Thanks to HK for pointing me to Blizzard’s first (?) post-release D3 artwork update. They’ve posted four images, and it’s a shame that three of them are Demon Hunter artwork that was released back in October 2010 when the class was revealed. Happily, the fourth is a new piece of art showing off Zoltan Kulle and his charming smile.

    As I lamented a few weeks ago when posting some artwork from the Behind the Scenes DVD, let’s get more of this going up, Bliz web team! They must be sitting on hundreds of great pieces of concept art for Act 3 and 4 areas, bosses, NPCs, etc that were never released pre-game, and there’s no reason not to share them out now. Spoiler time is over, guys.

    The full-size image is huge; click to see it much larger in our Monster Artwork gallery.

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