Your Diablo III Diet and Performance Guide

Many of us are preparing for a gaming marathon of Diablo III. Whether this is your usual computer activity, or you’re bringing your old gaming habits out of retirement for D3, you’ll want to know how best to maximize your attention, care for your body, remain awake and feeling good for longer play sessions, and not die in the process.

Happily, we’ve got just the thing. Thanks to site reader Moonie, a trained nutritionist and long-time power gamer, here’s a detailed and intelligent guide that covers your food, liquid, nutrition, sleep requirements, and other bodily needs during extended gaming sessions. We all know that cookies, coffee, and soda aren’t ideal for our bodies, and that they actually lower performance by not adequately fueling the body’s needs. But why? And what are some more effective alternatives?

Read on to learn, and you’ll be powering through Inferno while lesser, empty-calorie Mt. Dew-chugging WoW players are still back in Nightmare, snoring and drooling on their keyboards.

Optimize your body, optimize your gaming experience for Diablo 3’s release

Guest Article by Moonie.

The release of Diablo III is approaching, and many gamers are preparing for marathon gaming, with snacks and coffee in front of your computer to lose the least possible time on other tasks and stay awake as long as possible. You may think sugar is the option to stay awake longer – you’re wrong.

As a dietitian, ironman-distance triathlete and an eager gamer (Quake III, D2, WC3 and SC2) I thought that it would be interesting and fun to prepare some expert advice on how to use proper food and drink to increase your concentration and keep fatigue at bay, thereby allowing you to get the most out of Diablo III play.

Of course, you have your own methods with Redbull, coffee and pizza. You are heartily welcome to it, but if you want to tweak your diet in a healthy direction, simply read on.

Please note: If you have a disease or any other medical conditions, this article might not be for you, as it’s dedicated to the normal health group.

I studied at the university to become an dietician and I’ve also worked part time at an Internet café. At the university learned about health and how to influence people for a better lifestyle, while at the Internet café I saw many people preparing to be my future customers. Gamers there often lived on chocolate, chips and soda. Fruits and vegetables were not popular.

The Internet café was open 24 hours a day, which gave consumers the opportunity to play non-stop. All-nighters of 10 straight hours gaming was plenty for most people, and customers often fell asleep at the machines, which was forbidden. We woke them up and asked them to go home and sleep. A few regulars managed to play two days in a row, but that was uncommon. The most hardcore games lasted longer; the record wasZvin who once managed four days non-stop. Here is a video of him from the café’s security camera. It shows him on his fourth day, when he was so tired that he could hardly stand on his legs when trying to pick off another cup of coffee:

Everyone loves to tell stories about how they survived LAN parties and had to use extra days, to catch up with the lag of sleeping.

With my dietician (nutritionist) background, experience in triathlons and gaming, I will come here with some advice on how to optimize yourself. Note that I go to D3 release with the same planning as an ironman (3.8 km swim, 180 km cycling, 42 km run). It may seem like an exaggeration, but if you are serious about your hobby, the acceptance from girlfriend, friends and family is also better, rather than the ridicule gamers get from non-gaming people.

So here comes the gaming optimization and health one-on-one.

Step One: Training

Trying to run a marathon (42 km) with no training is insane; you’ll never reach the finish line. The same principle applies to going from your normal schedule up to a very lengthy trial in front of the computer; you’ll get a sore arm, irritated eyes, and sore back and butt.

I suspect that most of us have tried longer periods at a computer and thus are in good shape for this – if not, then train it up to it. Train the element. You will not be a better swimmer by playing golf. Now, Diablo III isn’t yet available, but train on other RPGs or even an RTS games that has the same sort of view angle and lots of clicking.

The longer you’ve tried to sit in front of a computer and the game, the better you get at it. Use a gaming setup you know when you sit there long. When I switch my “time trial bike” in triathlon with a new one, then I have to adapt to it before I can ride well on it. The same applies if you change your new mouse, keyboard or monitor. Use what you know or practice in front of your new setup, in good time.

Step Two: Sleep

There is growing scientific consensus which states that the average adult human should have 7 ½ hours of uninterrupted sleep — every night. Five percent of people, due to odd genetic alignment, only need 6 hours to get the same benefits as the majority.

I long thought I was in the lucky five percent, and for years I’ve spent nights working in the Internet café, partying every weekend, sleeping only 4-6 hours each night while still attending university and running marathons. However, I needed to catch up by sleeping late on weekends, napping some days, etc.

This all changed after I met my girlfriend. I now get 7 ½ hours of uninterrupted sleep most nights and I feel much better. I don’t nod off during dinner, my face looks fresher, and I have more energy for daily life. So if we listen to the scientific consensus and my recommendation, its 7 ½ hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Do this up to Diablo 3’s release and you will be fresher and more powerful. This is the most important advice!

Step Three: Nutrition and Hydration

The healthier you eat – the better functioning your body will be. There are plenty of official recommendations for fruit and vegetables, fish, wholemeal bread and dairy products. I will not go into that here, because this is not a question of how to become 100 years and avoid cancer, but how to get the most out of your gaming night at diablo 3 release. Of course, a body built of the right amounts of essential macro and micronutrients, added a good dose of exercise may be the most optimal.

What to do on the day?
First we need to know your energy needs, to find out how much energy you burn per hour while gaming. There are a lot of methods to calculate it using height, weight, physical activity, gender, and age. It does not need to be done exactly when it’s gaming we are talking about.

What is energy? Your body is like a car. It requires fuel (carbohydrates, fat and protein) in order to function. Your heart, lungs, eyes, brain, muscles, etc. require fuel to operate — without it they will eventually halt. If you one day you get too little energy, your body takes it from your fat and muscle depots, to maintain cell division, the agencies’ functions and more. The converse is also true; if you get too much energy, your body will just deposit it in your stores.

An average normal person gaming Diablo 3 burns 600 kJ (to convert it to calories, divide by 4.18 = 143.5) per hour, you can get 600 kJ from eating two bananas. By comparison, burning rate is 4,000 kJ per hour when running at an average marathon speed.

With this we can conclude that the game Diablo 3 is not so energy consuming that it is necessary to eat protein bars and sugary drinks to feed your body enough energy during this physical expression. Normal food items will be more than enough.

When I worked at the internet café, I wondered often over these people who voluntarily sat and drank 1 ½ liter cola while gaming. Their body just sat quietly, and they had no shadow of a need for 165 grams super readily available carbohydrate. Well, you should probably accept that people who sit quietly and consume cola, is doing this because of taste and they just want to enjoy themselves, and hardly gives it any thought about the body energy needs.

So what to eat then?

Two to four days before Diablo 3 servers go live

Too little fluid reduces your ability to concentrate. Too much and you lose time to constant pee breaks. Measure your fluid needs as follows: Weigh yourself at the weight, go inside and play computer for 3 hours, without taking anything for eat or drink. Now go out and weigh yourself again. Now you have an estimate of how much you approx should be drinking. Depending on your weight, size and temperature in the gaming room, it’s hard to come by an average of much fluid your body must have. Fear not, your brain tends to be good to tell when it’s thirsty.

Morning and afternoon before Diablo 3 servers go live.
Eat regular food without sugar – simple and good.

Evening before release.
Make sure to have dinner with lots of fiber and starch. Complex carbohydrates will give a good blood sugar concentration and a long flow of energy for a long time. Pasta, potatoes and rice with lots of vegetables, is the perfect formula. Make plenty of it, so you have something extra to the following night and morning hours.

Ingestion of many fibers will do, you may need to visit the toilet more often, but also means that you will complete your visit to the toilet quickly. If you used to be a rusty catapult in the toilet, then with a high fiber diet, it will be like a bazooka on the toilet. Kapow and you’re done within 1 minute. Fibers drags fluid to the intestine, and will make your stool more smooth. Enjoy.

Low blood sugar. It is not good, we lose concentration, become irritated and feel uncomfortable (same symptoms of high blood sugar – wnich you get by eating and drinking sugar). Low blood sugar, is something we all heard of, many believe they have tried it, but few have. We think we know it when we visit the national park and walk around a few hours, some will be inclined to believe that they now have low blood sugar and need a big ice cream or a soda. The reality is that our bodies can handle 2½ -3 hours of hard physical training before blood glucose levels in the body will fall hard. Computer gaming is not very demanding, so there will never come a time when sugar is needed for a gamer. Drink therefore rather light products without sugar, so you’ll still taste and get caffeine.

Instead of sugary products (soft drinks and candy). Have the following at your computer side. A bowl of fresh fruit, water, brown bread and a caffeine products – then you have all the energy you need.


Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, and is found in more than 60 different plants. How it works, I’ll skip over – it just works. This increases performance, and can ruin your sleep patterns, which is good here because you need to keep you awake longer than usual.

The important thing here, how much should be consumed and when. Caffeine takes approx. 1 hour before it reaches its maximum level in the body. If you consume 3-5 mg caffeine / kg body weight pr. day there are no or only mild side effects. Are you overweight, then stick to a max of 400 mg per day.

  • Coffee — 225 ml — 118-179 mg
  • Starbucks coffee — 225 ml — 250 mg
  • Nescafé — 225 ml — 106 mg
  • Red bull — 225 ml — 80 mg
  • Other energy idrinks(EU) — 225 ml — 80 mg
  • Coca-cola — 330 ml — 46 mg
  • Regular tea — 225 ml — 43 mg
  • Pepsi — 330 ml — 40 mg
  • Green tea — 225 ml — 30 mg
  • Hot cocoa — 225 ml — 8 mg
  • Caffeine pill — 200mg
  • Please do mind, that you can normally get above options without sugars. A larger list of caffeine in every sort of liquid can be found here. Note that some large coffees and some energy drinks contain more than 300mg of caffeine in a single dose.

    Last words

    If you are into science and nutrition and want see source of information. Just message me and I’ll be happy to send some PDF files with more information.)

    Other drugs, alcohol and stuff? Not healthy, not trustworthy for the average person – so I rather not go into that.

    Is it healthy not to sleep? Not really, you need sleep or your body will collapse at some point. Danger signs are:

  • Hard sweats
  • Pale mucous membranes
  • Blood in stool
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • If you get any of above, please go to sleep or call a doctor, if feeling really bad.

    So what if you dont give a shit? If you just want to have a fun night with lots of sugar. Be my guest, but you will have less concentration and will fall a sleep before the dude on a starch-rich diet, taking moderate caffeine and avoiding sugar : )

    – Moonie

    Opinions expressed in guest articles are those of their authors and may not reflect the views of Article submissions are welcomed; contact [email protected] if you have an article or idea for publication.

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    94 thoughts on “Your Diablo III Diet and Performance Guide

      • I am inclined to agree.

        People who break their life cycle for a day or two don’t need a diet plan, and people who plan on doing this for an extended period of time are a lost cause, they won’t need the advice of a diet article, they need professional psychiatric help.

        • I disagree. The article has good intent and I’m glad he shared it. I’ll be eating salads, fruit smoothies, apples, pears, oranges, maybe wraps, falafel, hummus, with a huge cup of water at hand. They are my usual foods but I’ll be making sure I have a weeks worth of it all.

          • Bartuc you are seriously eating way too many carbs. You need some fats and a lot more protein in that mix.

          • agreed, I’ll eat healthy too, but nobody gets between me and my pringles with pepsi.

        • If there is one thing that validates this article, it’s to get people to stop guzzling down those poisonous energy drinks. Gah! Stop it. Of course, it’s your life..etc.

        • Because i take 10 days off to play this game i waited since 10 years i need psy help?

          Com’on mate open your mind and learn the tolerancy

          So true Destructor about energy drink it just break the heart . Drink Tea for stay awake

    1. Noted.  I now know that I can play until I get “blood in stool”.  Thanks for the tip Flux!

      P.S. I didn’t know that you were a dietician.  I think this is a great article. 

        • Just scrolled up and saw the post author.  Been drinking for about 2 hours so no biggie.  Always typing stupid stuff on this website so doubly a no biggie.

          TY because i thought I was really missing a key piece of info about Flux. Now, back to whiskey.

          • You can live longer without food and water than you can without sleep. Think about that. 

            • The max survival time w/out water is about 7 to 10 days. The world record for time gone without sleeping is over 11 days, and that’s with an on hand physician, monitoring whether or not he took micro sleeps. So I’m pretty sure water trumps sleep, but both are amazing.

    2. LOL, nice article.  However, I’ve declared this Tuesday to be a holiday and will be indulging to my heart’s content for the first twenty-four hours.  After that, back into the routine…

      • Same. In fact my usual reasonably healthy eating plan will go out the window for a few days.  I’ll not be standing over a hot cooker, nope.  It’s like geek xmas day (+ a couple more) where you give yourself permission to pig out.

        There will be gamers who will spend marathon sessions playing D3 and it’s those who should put a bit of thought into that. You don’t want to end up feeling like utter crap come the weekend.

    3. Lol, people go crazy… a dietary recommendation for a game launch? seriously !?!?? that’s totally exaggerated dude… take it easy, it’s just a freakin’ GAME !!! (don’t get me wrong i love pc games but chill…)

      I’m an athlete too (cyclist in a pro cyclist team in my country) and i’ll still have time to play the game a lot, but still this made me laugh so hard… a dietary recommendation for a pc game before it’s launch… ROFL.

      Come on dude… seriously ?

      • Hey man, if people are otherwise gonna be eating pizza and cookies and chips instead, I think it’s a great article. That, and I’m betting there are people who will try to stay up longer for this game than any other.

        I question the recommendation of caffeine. It does help as we all know, but there’s not enough description of the negative effects of it.  Keep in mind that if you try crazy things to keep yourself up like taking caffeine pills and drinking coffee at the same time, you’re bound for trouble.

      • And I’m Anastronaut. See we can both make up bullshit too. 

        The stress on your body for playing 48 hours straight is enormous, it only makes sense to beadequately prepared 

      • We know you’re 13 and just discovering the power of social norms, but you don’t have to wildly fling your arms agasp as someone posts a semi-sarcastic article about something you like.

    4. I seriously laughed my ass off when I read the part “Step 1: Training”….
      Might as well give this article the title “Forever Alone: An Extensive Guide to Winning”.

      • Guess you skipped the intro where he talked about sleep requirements and how he’s on a regular schedule now that he’s living with his GF? 

        Odd amount of complaining about this article. It’s useful info that anyone is free to follow or ignore. I can only assume that the people so eager to criticize are in denial about their own horrible health choices and don’t like to be reminded of that fact?

        • And the irony of it all is that in about 30 minutes of gametime, these “preparations” will go down the drain because none of us will care anymore.

          Seriously, how do any of this any different than a person sitting on his computer pulling an all-nighter trying to finish a work before deadline? Or someone trying to study before the big exam?

          Point is, trying to get some sense of self-importance by giving us these “guides” is really pathetic. As a human being and you should already know what is good or bad for your health, but to even go as far as making a detailed health guide like this, just in order to play a PC game? Laughable. The author is basically saying “You are a gamer and you are too stupid, so either follow my advice or die.” Gaming isn’t rocket science. It is as basic as any of our other daily activities. I’m not saying that the guide isn’t irrelevant. It is over the top and unnecessary. Sounds to me that someone’s just trying to act all high and mighty.

          The author should also do an extensive guide on how we can survive watching TV for 24 hours straight. Because it is just as stupid.

          • You’d be surprised how many people lack common sense these days. Providing a public service as such, perhaps the intended recipient isn’t you, but rather those who don’t do overnighters all that often. I think this article is full of very good advice. I just went out and did my big pre-gaming-binge grocery shop and prepped a whole boatload of fruit. Picked up sandwich stuff, and I’ll be pre-preparing sandwiches tomorrow or Monday.

            The goal is to have everything handy so you don’t have to spend tons of time AFK. *shrug* 

            • There is a fine line between lack of common sense and idiocy, Fact is, you can probably eat whatever you wanna eat and sleep as little as you want and be okay.

              But only a moron will neglect taking a dump. And that’s apparently the author’s idea of the hardcore gamers.

          • Wow, you have some serious issues. Why are you so angry?
            What I got out of this article: “I am a gamer as well as a trained, professional nutritionist. I’m super excited about D3 coming out and here’s what I will do and recommend for you to make sure you get the most out of launch day.”
            I’d also like to mention that if being human meant that you automatically know what’s good or bad for your health, there would be no people dying from obesity, no physicians or nutritionists to help them, or a multi-billion dollar industry based on having good diet and lifestyle.
            So please, just calm down and sit the next few articles out!

            • @ hellfurion “There is a fine line between lack of common sense and idiocy,”


    5. The most important part of this is “DO NOT DIE” can’t enjoy spending all your rmah earnings if your dead.
      My tips for not dying

      1. At least 7 hrs sleep (sharp minds farm quicker and need a regular sleep cycle)
      2. Do not have a heart attack from to much caffine.
      3. Food is your friend (don’t miss meals or eat constant junk)
      4. Always take a nice long dump before long farming sessions, constipation is not good.

      A Diablo 3 related death will happen within the first year for sure, proberly some insane korean who died at his keyboard from playing 40 hrs straight with no sleep. :mrgreen:

    6. “disease or any other medical conditions, this article might not be for you, as it’s dedicated to the normal health group.”

      Well Im out.  My body just ignores normal stuff. I can burn thousands of calories without doing anything and sometimes I don’t require food for days. So fucking random.  😈

    7. All of this advice seems sound. I will promptly ignore it in favor of Dr. Pepper and white cheddar cheez-its.

    8. Being a physician and a future cardiologist, I would like to state that there are some ridiculous suggestions in this piece of text…

      Weighting yourself after 3 hours??? This doesnt take into account fluid in the bladder for example, let alone thy most people dont have an accurate enough weighting apparatus to do a good measurement.

      And those “signs” of sleep deprivation…

      Of course there are also some very good points, but I dont think one should have to be a “dietary specialist” to know these things… 

      • Who else would have written this article? 🙂  Besides even if it’s stuff that people already know, as you’ve probably been trained, it always helps to provide reminders and cues to action/change.   That said, believe me, many people don’t know that complex carbohydrates are best at providing lasting energy, or that the thing that works in energy drinks is generally just caffeine, or that taking in high amounts of sugars just causes you to crash faster.

    9. A well-meant article with likely accurate information in it that is totally out of control, over the top and nuts. I myself played D2 until my eyes bled but come on, we need some common sense here, urgently.

      Edit: by likely accurate information I mean that I am not an expert and have in fact not finished reading the whole piece.

      • ” totally out of control, over the top and nuts. I myself played D2 until my eyes bled but come on, we need some common sense here, urgently.”
        … what?
        Obviously you didn’t read the article, because what it contains really IS common sense… although it is common sense that most gamers won’t follow.
        Nothing in there that your doctor won’t tell you about how you should be eating, with a few extra tips for long gaming sessions (where you won’t be moving much and might be sleeping less than usual).

    10. Love the article and it has some great advice particularly towards those hardcore gamers that quite often play for 12 hours plus.

    11. dunno what to say about your training, well iron man is sport on an extreme level. But wouldn’t it be enough to us gamers just to say:”don’t play nonstop, look to get some sleep, don’t forget to have some food and drinks ”    ?
      shouldn’t we know the above already by now ?

      • The point of the article is it makes a difference what your food and drinks are…
        which you SHOULD know already by now, but judging from what people say in those release-day plans threads, they are in total denial about.

    12. 1. sleep 8 hours a day. Wake up at 7am.
      2. eat breakfast.
      3. if you don’t have time to exercise, don’t eat too much carbohydrates. (rice, potato, bread)
      4. Don’t take coke or drinks with high level of sugar. Juice and milk are very recommended.
      5. eat often, but in small amount.
      6. rest your eyes for 1 minute every hours.
      7. after playing 14 hours non-stop, your eyes should be very tired and you can go to sleep easily at 9-10 pm (don’t take caffeine)
      8. take a bath.
      9. sleep for 8 hours.
      10. repeat step 1.

      This routine should be enough for the long run. 🙂 

      • much better suggestions mate. 
        if you plan to stay healthy – avoid caffeine, sugar and sleep deprivation. 
        and be careful with with what kind of juice you drink – as it can contain just as much sugar as coke.
        also i would suggest getting up every now and then. work out five minutes, talk to the family/friends take your head and body off the game.
        if taking a little break isnt refreshing you anymore its time for bed or – yes, i am serious – to do something else….  

        letting a little light into the room does wonders too. dont sit in the dark all day as you WILL get sleepy.

        • “dont sit in the dark all day as you WILL get sleepy.”
          You’ll also get depressed. Probably. 😛

        • Yes, you’re right. Be careful with what kind of juice you drink. I’m lucky to have mom who make carrot juice everyday.  😀
          Here’s a mini workout I do everyday, really don’t take much time and don’t take too much strain to your muscle:
          1. lift 4kg dumbell 100×2 
          2. push up 30x
          3. sit up 50x
          4. crunch 30x
          5. jump rope 500x 

    13. I cant believe that you people are complaining about a helpful article. Get over yourselves. 

    14. While I won’t follow this article what so ever, I still enjoyed reading it. Thanks for that..

    15. This is awesome, and a bit silly, but I liked it. I was planning on having Jay’s Special Chili the night of gaming. Not too bad I think? Lots of carbs/protein. But maybe I’ll pass on the celebratory beer. Hmm.

      • There is such a thing as too MUCH fiber… in terms of bathroom trips, and other factors… if you know what I mean 😉 But people have different tolerances.
        In other words, go for the chili, if you’re not worried about stinking up your gaming room!

    16. Being a health nut marathon runner I have decided to kick all healthy living aside for a full day. I’ll be getting up at 6am on launch day, ordering pizza and drinking sugar free energy drinks and soda for an 18 hour playing spree! If anyone wants to join “us”, we could use another person if your game!

    17. What a load of tosh! Changing your diet just before the game is launched is not going to have much effect, actually.
      Just follow the Mediterranean diet and all will be well. All you have to do is to not eat pizzas, hamburguers, hotdogs, doughnuts, etc. Keep to proper food.
      In the case of American people, it means to change their dietary habits altogether. I still can’t believe someone can still be alive with that ‘food’.

    18. Alright, so this text besides seemingly being sort of pointless accomplished to state some factual inaccuracies. Being a mixed martial artist and well versed on nutrition and it’s practical implications as well I can tell you, potatoes? Rice? Whole grain should be noted as rice packs a high glycemic load and potatoes are starchy carbs that you will get absorbed rapidly as well. And the sodas for caffeine? You GOT to be kidding, a red bulll will spike you then send you to sleep few hours later, more often then not.  A self proclaimed power athlete cannot be this misinformed and I have to call bullshit, you go marathon running on potatoes you’re going out. I know I DO intense workouts and you will crash on it.
      Other drugs bad? Oh man, where to start if you think an alkaloid like caffeine is the only energizer you should not tout yourself as a nutritionist. Right in the top of my head Ginseng root, reishi mushrooms, wheat grass and even simple greens available in your local store will energize you alot better. Caffeine is a loan shark and is probably the worst of them. I am an Ethnobotanist in case you’re wondering and I’m here to tell you we are ALL on drugs, all the time. Molecules make our consciousness go and personally I plan to use energizing Cannabis Sativas, yep pot, to keep me going just like I do now and let me tell you caffeine does not hold a candle to it, sativas are healthier and more efficient. Although green tea is part of my day 5-7 cups along with 6 day/ week workout schedule.
      It’s late and I’m a little cranky but this was just to stupid and I feelt like ranting, I’m sure you’re a good guy though I wont go back to this thread. Peace out, and eat your slow carbs and half a gram of protein/pond with your daily meals as you normally would.  My tip is what I’ve done, laid out balanced 400 calorie meals ready to grab every 2-3 hours cause I will be to busy playing to cook. In worst case weigh up 60 grams of cashew for a complete 400c snack and drink lots of water, at all times.

      • I’m with you. As detailed as this article is, it’s dumb to talk about it like it was such a big deal. Wtf are people thinking nowadays.
        captcha: oh wait

    19. Thank you very much for this information. Ill be following your advice on sugar and rice with vegetables.

      I think the “safe” caffeine ingestion thereshold is too low. I mean, 4-5 cups of Nescafe a day? That’s just not enough.

    20. “People who break their life cycle [for a game] for a day or two don’t need a diet plan”

      Probably the people who need it the most! 

    21. I myself will be going with velveeta shells and cheese and my ever trusty Mio Energy water enhancer (B vitamins and caffeine, plus it makes my water taste like kool-aid)

    22. No one else bothered by “your wrong” in the opening paragraph from our University-educated writer?

      • He’s swedish, so English isn’t his main language. I did some typo fixes and clean up here and there while trying to leave the structure and flow as in the original.

    23. How to care for your Diablo:
      1. don’t expose it to bright light
      2. don’t get it wet
      3. don’t ever, ever feed it after midnight

    24. I’m diabetic so I’m well aware of this but it is good to see others show concern for people’s health. I’ll be well prepared for quite a few late nights. 🙂

    25. Good article….bad part is I bought plenty of frozen pizza, hot pockets, pizza rolls, and Dr. Pepper last night.

      • Damn.  You are going to spend as much time on the toilet as in front of your computer.  😯

    26. Are those signs of sleep deprivation at the end of the article supposed to be a joke?  They aren’t even close.
      Also, cautioning people about blood glucose levels, then recommending that they eat a ton of pasta, rice, starches, bread, and fruits? Those things are all carbohydrates and will all spike blood glucose levels and trigger an insulin response. This is especially true for most Americans, who eat white bread, pasta, and rice.
      Protein is barely even mentioned in this article.  The best recommendation would be to moderate your play time.  Carb-loading and quaffing caffeinated drinks and marathoning D3 is not healthy, period.

    27. You’re better off to focus on your nutrition outside of the time you play D3.  That way your body will be ready for a little bit of abuse at launch 😀

    28. I’m happy that this is up. At least it will give the people who are doing this an idea what to do and remain as healthy as possible . I’m not going to be one of these people; I’m a gamer but I know that I have to be healthy to do the stuff I need to do. Just because this game is out, it doesn’t mean I have to halt my entire life completely.

      I love doing other stuff too, and I will do them, though I will admit THIS will consume most of my time. 

    29. Blizzard has just announced the next expansion – Diablo 3: Lord of the Defibrillator

    30. Nice article. I already spend like 2/3 of my waking hours at a computer so I’m used to that (thank God I have a naturally quick metabolism or else I’d be obese by now). As for the rest, I already try to eat somewhat healthily and drink mostly water, so I’m not worried… Sadly I can’t consume tons of caffeine or else I get sick, but the natural rush of playing Diablo 3 for the first time will keep me up far better than caffeine for the first day or so.

    31. Here’s my question: Caffine vs B-12 pills. Those ‘energy shots’ use an overdose of vitamin B-12, and I used one at the end of my WoW-WotLK server-first level-80 run (Success! 46 hours nonstop gaming :D) and I think it worked out okay.

      I’ll be drinking small amounts of Monster mixed with orange juice, and consuming regular meals and having plenty of snack foods nearby like fruit and apparently a few slices of bread. I think the B-12 pills are appropriate but I’m not 100% sure. 

    32. Where is the section on masturbation management?
      It always seems to kill my long gaming sessions.

    33. Some seriously old-school thoughts behind the nutrition section. I’d adjust it:
      -Eat real foods. Cooking up a chicken cutlet and microwaving some frozen veggies takes ~5-10 minutes total time and is much healthier and filling than a Hot Pocket. If it’s leafy or a plant it’s good; if it’s a grain other than rice limit your intake. Remember: corn is a grain, not a vegetable.
      -Shoot for a 40/30/30 % breakdown of protein/fats/carbs. Proteins and fats (good fats) keep you satiated longer than a diet heavy with carbs, let you feel more energized, and don’t feel as “heavy” in the stomach.
      -Unless you are consuming a large quantity of processed sugar (which as gamers a lot of you are) you don’t need to worry about your blood sugar or glycemic index
      -It is extremely difficult to overdose on caffeine without taking tablets of it. The main issue is that most of us consume caffeine constantly enough that the effects of it are masked. The key: don’t rely on caffeine to keep you awake. Drink things as you normally would but don’t try to pound Redbulls to keep you awake.
      -Diet soda > sugared soda in all respects.
      -Take breaks. Nap for 15 minutes. Take your dog for a walk. Sit by the pool for an hour. Go to the gym. You will fatigue of the game faster if you play it constantly. Taking small breaks will keep you fresh and keep you going longer than a single, long marathon. I will personally still take 1-2 hours daily to go to the gym and lift, walk my dog, and tan by the pool.
      -Vitamin D. Take it. 4000-5000IUs daily. Nearly all Americans are deficient in it (unless you have a dark tan you ARE deficient). Either take a supplement or get ~30 minutes of near-whole body sun exposure daily. This is good for your health in general, not just gaming.
      -Fruit juice is as bad as soda. Eat 2-3 pieces of fruit daily but a lot more veggies.
      Take care of your body and it will take care of you. A healthy gamer does better than a fat neckbearded one.

    34. I like the artikel and nice to here, that a “extrem” sportler plays videogames too. You dont MUST go this way, but it seems for me, he discribed the best way, to do it. I miss a little, what about the fist hours of play done or the first tored feelings come up…
      I like it and thumbs up for this “other” topic!!!

    35. Did any the people complaining about this article notice how frickn’ funny it is?

      “Fibers drags fluid to the intestine, and will make your stool more smooth. Enjoy.”

      Give the guy a break. This is gold!
      Flux/Elly: Where did you find this guy?

      –Serious Note–
      Remember that caffeine has an elimination half-life of around 5 hours, so if you have a coffee now, half the caffeine is still in your blood 5 hours later when you are trying to get to sleep. Scarily, if you are taking the pill, that time can double.

      Let’s see a show of hands from the ladies who’s GP bothered to mention that.

    36. Two days without sleep is managable and I think this is what most people here will do. After that, you will fall asleep even if you don’t want to. So I find this whole article as a joke. We are not Koreans ffs, and if someone is Korean, this article will not stop him from being Korean.

    37. “If you one day you get too little energy, your body takes it from your fat and muscle depots, to maintain cell division, the agencies’ functions and more.”
      He forgot to mention the nerve-system here: The body first takes it’s energy from muscle depots and the nerve system, because gaining back bound energy from these two is just rather easy, before taking a turn on the fat, which is rather hard to gain energy back from. Also it’s more stressful for the body to adapt to a diet it isn’t used to than to just supplement what you normally eat with what it lacks. But the tip with fibres is pure gold. As is the restriction on the ammount of coffeine (if your not used to a daily amount above what he mentioned).

    38. My dear friends, the best advice i can give you is to indulge in the heavenly food that is bacon. Bacon makes everything better. and Bacon is the other white meat. your Butcher (hint hint wink wink) approves.

    39. Good read (the comments), liked it a lot : )
      Your welcome to message me, or debate right here with me on viewpoints, where you think I got it wrong. 

    40. My method for energy has been trail mix and something like Gatorade or Powerade.  I try to avoid caffeine.  But then again I won’t be doing any hardcore gaming but if I were I’d probably go with the two mentioned above.

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