Zarhym Explains His Recent Diablo 3 Tweets

There’s no doubt that Blizzard’s CM DiabloWikiZarhym has caused a bit of a stir with his recent Tweets and it’s no huge surpise that some people will complain about the lack of real info. To try and clear up any confusion with his recent personal Tweets he made this lengthy post to kick off an even lengthier conversation, the gist of which is that we should not take seriously anything the Bliz people say on their private Twitter accounts. Here’s the start:

If you’re looking to our personal Twitter accounts for any hints of information that might help you ascertain a release date of Diablo III, you’re going to be disappointed.

I’m assuming you’re referring to my tweet about a “big meeting.” I have several meetings a day and just felt like being silly on my personal feed on a Monday morning. Was it really enlightening or informative? No. Was there ANY indication that meeting had anything to do with Diablo III development or release? No. (Because it didn’t.) Do I sometimes tweet about the weather, cute cats, rocks on the ground, and other random stuff that won’t bring you any closer to your copy of the game? Totally.

If you guys don’t have anything of importance to say please do us a favor and don’t say anything.
Since everything you mentioned in your OP was taken from Twitter, I’m assuming you’re asking that we not use our personal social media accounts to communicate with anyone until our company announces a release date for Diablo III.

The unfortunate fact is we’re human beings. We use social media to communicate with others about day-to-day affairs, whether or not what we’re saying pertains to our jobs.

If you want to follow what we’re saying, awesome. But if you feel like any post we make that has anything to do with our careers, yet isn’t breaking news about the status of Diablo III, is just a huge tease or attempt to bait you… well, you’re crazy… and almost as excited for this game as we are. 🙂

Click through for much, much more along these lines. One of our news posts is eventually cited, and while Zarhym clearly wishes that fansites that scour his tweets and collect them with other related information didn’t exist, we stand by the reporting in that item. We did hear from a source, inside of Blizzard, that the meeting in question was chiefly focused on the Diablo III DiabloWikirelease date. That doesn’t mean that everything’s been decided, etc, but it was a major topic of internal discussion and will likely continue to be right up until they make the final announcement.

The rest of the TLDR conversation. All blue posts are by Zarhym.

Nope, I’m not demanding anything. I’m suggesting that when it comes to a product release date they shouldn’t announce a buisness meeting specifically regarding that project and through offical channels without having some actual information to present to the community.
After reading this post I’m quite confused. Do you have a link to an announcement made via one of our official channels where we said we were having a business meeting about a product release?

I’m pretty sure what you’re referring to doesn’t exist. It actually seems you, or someone who told you this, filled in a lot of blanks incorrectly.

So saying “WE HAVE A BIG MEETING AND YES ITS ABOUT DIABLO 3!!!1” on twitter isnt a tease? when everyones been tearing their hair out to find out when the games released? (4 months after saying the game was in a polishing stage)

First of all, that’s quite a bit of paraphrasing what was actually said. Second, I’m a community manager. I don’t think you understand how many meetings I have about Diablo III which have absolutely nothing to do with a release date. We do what we can to plan out announcements and generate website content based on the timeline given to us by other departments.

There are quite a few people who work at Blizzard, many of whom do not work on Diablo III. Just the same, there are many people (like me) who do work on Diablo III in some capacity, but aren’t working on things you’re necessarily dying to know more about right now.

Since my post about being in a meeting seems to have been such a mean tease, I’ll tell you more about it. There were six people in a room and we were discussing the functionality and layout of a few web pages, as well as what text still needed to be filled in and what the best way is to get localized versions of each piece of text generated for the site.

Please contain your excitement. :p

Spoiler alert: we also have a meeting tomorrow with Jay Wilson and other lead Diablo III developers (as we do every Thursday). One question which will almost certainly not be brought up is: so when are we releasing the game? Instead, we’ll be asking about all of the cool things they’re working on now to make the game even better.

We want the game out just as badly as you do, but we’re not going to sacrifice quality or implement systems that don’t feel fleshed out just to get the game in your hands. It has to be a game worthy of being in your hands.

This is what t everyone is referring to. As to how legitimate of a site this is. I dunno.

While the Tweet is not specific, we can speculate that decisions are now being made to get a release nailed down and announced.
Ugh. I speculate that such blind speculation yielded a lot of page views.

So zarhym is this to mean we shouldn’t expect any news in the coming weeks for diablo 3?
No, we have a post from Jay Wilson in the works that does a good job of explaining what his team is currently working on. We want to give you all a status update on the design of some of the systems we either haven’t fully fleshed out yet, or are still scrutinizing. It’ll likely be followed by an update to the beta servers and you can expect the post probably late next week.

You do understand that everything you guys post on twitter ends up as a thread on here right? So people like me whom never visit your twitter, come onto these forums, see a thread titled “release date meeting today” and get our hopes up for nothing…

I agree with the OP. If you guys have nothing to report of importance then dont report anything at all. I mean its not like you guys dont KNOW that every person that visits these forums is looking for a release date, and by feeding them bread crums all you’re doing is making people upset when they get let down by a lack of news on that front.

If you KNOW people are going to take every little bits you give them and run with it then why are you giving it to them at all?
I don’t report on Twitter. I post about random things in my life and pretend people care. If I mention I’m in a meeting and confirm it has something to do with Diablo III, I’m not backing down just because a couple of bloggers decided to drum that up with crazy speculation and assumptions. THAT can more aptly be referred to as “nothing to report of importance.”

If you think Bashiok deciding to shave one day is some cosmic sign Diablo III is being delayed beyond some date we never confirmed in the first place, you’re in for heartache. We don’t live, eat, and breathe Diablo III milestones. Sometimes we do things in life — and post about those things — even when they don’t fit into a master puzzle which must be completed in order for you to possess a copy of the game.

Actually, in this tweet we have a confirmation that what was discussed during that meeting WAS related to Diablo III (and therefore in some way related to the development of Diablo III)!/talkingcongas/status/156454941446250498

No, a meeting related to Diablo III is not therefore related to Diablo III game development. We have websites and all sorts of other things surrounding the Diablo brand which we talk about in meetings.

We understand you have many meetings, in some cases more than one per day, but you have never gone out of your way before to communicate to fans about them before (aside from major meetings / quarterly reports). Which made us think that this meeting was special in some way.
I have spoken about being meetings many times before on my Twitter feed. Sometimes I’ve posted pictures from those meetings. The fact that people chose to care so much about these few tweets from Bashiok and me, because a couple bloggers tied them together in a pretty package to stir up hype, is ridiculous.

And as much as some people hung on every word of said tweets, they sure misinterpreted them.

Put two and two together. They’re still working on major game systems. They aren’t even discussing a release date at their internal meetings. It’s (usually) about 2 months from announcement of a release to the actual release.

Right now I see May, maybe April as being the earliest it will be released. As much as that sucks.
Just stop. Please don’t take that two and put it with the other two. They don’t need to be mashed together in a downward spiral where everything said is between the lines. It’s not. I’m not using a language you need to decode. I’m trying to get you to stop thinking there are secret implications behind our words. Read what is being said and think about it for a least a few minutes before deciding how it is/isn’t a sign of when the game will be released.

I didn’t say the company isn’t discussing release dates. I… 🙁

Too many people, it would seem. It’s great you guys strive to make such a polished and satisfying games, but I get the feeling there is/are a lot of second-guessing/conflicting ideas.

I miss the smaller company, before WoW, that had 30 people working on a project and not hundreds. All of the personnel expansion, due to company growth, seems to have the opposite effect it should. This development does not seem efficient and streamlined; more so it seems cluttered and ineffectual. The business mentality has largely overpowered the game-making. It makes me think of the legal system, where a form or meeting needs to take place just to get a simple task underway.

Blizzard seems more interested in making money (via expansions, features and functions) than making the games it once did. “Let’s make a ton of money. If a great game comes out of it, all the better”. No longer “Let’s make a great game. If we do well for ourselves because of that, we’re a true gaming company”.
I understand what you said, but I want you to know you took what I said and then ran into a huge tangent. Your statements aren’t really based on information I gave you, nor are they accurate. Having more staff in the company, particularly for customer support and community development, shouldn’t be used as evidence to argue there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Compared to the rest of the gaming industry, you’d probably be surprised by how small the Diablo III development team is. And the reason it’s relatively small is because we do want it to be a family of highly talented individuals who have a certain synergy to challenge one another — developers who know what they like and don’t like, but at the end of the day can come together and agree on a design vision.

I just caution you not to assume that our company’s growth has diluted the development teams into bland groups of programmers plugging away for a paycheck. Our weekly meetings with the Diablo III developers are amazing because of how passionate they are about their game. They know what they’re doing and aren’t being blocked by bureaucracy, as you seem to be suggesting.

Also, with all of these extra people with jobs like community manager and whatnot, it would be pretty great if somebody could find the time to actually tell the community what in the hell is happening. The unrest on the forums is at being left in the dark for a month, not because of a delay. Most people are happy as long as they feel included. Some will find a reason to complain regardless, but they are the minority.
Isn’t this thread sort of about the opposite? We’re being told not to saying anything unless it’s really important and directly related to the release of the game.

We told you at the end of last year we wouldn’t be shipping the game until 2012. That didn’t mean we’d have the final details ready to announce by January of this year. We’ll share with you whatever information we can whenever we can.

This is slightly unfair, because the OP’s topic came from the misguided point of view that you were indeed tweeting about a realse date meeting (because of a certain fan sites spin). In his mind (and I admit, my mind, because of said fansite) you tweeted about a release date meeting, and the time had come to sit and refresh the page for the big news! Then, we see that Bash shaved! Of course for our Diablo 3 starved minds its easy to overlook the fact that he said in that same tweet it had nothing to do with release. So, the OP made this thread feeling betrayed because he let his hopes get up when, he shouldn’t have to begin with.

This doesn’t mean that as a whole, as a community, we only want to hear concrete news. I for one, would have LOVED to see a “water cooler” style discussion (like we see from the WoW team) talking about what the current ideas and goals were/are for the Rune system. Having that type of discussion over these last months would have been [email protected]!
Fair enough. Looking back, it’s pretty unfortunate that a few unrelated postings here and there on the internet were tied together into what seemed like the start of the biggest Diablo news of the year. :

So what really happened? I had a typical Monday meeting and Bashiok shaved.

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59 thoughts on “Zarhym Explains His Recent Diablo 3 Tweets

    • In my opinion Blizzard’s multi-layered mind fuck games definitely spill over into ‘personal’ tweets and whatnots of their high(er) ranking employees.

      Same as with many other companies that seems to enjoy torturing their fans. Just look at Valve.

    • What else is he going to say?

      Apart from that, that’s a pretty bad show of manners there and slightly disrespectful of a site that’s been doing this for 14 years.

      • Probably. But I don’t think Blizzard has any reservations about what they say to the public unless it’s regarding release dates. Clearly the moral compass rarely points North.

        Anyways, people overreacted from the news post on this site. All it meant was that something was decided internally. It should have been a “well, that’s encouraging, but who cares” sort of reaction since… well… that date wasn’t public at all.

        • I think people might have got excited because Blizz has said when they know they’ll tell us, so if a meeting occurred where they discuss it (did they decide or not?) then we could be in for the announcement.

          As far as announcements go, for most everyone, it’s up there with the best of them and I certainly share in that excited expectation and the meeting suggested a big step closer to it.

    • Elly’s quick post was just the first part. I added in the whole tldr thing.

      I bet it yielded a lot of page views too, but I dispute his “blind speculation” comment. It’s clearly not blind, as that whole post was based on numerous comments he and other bliz people made. Even before the semi-confirmation we got and added in an update, it’s fact-based.

      Clearly the Bliz CMs are tired of all the release date speculation, but they’ve only got themselves to blame for that. 1) taking so long to make games, 2) taking so long to get around to announcing a release date, 3) making all kinds of teasing tweets and release date hints, then 4) acting shocked, amazed, and defensive when fans pay attention to their tweets and hints.

      • @Flux:
        “1) taking so long to make games, 2) taking so long to get around to announcing a release date, 3) making all kinds of teasing tweets and release date hints, then 4) acting shocked, amazed, and defensive when fans pay attention to their tweets and hints.”
        it’s called “System Blizzard”.

  1. there is a part of me that thinks as much as blizz does want to make a good game and certainly wants it to be successful/profitable, i think that the devs secretly hate the hardcore fans.

    …and for some reason i still hate special effects reality shows.

  2. He posts a lot more in that thread than just that part. In fact he goes on to say exactly what his meeting was about… and it’s not exciting at all… On the plus side, he does mention that there are meetings going on to talk about release projections and such, but the CMs are not involved in those.

      • Oh…  you edited this news post to include the whole conversation… yay.

        I think a lot of people that follow this site, people that were posting in that thread, and Zarhym himself were assuming the meeting you referred to in the post he specifically responds about was the same exact meeting as the one your Blizzard source said was about the release date. That is what got so many people riled up at him. If you were not trying to say that they were the same meeting then you should’ve clarified as such in that post.

  3. I agree that people may have overreacted but the fact he acts all surprised that people would read into his twitter posts is asinine.

    • Yip. He’s clearly not as “professional” as he thinks he is.

      Oh wait, better put a smiley (the universal internet indicator of jocularity) in this post or people will accuse me of not having a sense of humour:  😀

      • So are you being serious when you are saying he isn’t as professional as he thinks he is or not?

        That was the problem with your comment in that other news post… People thought you were seriously accusing him of being unprofessional in a tweet on his personal twitter account because you didn’t really give any indication that you weren’t being serious. Then you went back a while later and said you were joking and insulted people for not seeing that you were joking when it really wasn’t very apparent… just saying…

      • I didn’t say you have a sense of humor. I said your sense of humor is absolute crap.
        You aren’t funny, and when you try to be funny, it just comes off as snide. There is no mellow zone for you. :p

        Oh, wait:


        Because if I put that there it means I was joking when I totally wasn’t.

  4. self-riteous dick.

    when people say ‘dont say anything’ it means DON’T REFERENCE YOUR WORK.
    If you want to stand by that it is your personal account…. USE IT AS YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT. YOU ARE COMBINING, THAT IS WHY YOU ARE WRONG.

    • Think you may be overreacting a bit here. Take a chill pill and get over it. The fact is, it is his personal account, and he does work for Blizzard…. So of course it is related sometimes… I take my job personal too, after all it is where i spend alot of my time at.

      • Agreed, I tweet about work all the time, and I know there’s just about no one that actually cares.  😀

  5. They are including MORE and MORE systems, as if the game has not changed enough. They don’t need to ship the game PERFECT, there are patches, expansion sets and stuff for this.

    We love that game as we currently know it is, so i think they could give it a shot and release it the way it is and people love, and experiment on the reactions after game release.

    Diablo II did not ship with synergies and runewords.

    • Of course there are patches/xpacs for improvements, and they would never have done this beforehand when there weren’t OTHER reasons we can only speculate about.

  6. It’s not like you can disabuse people who have come to erroneous and premature conclusions of their erroneous and premature conclusions, that just makes them angry, defensive, and more sure than ever that that their erroneous and premature conclusions are true.  And if they can slather on the victimhood and self-entitlement, all the better.

    PS:  This
    “I’m not using a language you need to decode. I’m trying to get you to stop thinking there are secret implications behind our words. Read what is being said and think about it for a least a few minutes before deciding how it is/isn’t a sign of when the game will be released.”

  7. Here’s the part of Zarhym’s blue posts today that I find the most amusing:

    “We told you at the end of last year we wouldn’t be shipping the game until 2012. That didn’t mean we’d have the final details ready to announce by January of this year.”

    1) Another Blizzard employee conveniently omitting the adjective “early” from the “early 2012? release timetable. Are we all supposed to believe that this was an accident?
    2) If the game is releasing “early 2012? and Blizzard games typically allows 8 weeks from the release date announcement to the release date, then shouldn’t Blizzard have the final details ready to announce by January (or at least by the end of January)?

    The entirety of Zarhym’s posts seems to sugest that we shouldn’t take almost anything Blizzard says seriously unless they are officially announcing something. The bottom line is when your community doesn’t get the communication from Blizzard that it finds reasonable to expect, it starts trying to read between the lines. If Blizzard doesn’t like it, communicate more often as to where things are and have that communication be consistent, specific, and honest. Every time I read a Blizzard employee say ”2012? instead of “early 2012? when they KNOW exactly how much their comments are being dissected, it makes me want to pull my hair out. Zarhym whines on and on about the way people seem to be hanging on every word and then loses the “early” from “early 2012?. You’ve just lost your credibility, Zarhym.

    All I know is next week is mid-January which puts the release date probably early to mid March if it were to be announced then with the letter from Jay Wilson and it sure seems like it won’t be announced in tandem with it. Sooner or later, all of this talk about making sure the game is ready starts to read more like they can’t make up their minds on important decisions. You said “early 2012?. Well, Blizzard – it’s early 2012. Let’s see if Jay’s got the sack to either be more specific with the time frame for release than “early 2012? or announce a delay. It certainly seems like it is time for one or the other.

    • @napobm:
      “If the game is releasing “early 2012? and Blizzard games typically allows 8 weeks from the release date announcement to the release date, then shouldn’t Blizzard have the final details ready to announce by January (or at least by the end of January)?”

      “Traditionally”, yes. My money is now on early February during the ICC (should be Wednesday, 8th), or shortly beforehand. If we don’t have a release date at this point, we can safely forget Q1/2012.

    • My guess is now that Zarhym has said that the Jay Wilson post will be coming “late next week” that the earliest a release date announcement will come is the week after… So, in other words, Jay’s info will probably be on the 19th or 20th and the release date announcement might be sometime between the 23rd and the 27th… And if it doesn’t, then sadly even a March release looks doubtful… 😕

    • “I’m not using a language you need to decode. I’m trying to get you to stop thinking there are secret implications behind our words. Read what is being said and think about it for a least a few minutes before deciding how it is/isn’t a sign of when the game will be released.”

  8. Yet another example of the idiocy of Tweeting – the Tweeter and the people who follow them. Perhaps the stupidiest social media invention yet. 

    Getting tired of the back and forth between the developers and fanbase. Just announce when the game will be available and be done with it.

    • There is no back and forth between the developers and the fanbase.

      We’re stuck trying to deal with the idiots that Blizzard hired to “manage” “the community”. They have nothing to do with development.

  9. I think it’s hilarious how Zarhym is acting all surprised and confused after he tweets things about a “high-level professional Diablo 3 meeting” at a time that all eyes are on them for a release date.
    And then posts negative comments about a fansite whom are reporting on it. Get real.

  10. Gee, it’s almost as if 140 characters isn’t enough to accurately convey information in a responsible manner. Who would’ve thunk it…

  11. “No, we have a post from Jay Wilson in the works that does a good job of explaining what his team is currently working on. We want to give you all a status update on the design of some of the systems we either haven’t fully fleshed out yet, or are still scrutinizing.”

    Anyone else feel like this is gonna be a list of reasons for a delay ? “Look, guys, this, this, this and this we’re still doing, and that, that, that and that we haven’t decided yet. We want Diablo to be the best game it can be, so we need more time.”

    Also “We told you at the end of last year we wouldn’t be shipping the game until 2012.” No “early”, no “Q1”.

    It looks more and more like Wilson&Co are getting stage fright.

  12. Just a desperate attempt to draw some hype on Zarhym’s part. Can you say hype machine ? I know you can! 😉

  13. Awful lotta butthurt over the release date of a game and speculation about it.

    I find it hilarious.  All of it.

  14. I’m more interested in what Jay has to say on the status of the game and its systems, rather than any announcement of some release date. It’s not like the game’s release will depend on some announced date; release dates get pushed back all the time, and blizz definitely has the liberty to do so. They mean total squat.
    The game will be out when it will be out, but its systems is what will make or break the game.

    • This is completely my feeling on this. I’m certainly looking forward to the game, but I find all this fussing over the release date to be way too much. I want them to do the game right (and I believe they are on track with this); no shortcuts.

      • This time it’s one CM being a snide, petty little douchebag, which is their usual, but still surprising.
        I don’t know about the others, but this is what is bothering me.

        • Yeah, he should have just manned up about it and been like “Look dudes, I’m sorry I got your hopes up but I wasn’t trying to give you any secret hints. I was just being a douche. We’ll let you know when we can.”

          And then left it at that. 

          Or better yet, said “We don’t have any release date info yet, but here’s what we CAN share with you….” Instead of just leaving us in the dark.

  15. Well then, they had their followers official annoucment, and then it was completly changed. The same way the skill system was officialy annouced and it was changed completly as well as the rune system. What we have here is that we cant belive anything they said, even if it is super official. Early 2012 is Q1 which ends on march 31th thats in the real life. What all those post are doing is a bullshit. What they rly have to do is say “We are changing the skill system coz there are some problems A, B and C with it, pls share your opinion and possible solutions” and then in some weeks they should say “We decided to make it that way, and it works like this”. End of story for this system and its time for other gameplay system and close the topic. Working for years on something and then when finally you have it done you cant say “Holy crap, the community is right, it sucks” and start all over again because at the end you will have somthing like Minecraft, which is a great but it has passed his time with years. The conclusion is talk to the community directly and with specific information not general annoucment like polishing fixing and shit because this is a game not the irans nuclear program I mean what is the great secret?

  16. Seriously, I am going to unfollow his “personal” twitter account… scolding everyone for taking interest on a Blizzard CM’s tweet regarding ‘The most anticipated game of 2012’.

    He’s a Blizzard Diablo CM, he should know how the community will react, not be suprised by it.. Someone IMPORTANT at Blizzard, please HIT HIM REALLY *&$%ing HARD FOR ME!

  17. I’m positive that this whole re-development, which could easily be part of the next expansion, is now pushed in front to cover other top secret things going on in the background, very likely concerning the RMAH and/or even MoP and its upcoming beta/release. I feel sorry for Jay Wilson and his team.

  18. Anybody see his smart ass mountain dew tweet? Said [he left it in freezer and it froze not a sign of release] what a troll. I was incredulous when I saw him say that his “personal” twitter account should not be considered official and he just tweets about what’s going on in the office.

    Ignoring the fact that the twitter account is DIRECTLY tied to his online handle and not his real name there’s still the fact that he’s the direct liaison between Blizzard and their fan community. You will be held responsible for your tweets the same as if I were to embarrass myself on my facebook account and my place of employment saw it. I could/would face consequences from simple reprimand to lose of employment since I am always a REPRESENTATION of my company. Also add in the fact that they have been using social media sites to generate hype and his actions are even more disgusting. 

    Look at Bashiok’s twitter he doesn’t use his personal name (Micah Whipple?) he posts on Bashiok his name as representative of Blizzard. The biggest problem isn’t the fan base acting like “whiny children” it’s the fact that Blizzard has put their foot in their mouths on many occasions.

    There was no need to pour the amount of hype into the game if it wasn’t close to being finished. Sure there would be some people complaining about having to wait but there’d be a lot less of them if we didn’t hear “soon” “diabeard (sp)” “sooner than you think” “game is almost done”, list goes on and on and on. We receive massive updates on the webpage (followers, artisans) and then nothing again. I was excited when they first announced the game, checked occasionally for updates but knowing Blizzard would take their time I took it easy. It wasn’t until August or Sept of 2011 that I really got excited again especially with all the information, videos, interviews and then Blizzcon hype. Then the information went from flash flood to…nothing. Same thing in December. A bunch of information came along again and then….nothing. Something is def going on with Diablo and Blizzard has handled it poorly. They’ve made mistakes and instead of Blizzard or a CM saying “Sorry our mistake the game isn’t ready” or apologizing for misleading fans they blame the fans for following  their product too closely.

  19. I find it funny that so many people were calmed down by Z’s vague, uninformative posts: “We’re still working on stuff. Important stuff that’s not done and when it’s done it’ll be done” I’m assuming that Jay’s article next week will be more of the same.

    Anybody else find it hilarious when Zarhym said Blizzard doesn’t discuss release dates when they meet with Jay Wilson but instead ask him what “awesome” things he’s doing to make the game “awesome” (btw watch the Blizzcon skill video presentation to get an idea of what “awesome” is. They talk about a demon hunter with a ferret which is just…um… awesome?). I can just imagine those meetings:

    Random Blizzard Person: “So Jay what’s your progress report of Diablo 3” 
    Jay: “It’s quite an awesome game wait till you play it. You’ll think it’s awesome!” 
    RBP: “Well that sounds wonderful. How is the rune system coming along?”
    Jay: “Just awesome! Build 656 was better than 655 but worse than 654 but still awesome. Thinking about going back to number 1 for release”
    RBP: “… Well sounds good I guess. You mind if I try it out? Excited to play this game it sounds awesome”
    Jay: “NO! It’s not ready! But thanks it is awesome!”
    RBP: “…Jay I hate to ask but Diablo 3 does exist right?”
    Jay (sweating): Yea and it’s AWESOME!”
    RBP: “Well that’s good enough for me! Meeting adjourned”

  20. I think the purpose of a Blizzard “Community Manager” should be to directly consult between Blizzard and relay to the people and nothing else. Give us information, stop waffling. It’s that simple – KEEP IT SIMPLE and stop the ambiguity.

    In regards to their defence of “personal twitter use” – don’t make tweets about work, it’s your PERSONAL twitter, right? It’s bullshit to think how any Blizzard employee can post provocative stuff like that and expect it not to blow up.

    There is so much tension surrounding this game now and they need to realise it. Maybe they just have.

  21. I bet the kid knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he made that tweet.
    It’s ridiculous how he felt the need to type out 4 pages of text in response to his little stunt… bet he had the entire response ready from the git go.
    Pretty lame imo.

  22. 😯 Patience is a virtue. I was curious as to when this game is going to be released. I read the threads above and found myself getting really agitated and stressed. Leave Blizzard to make the game. Play something else. I like to think I’m a patient guy, I’ll continue to wait, if the game takes another few months hey ho. If it takes another year so be it. I won’t lose any sleep over it. The way I see it is yes Blizzard need to ensure the game is at it’s best before releasing, if they take forever when it is released it will be dated and some fans will be so peeved that they won’t buy -we all know though that true fans will buy this regardless.  Stu

  23. “I just caution you not to assume that our company’s growth has diluted the development teams into bland groups of programmers plugging away for a paycheck”

    Translation: “Even though we merged with Activision, we are not making call of duty games”

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