A fan asked what Diablo 3 skill visual people liked best, and got a Blue reply, but the reason it’s worth pointing to is the fan video someone else stuck in, showcasing why the Monk’s Seven Sided Strike is the coolest skill in the game. (In his opinion.)

    Grimiku: There are skills that I use a lot and think are visually interesting (like Zombie Bears and Hammer of the Ancients), but one of the cool things about doing public games is seeing skills in use that you normally don’t. Seismic Slam – Rumble, Cluster Grenades, and Living Lightning come to mind as some cool skills that I normally don’t see or use.

    Cool fan made videos aside, the question is an interesting one. Which are your favorite skills, graphically? It’s hard to detach the question of visuals/graphics from function, since if a skill or rune effect looks amazing but doesn’t work very well, you’ve probably not seen it very often. But all the same, do you guys want to nominate some of your favorite skill/rune visuals? It would be fun to list some, include videos showing them off, and then run some kind of tournament with voting to determine *the* coolest skill visuals for each class.

    Bola Shot: Acid Strike is an emerald delight.

    Bola Shot: Acid Strike is an emerald delight.

    Looking over that blue thread, I realize how out of practice I am with the Barb and Wiz, and how many skills I almost never see in Inferno games. It’s easy to get used to your build and only vary one or two skills ever, if at all, especially now that I’m only playing Hardcore and there’s a heavy price to pay for careless experimentation.

    But, that’s all the more reason for me to read the nominations from you guys and go look at some visuals I haven’t seen in a while. So list your faves and we can see about doing some follow up votes.

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