Your First Playthrough of Diablo III…

It’s a question that’s often asked in our forums, as fans fantasize about that glorious day when they finally get Diablo III in their grasp; how will you play your first time through? Thus it’s not surprising that someone on the EU D3 forum asked it. What is surprising is how one of the CMs replied:

So what will you be doing, rushing through all the acts not looking back or will you take it slow? I’ll be a slowpoke reading everything/listening to everything that is said and exploring of course.
Zhydaris: I’m definitely going to take my time during my first solo run, reading every quest, searching in every corner of the map, killing everything that moves.

I’m definitely going to take my time during my first solo run, reading every quest, searching in every corner of the map, killing everything that moves. Bether not be trying to kill me when i say HI to ya
Zhydaris: These are the guidelines I’m going to follow in my solo run, no potential friendly fire there!

Okay so um… wut? He’s a Blizzard employee. Hasn’t he played through the game like, 50x by now? For “testing” purposes? Is he just pretending to play along with the forum question? Or will it really seem all that different when it’s the final, released game, rather than the developing, slowly-evolving project it’s been for the past many years?

For those of you who are not Blizzard employees, what will you do? I’m going to be rushing through solo, at warp speed, purely to take a ton of screenshots and gather info for site updates, but that’s cause it’s my job. Were I free to play how I liked, I think I’d go solo and move fairly slowly, exploring all the side quests and little details and just soaking in the atmosphere.

Then again, that’s easy to say now. We’ve all planned to eat a delicious meal slowly, while savoring every bite… and then when the plate is steaming before us we realize how hungry we are and start gobbling it down. Might the same thing happen with Diablo III? And 9 hours later it’s 5am and you’re in DiabloWikiAct Three with bloodshot eyes and no clear memory of anything since you first saw the DiabloWikiSkeleton King?

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49 thoughts on “Your First Playthrough of Diablo III…

  1. If we sleep at all, we will be having Diablo dreams for sure.  That always happens with the big anticipated titles for at least a week.  You walk through the levels in your head in your sleep.  The best part is when you either start looting legendaries with every kill or when it turns to a nightmare and everything you loot is the lowest tier, something you can’t equip for 30 levels and for another class =P

    • Usually I’m tripping balls and can’t sleep for shit, then keep trying more to fall to sleep, but the harder i try the more I’m tripping.

      • You even start to imagine things in real life too. I remember walking down the street right after the first Assassin’s Creed came out, looking at a building and planning where I was going to climb. 😛

  2. Planning on taking Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off of work (assuming it comes out on a Tuesday, like every other major release) to play. First, play through at a “standard” pace, savoring quests and the like but not trying to do every little thing. After I get that char up to about Hell-ish level I’ll probably start my second. Next play through will be to pay attention to all the subtle nuances of the game (try to find all side quests etc). After that char gets up to about the same level I’ll finish getting one of them to max and then start gearing for a my other chars, to twink them out and maxed ASAP. :thumbs:

    • 60 hours vacation time and 120 hours of sick leave are what I have available now…and I’ll be able to save another 20-30 hours of vacation by the time it’s released. I’m set, bitches.

  3. I will order pizza and drinks and head over to the midnight release. Then once I am done buying the game I will come back and install it and while it is installing I will make sweet love to the box. Once it is done (and I am as well) I will play the game in single player listening to every single quest and exploring every inch of the map. I will not sleep till the afternoon of the next day. Good times to come… good times to come… 8)

  4. Empty my deepfreezer, cook ALOT of healthy things, freeze it. I really cant survive another week with only pizza and other junk food. Invite 3 friends with their rigs to my house, and lock the door. Simple as that 😀

    • Thats all well and good, but since lan is out the door why bother?  Just get em all in TeamSpeak.

    • Yeah. And pray like hell that can handle the load. D2 was pretty much unplayable the first month or 2 after release, as demand exceeded supply. Since we could play offline or LAN, that wasn’t a deal killer, though. Bliz knows how unpopular their online-only DRM is, so I really hope they’re going to have ready for the D3 rush. Because if they don’t… even the most apologetic fanboys will revolt.

        • It will happen. There’s no way they’ll spend extra just to accomodate the excess usage until when it dies down.

          I tell ya though: They want this fucken online only system and the game cant be played for the first month or two because they skimped out on hardware. Fuck I’ll be pissed. You can bet your ass I’ll be banned from their forums if that happens.

      • They may have to rethink the RMAH and institute harsh restrictions on it.  The apologetic fanboys will absolutely riot if the login queues are longer because gold farmers are clogging up the servers with useless bot-created-account-spam.  Or at least lets hope the RMAH servers are seperate from the login servers.

  5. I plan on blasting through normal with a wizard as soon as humanly possible. I may or may not have much time to play, depending on release date.

    Then I will turn around and analyze what happened, figure out the intricacy behind the game systems, update some wikis with what I find.

      • That makes it the perfect time to update the wiki. So when you come back after playing, and want some info on something specific, it should be up by then due to those who were working on the wiki and not just playing.

  6. First time through Normal mode, I plan to take my time, kill everything, talk to every NPC, do every quest, etc.  I’ll roll a monk unless the beta changes my mind.  After Normal mode, I’ll probably switch to a more cooperative, fast/medium paced run through Nightmare and Hell modes to hit level 60.

  7. A bit off-topic, but on the subject of info gathering post-beta…

    For the D3 beta and on-wards, are you going to be accepting screen shots and videos by people sent to you?  (For upload to this website and such? do you have the storage/host capacity for something like that? — of course nowadays youtube is widely used and can be linked to…)

    I know people can update the wiki’s with information also (and can add in pictures as well I think?) but I (and I’m sure many others) prefer video 😀

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to beta updates when that time arises.

    • You can upload pics to the wiki once you are logged in; there’s a menu on the left-hand side and it’s near the bottom.

      I can’t speak for the incgamer’s staff, but as someone who works on the wiki a bit, my concern over video media would be this: is it going to be there for a while? Is there a chance it’ll get pulled from youtube? Does it have advertisements?

      What’s great about the wiki (and the incgamer’s blue tracker) is that it is pretty much self-contained and as permanent as it is going to get. IE, even though the legacy forum will be deleted once D3 is released, we will still have all of the blue posts on the tracker, linked into the wiki, so you can see what was going on during development.

      But if this was cleared, a video not on the incgamer channel, I would certainly use youtube. There’s’ tags built into the wiki to display it without having a user blindly click on links. You can see an example on this page (log in and hit “edit” to see the code for it).

  8. “Okay so um… wut? He’s a Blizzard employee. Hasn’t he played through the game like, 50x by now?”

    I was a QA tester at EA for almost 2 years and the answer is, not necessarily. In our cases, people would be too focused on their work on one aspect of the game to really have the time and freedom to actually *play* the game.

  9. I plan on taking the game real slow!  I waited years to play and do not want to rush through the content.  I will probably be the last one to max level.   😆

  10. I’ll be trying out each class briefly first just to see what they are all like. For Diablo 2 this meant taking each class through the Den of Evil and then up to Blood Raven. This was enough to let me know which one I wanted to play through first.

  11. I know how that first playthrough looks like: “Oh, look at that Arcane Power orb .. OMG, it looks absolutely AMAZING!! .. I can even see things in it!” BAM!!! Dead. “Your Deeds of Valor Will Always Be Remembered .”  😉

  12. Maybe because he’s an employee in Blizzard’s European offices he hasn’t been able to play the game yet since it’s being developed in Irvine?

  13. First playthrough will be solo, Witch Doctor, hardcore (they better not force us to do a SC clear like in d2), talk to every single npc, visit every single nook and cranny.  And likely die, a lot.

    • Same here. I’ll probably focus on summons. I hope the good old summon necro in d2 for naked hc works in D3 too. 🙂

  14. I’ll likely play it the same way I did Diablo II, like a damn fiend. I’m pretty sure I beat that game in two days when I first got a hold of it. Doesn’t matter how slow I try to go, it’s gonna be a rush through only because I’ll be compulsive.

  15. I’ll play softcore just enough to unloack HC. That to me is where the game really begins. And it will be slow going collecting to pass to new chars. Also play with max people in game for max experience. Can’t wait.

  16. I’ll be going as slowly as physically possible. In D2 I’m a little OCD about killing EVERY last monster in each area and revealing the full map. So I will take my demon hunter and go soak in the lore, art, gameplay and sheer joy in the fact that I’ll be playing D3!

  17. Me, my wife, and hopefully our friends.  On a stable  Coffee in one hand, sweaty palms moving the mouse towards “Log On”.  Watching as the class intro crackles to life, and then scolding my wife for hitting Escape.  “Why?  Why would you skip that?  We’ve only been waiting for 10/3 years!!!!”  Coffee gives way to beer.  Crickets begin chirping.  The palms are still sweaty.  And I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Pulse is at a brisk 130 for much of the day.  Every time the phrase “do you want to take a break” enters the conversation, I casually remind everyone that Diablo and I have been together far longer than I’ve known any of them…so they can all just wait.  Dammit.  Divorce papers are filed, but who cares at that point.  I’ll have started my second character…

  18. Flux, I speak for everyone when I say you are free to play D3 for the first time however you want.  Please don’t rush on account of us.  We’ll all be enjoying the game in our own way like you should.  We can wait for screenshots and skill data, almost all of which would be spoilers if you’re hurrying.  You’ve worked hard for years on a game that isn’t even out yet.  Take a day off and savor it when it does.  No loyalty will be lost if you don’t post something on release day.

    • Agreed. To hell with your members when the game comes out. You have this site for a reason – because you are a Diablo fan. When the game comes out, play it as you would normally. When you’re over it (ie, that inital feeling subsides), then get down to business.

      Apart from people coming to the forums for help when they get stuck, most people will have their heads buried in the game anyways lol.

      • Indeed.  I know i won’t be reading forums etc. when d3 finally comes out.  I’ll be glued to the game.  Unless bnet is down…  Oops.

    • Totally, unless you have a contract stipulating you MUST finish the game fast, don’t bother. No one’s gonna read what you post in atleast a week m8. 

      Have fun, you’ve earned it!

  19. start with the barb, rush through as fast as possible,
    get to Inferno, grind, grind, grind
    find some decent items
    sell char on RMAH
    and yeah, what’s up with friendly fire ?

  20. I plan on having two characters: The first will be a Monk that I’ll play with my brother and a couple friends when we’re all on at the same time, to enjoy the co-op aspects of the game and really plow through stuff as a group.

    Then when I’m the only one online I plan on rolling a Wizard through, following the “slow, steady, read quests and soak up lore” aspect that so many more before me have mentioned.

    As I probably won’t get a Beta invite I figure playing all 5 classes up to the Skeleton King should be a lot of fun too, and will give a good amount of information on the classes and skills they possess and hopefully will give me that personal chronological hierarchy that I’ll follow to level my main/alts. Since I’m just not sure which class I’ll love the most yet…

    • That’s a good idea actually.  Often i find i don’t like coop because ppl are always in a big rush.  By keeping separate characters for coop and solo maybe i could dabble in coop.

  21. I’ll be doing whatever I can to free my time up and then I’ll be spending it soloing it through normal. I’ll be exploring EVERYTHING slowly. This includes moving to positions so I can see the background of the dungeons, etc to see if there is anything worth looking at (like in the 2008 gameplay video of the siegebreaker moving around in the background). I’ll also be doing everything methodically too, quests, talking to npcs, etc.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get into the coop side of things, I really want to explore all of the questlines and tangents (if they exist) before getting into the ‘I gotta keep up with the group’ type of game.

    I so am looking forward to it though. I’m like a kid 1 week before christmas.

  22. It might be bacause the Blizzard employee isnt either: A) Part of that division or B) He/She might want to go through the whole game, “all quests” & “killing everything along the way”, just incase they missed any bugs? lol. Not sure, bit wierd.
    On a different note with achievements (in which I havent heard much about). I hope they don’t put server first achievements in so people rush like mad and miss all the story etc, wouldnt be a good idea imo.

    As far as what im going to do? Well, Ive wanted to quit my job for quite some time now (I hope they cant see me typing on this computer!), but I might use some savings to quit and have a couple of months off, not “just” to play D3 but will defo come into the equasion. Overall, going to go through everything such as quests… killing everything and taking time to learn all the features of the game, including the classes skills. 🙂 Also team up with some old D2 friends who I know IRL and get the “grind” on as it were and down some bosses.

  23. I think Blizz will do mostly ok with the stability of the release.  Reason being that SC2 went mostly ok after release w.r.t. stability.
    And those games spawn up constantly and die after 10-30 minutes usually.  So their network was able to survive all of that – I think D3 stuff will be similar.


  24. What I will do hmmm… play till my eyes bleed? obvious question gives obvious answers…
    What also will happen is I’ll probably won’t read any d3 news online since I’ll be to busy playing.

  25. Exactly what I had in mind.
    Just being employed in the company that is making the game does not necessarily mean the employee has played the game, especially if the employee is a community manager or something similar.

    I just googled Zhydaris and he apparently is a member of Blizzard Entertainment’s European Community Team, so Flux’s comment above doesn’t hold much water.

    Edit: What happened? This was supposed to be a reply to yovargas’ comment. Why is this over here and not where it should be?

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