Your Dumbest Diablo 3 Death?

I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about this before, but I just had the dumbest death I’ve ever suffered in any Diablo game, so we’re going to talk about it for my catharsis. Here’s my entry from the Hardcore Graveyard burial thread, where you can find many other tales, most of them sadder than mine.

New DH, 10 hours played, 100% solo (no rushing) and I was relaxing on the home stretch to 60. I’d just spent an hour pricing gear, designing what I was going to wear in Inferno (hadn’t bought any of it yet). I cleared Keep 2 and 3 to get to level 59.75 and then ran over to the Armory. As I clicked the door my cat, in her usual bed on my desk, started freaking out, doing that “stare at the empty corner behind me” thing. So I turned to look, nothing there, carried her over to look, then put her in the window and she hopped out onto the roof. I then returned my attention to D3… and saw the screen below.

Yes, I died while AFK to those crawling PoS things that come out of the Black Soulstone. Dunno how long it took them to chew me up; I was over 44k hps and they’re not exactly Phase Beasts, but I was not looking at the computer for at least 30 seconds and that was clearly long enough.

I blame D3’s bland music! I usually play with the volume down low and music playing so I didn’t hear the crunching sounds.

I blame you guys! For all those, “The DH isn’t squishy since she only dies every now and then,” softcoreific comments that motivated me to build another hardcore Demon Hunter after wisely resisting the death wish urge for the past few months.

I didn’t lose anything expensive; had a 1220 dps windforce with -lvl req on, but I found that myself. I had my worst Dex HR on, but it’s not hard to replace. (Oh yeah, I had a flawless star ruby in my hat, and that’s about 5m in HC.) Nothing else was more than 100k in price or value. The gold loss is annoying, though minor to my overall fortune, so mostly I’m mad at such a stupid and pointless death. Yes, they’re all stupid and pointless, but this one especially so! At least it didn’t happen .25 levels later, after I’d spent 200m to gear up for Inferno.

Has anyone else ever died in the Armory? I wouldn’t have thought it was possible (unless you went AFK) but maybe if you were way over your head on the MP level?

Dumbest Hardcore death ever...

Dumbest Hardcore death ever…

Can anyone beat this for stupid and needless death? It doesn’t have to be HC, though that certainly ups the “stupid and needless” quotient.


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  1. Zero points to Griffindor for the first person to point out that one of the death-cheating passives I’ve been advocating… would have done me no good in this scenario.

  2. I lost my lvl59 DH in the Armory Hell. I disconnected just after entered the armory, didn’t even think to load sentries as I never thought those tiny little things would hurt. It was gone in less than 10 secs of time to get kicked out of the server.

  3. lol’d
    captcha: too salty!

  4. By far my most stupid and pointless death was losing my P100 less than a week after making 100. I had posted, just a couple weeks prior to this death, that new game load lag was getting worse and worse for me, and that I really needed to do something about it. Posted that in these very forums. I think I was level 98 or 99 at the time. I had people reply to my post, “Oh Noes! Take care of that problem asap you have come to far to die now!!!” This was one time where procrastination really killed. After that death I immediately bought an SSD, set it up as a slave, and copied my D3 directory to it (also had to upgrade from XP to Win 7 to get the SSD to work). Totally fixed the new game load lag as well as in-game stutter. Wish I’d made that little upgrade a LONG time ago, I’d still have my P100.


  5. Ran my lvl 45 WD (HC) into a pack of mobs in act 1 while playing with a lower friend. It was late at night, I was tired, but wanted to keep playing. Needless to say I passed out for a dozen seconds or so, woke up soon after, and saw my character super low on health. Tried running away but those beasts that ram you, one went straight into my spine and not just killed my character but threw them half way across the screen with the ragdoll animation.

  6. Paused my game during some Act 2 farming. I wasn’t back in town, but the area I was in I thought I cleared out and I thought pausing was always safe. So I paused my game, went afk, came back, on my screen is “You have lost connection” or w/e, so it directs me to log back into my game and BAM there is my character all ghostly… I was so pissed because I PAUSED the damn game… Blizzard servers.. Gotta love em’! Oh well, I quit D3 shortly after and am playing Diablo 2 again. Way better game anyways.

    All that glimmers is not gold.


  7. Well, it was EXACTLY the same thing… I was levelling a Barb after losing one @PL18 or so.

    Was doing fine blitzkrieging A3 and by the time it was time to hit the armory my wife yelled for tea. So off I go, since I was in town anyways…

    Sound was really low and as I pour the tea I hear a familiar scream. Looked up to a deeds screen…

    • Well at least I’m not alone. I was completely thinking about level 60 gear, and debating if I should level to 60 in that game with the long run down to the frozen fields, or just start a new game and do Keep 2 to get the level. Had no thought in my head of, “Armory is town, but dangerous this one time.”

      At least I died before I had any expensive gear on. Not so lucky was you… 🙁

  8. QUOTE

    Paused my game during some Act 2 farming. I wasn't back in town, but the area I was in I thought I cleared out and I thought pausing was always safe. So I paused my game, went afk, came back, on my screen is "You have lost connection" or w/e, so it directs me to log back into my game and BAM there is my character all ghostly... I was so pissed because I PAUSED the damn game... Blizzard servers.. Gotta love em'! Oh well, I quit D3 shortly after and am playing Diablo 2 again. Way better game anyways. 
    All that glimmers is not gold. 

    It still gives you the 10 second timer.

    I’ve died in the armory on sc. Or more precisely I died due to load lag and the armory just happened to be the area I was in. I didn’t attempt HC until I fixed that, so I haven’t died there. I did get a freeze load into Leoric’s Manor and lost a low level on HC though.

  9. You should blame the “We don’t want the town to be a safe place” design.

    Don’t worry, Jay Wilson has a strong back.

    By the way, the templar would have probably tanked it for you.

    Stuppid death: Act 3 stepping on fire in the keep. Usually my deaths begin with : “I don’t need to drink a potion.”

  10. My stupidest death occurred when all of a sudden my smoke screen only lasted half as long as it should have. Making that nerf without telling players about it was a really fucking stupid decision.

    Nothing in D3 yet that really fits the theme of the post, though. Just felt the need to bitch about that one a little more.

  11. That must have been some bad karma after pissing all over DH’s in HC in your podcasts, Flux 🙂

    I have yet to lose a HC char (grinding all classes, iron-balls mode), but I had my monk under 5% life today in Oasis, NM. Two packs and one confused monk, run my ass off to the portal and barely managed to TP to town. I TP’d back and almost died again, but hey, at least I got a survival story 🙂

  12. Ah, at least you had an excuse 🙂 I killed off my perfectly fine monk all by myself, didn’t need a cat to have a brain fart…

    Kinda coincedental isn’t? :p I’ve started my first DH and having a blast but I do miss that OH CR4P button when things go wrong.

    PS +1 for the HP reference

  13. I have died the very same death some time ago with my monk – entered the armory and then stood up from computer to do something else and not paying attention (well… the armory is a safe place, right?)… luckily it was in softcore 🙂

  14. Mine actually happened last night. Level 13 HC Barb, MP 2. Charged into a group of Elite’s in Highlands Crossing. Didn’t put on war cry, got shielded, and died after spamming a potion by the three elites pelleting me with arrows. Dead. Forever.

  15. i have died in the armoury once. i went there with my wizard and got swarmed and that was it. i actually had pretty good gear though. even better gear than my monk and wd who had no problems there. but wizard was incredibly underpowered and useless back then. this happened just before monster power was introduced.

  16. Am I the only one constantly dying due to hitting the wrong hotkey?

  17. Sorry to hear about your death, it was however real life that got in the way here rather than the DH class itself. All complaints about that should be directed to a certain cat….

    The Demon Hunter is squishy…but only if you gear her and play her that way, such as Glass Cannon spec. Even with Glass Cannon gear you can still play her differently via skills and play style choices such as how you move through the game.

    The Demon hunter reminds me a lot of the Amazon from Diablo 2, both classes have some very good survivability via skills and it only gets multiplied with proper tank gearing. You can go full glass cannon or full out tank with the DH, there are even permeations in between those two extremes. Its all up to the player in how they will approach the DH, but this class offers some great flexibility via her great skill set.

    I just recently started over with my DH from scratch. Zero gold and no gear whatsoever. My first choice in skills went to Guardian turrets. With a 2 handed rare bow I found(black damage) and about 300k gold in some cheap average damage + AS jewelry my turrets did all the work for me while I gained more gold and mats. Slow but steady.

    There are whole builds out there based on guardian turrets, and doing more than enough damage for the investment in some simple gear.

    I have worked my way back up slowly to where I was before I gave away all my gear, I still have some work to do but my turrets are performing marvelously. I can go afk and have no worries about death.

    Turrets are perfect for hardcore and if you had popped a few turrets first before you left the screen you might have still lived.

    Bows are reasonably plentiful from what I found on the HC auction house, not much demand for them.

    When you take a multifaceted approach and combine Guardian Turrets with Shadow Power/Gloom, Boar Companion, Perfectionist, Numbing traps and high armor, life and resistance values you have a super DH tank. Also try a one handed black damage hand crossbow with ruby and a shield in the offhand. With that setup I laughed at most mobs up to MP4. It was fun resurrecting barbs and monks while standing in arcane beams and molten pools.

    You don’t have to go to that extreme and like I said there are many permeation’s in between the two extremes, but the survivability is there you just have to keep a few slots for those skills. My build right now is a hybrid tank and cannon.

    I kinda agree with the whole karma thing after listening to some podcasts though….

    • Back from work, switch the computer on, Launch the game, log in the char…
      and go fetch some drink.
      Come back and see dead char !
      Oups I forgot that I was not in town last time I log out.

  18. I always think it’s a great idea to play when completely exhausted by school. Lost another Monk last night by playing stupid.

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