A bug in the v1.0.3 patch largely broke the Witch Doctor’s DiabloWikiZombie Bears rune effect by introducing pathfinding issues that causes the bear-valanche to not work on slopes, and to stop when it hits any tiny obstacles. There’s good news though, as a fix is coming soon™.

    Happy Friday, I have some good news for you. We have decided to make a 1.0.3a patch to fix some critical issues and I have convinced the developers to include the fixes to the two Zombie Bears issues that arose after 1.0.3 launched. Thank you very much for your patience everyone, and for your discussions on these forums, Reddit, fan sites, and other places. It’s awesome to see such an active community.

    This patch does not have a release date yet, but it will be releasing in the near future (as in before 1.0.4) 🙂

    Yes, soon… but when? Sometimes the waiting is just unbearable.

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