BlizzCon Delights Continue to Surface

Another batch of D3-themed articles from Blizzcon, plus one bonus treat.

  • GamePlanetNZ has posted the transcript of an interview with Kevin Martens and Julian Love, and it’s got some good stuff on the Hellfire Monk, item rarity, 3D terrain, and more.
  • Our parent site has posted an article I wrote about the presentation of D3 at Blizzcon. This one is tailored to a general gaming audience, so it goes much less in depth than most of the content pieces I post here. Send the URL to your friends who aren’t following D3 yet?
  • EuroGamer has posted their Blizzcon report with general information about D3 and some special coverage of the Monk.
  • GamePro has posted a fairly lengthy Blizzcon report, with a heavy focus on the Monk.
  • Finally, in non-Blizzcon, Gamasutra has a nice article about Runic Games’ upcoming title, Torchlight. They reference D3 when speaking about how the first DiabloWikiart controversy influenced their game’s design choices.
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1 thought on “BlizzCon Delights Continue to Surface

  1. can’t wait to play this class. it has consistently seemed like the most appealing play experience of the announced character classes… in my opinion

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