Did you ever watch slides of family holidays as a kid? Sitting in a dark room seeing your grandfather and grandmother strolling the streets of Cuba, buying you that hollow coconut that’s supposed to be an instrument of some description when used with a stick? Well, if you didn’t you’re probably better off, but Diablo III is different though! Even in stills you have strong poses, powerful impressions and lots and lots of gore. If only I could replace all those hours wasted with Diablo III footage, how my life would have been more… Bloody…

    The Diablo 3 gameplay video from BlizzCon 2008 is full of new interesting details about the game and we have taken the time to snap the most important shots from the clip, adding descriptions of what is actually going on (just like we did with the WWI gameplay and cinematic videos)! A few of the shots are multiple shots of the same spell, chosen to give anyone with limited bandwidth an idea of the spell or effect animations. On that note, I recommend that you use the “Sort By Filename” functionality we have in the gallery, so you can see all the pics in sequence.

    Some of the pics from the new gameplay are really something and I recommend everyone to take a look even if you have seen the video to get a a more detailed description of what is actually going on. You’ll find all the pictures in the BlizzCon 2008 Diablo 3 Screenshot Gameplay Gallery. Below are a few examples:



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