimultiplayer? The most I’ve seen so far is 4.—TeslaFalcon

Right now we’re playing with four in co-op. That’s not necessarily set in stone, but it’s looking like a solid number.—Diablo

Explorations of animal themed armors are promising.—Diablo

Note the reference specifically to, “in co-op” for the multiplayer reply. Since the cap may be higher than 4 in other forms of multiplayer, such as DiabloWikiPvP?

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1 thought on “Zombie Vomit and Animal-Themed Armors

  1. Synchrotron you missed this bit from blizzard: “Nothing has really changed in terms of being able to purchase the full version of the game. We’ve simply added additional purchasing options so that the game is accessible to a wider audience.” So you can go buy the game normally.

    Also from earlier information: the limited version + upgrade pack is the same price as the unlimited version (ok it likely to cost slightly more, but according to the released Russian plan and the currency converters I used at the time it was cheaper to buy the basic limited version + upgrade pack than to buy the full game turn out to be about 1 Euro cheaper).

    Really think of the deal plan thing as buying it on loan with an interest free period (the free sub time) and sub time payments being interest payments.

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