Young Jay Wilson Photo

Fmulder did his usual internet detective thing and struck gold once again. He found this page from a Chinese gaming blog, which hosts a substantial display of photos taken at Blizzard’s offices during the beta-preview media event in late July. We’ve seen the offices and the lunch and other stuff before, but there was one picture in the bunch that was new to me. It’s young DiabloWikiJay Wilson?

Apparently there’s a whole display of these youth pictures of the Diablo 3 Team, but we’ve only got a picture of Jay for now. I’d never have guessed who that kid was as an adult, but then again everyone under 12 pretty much looks the same to me, so that’s no surprise. It’s interesting how Jay matured out of his reddish hair, but from the caption and a glance at most any other Jay Wilson photo, you can see that at least one thing hasn’t changed… the identity of his barber! *bah-dum bah*)

Incidentally, the fact that a Google search for Jay Wilson (or Bashiok) brings up the articles in our as the first result always makes me think I should be leveraging that fact for some useful purpose. Such as blackmail. “Hey boys, fire over 50 beta keys, or it’s humiliating childhood (and adulthood) photos on your first Google result.”

But that would be wroooooooong.


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  1. yes please 🙂 beta codes for all!

  2. Flux you should totally do that

  3. Aaah that adulthood link scared me! That should be enough for a successful blackmail, although I envision Bashiok as an easier target. Jay Wilson is already married and well, it’s not as if he was any sexsymbol to start with 😈

  4. is that  Kim jong-Il on the top left :O ?

  5. you realy want your site to be important dont you?
    Me myself I think it should be, never saw a site with so much information on the game (although its sometimes a bit “too” much into detail 😉 ). That should be rewarded with a bit more attention blizzard sided.

  6. who cares about this? 

  7. Strewth!  That image is shopped is it not?  If not, how unfortunate.

    And if he cut his own hair (in the childhood shot) I think he did a damn good job on that fringe. I’ve done worse jobs on my own fringe as an adult.

  8. Damn, fmulder, how do you find these things?! 😀

  9. [quote]
    But that would be wroooooooong.[/quote]
    So long as I’m one of the 50, it wouldn’t be wrong by me!!

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