I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about this before, but I just had the dumbest death I’ve ever suffered in any Diablo game, so we’re going to talk about it for my catharsis. Here’s my entry from the Hardcore Graveyard burial thread, where you can find many other tales, most of them sadder than mine.

    New DH, 10 hours played, 100% solo (no rushing) and I was relaxing on the home stretch to 60. I’d just spent an hour pricing gear, designing what I was going to wear in Inferno (hadn’t bought any of it yet). I cleared Keep 2 and 3 to get to level 59.75 and then ran over to the Armory. As I clicked the door my cat, in her usual bed on my desk, started freaking out, doing that “stare at the empty corner behind me” thing. So I turned to look, nothing there, carried her over to look, then put her in the window and she hopped out onto the roof. I then returned my attention to D3… and saw the screen below.

    Yes, I died while AFK to those crawling PoS things that come out of the Black Soulstone. Dunno how long it took them to chew me up; I was over 44k hps and they’re not exactly Phase Beasts, but I was not looking at the computer for at least 30 seconds and that was clearly long enough.

    I blame D3’s bland music! I usually play with the volume down low and music playing so I didn’t hear the crunching sounds.

    I blame you guys! For all those, “The DH isn’t squishy since she only dies every now and then,” softcoreific comments that motivated me to build another hardcore Demon Hunter after wisely resisting the death wish urge for the past few months.

    I didn’t lose anything expensive; had a 1220 dps windforce with -lvl req on, but I found that myself. I had my worst Dex HR on, but it’s not hard to replace. (Oh yeah, I had a flawless star ruby in my hat, and that’s about 5m in HC.) Nothing else was more than 100k in price or value. The gold loss is annoying, though minor to my overall fortune, so mostly I’m mad at such a stupid and pointless death. Yes, they’re all stupid and pointless, but this one especially so! At least it didn’t happen .25 levels later, after I’d spent 200m to gear up for Inferno.

    Has anyone else ever died in the Armory? I wouldn’t have thought it was possible (unless you went AFK) but maybe if you were way over your head on the MP level?

    Dumbest Hardcore death ever...

    Dumbest Hardcore death ever…

    Can anyone beat this for stupid and needless death? It doesn’t have to be HC, though that certainly ups the “stupid and needless” quotient.

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