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15 thoughts on “Yet Another Lore recap video

  1. That’s pretty much none of us, but the report is appreciated all the same. 😉

  2. I remember the D2 E3 trailer it was very good one of the best speech text Blizzard wrote tbh 😡

  3. I don’t think I remember seeing the E3 trailer. WoW and here I was feeling old too for an early 80’s baby.

  4. “Sorry, you may not access this content.” Do I have to.. go to the Hellforge with Mephisto’s Soulstone. Place the stone on the Hellforge and use the Hellforge Hammer to destroy it to get access to this video or something?

  5. Two things occured to me during this trailer,

    Number one, Diablo doesn’t really look like the Lord of Terror, at least not to me. He looks too brutish, too strong, both in D1 and in D2, to be really dubbed Lord of Terror. I mean. sure, all of them inspire terror in hearts of men, but the lord of terror should do that to a especialy high degree. If I looked at him, and didn’t know what he was, I would say he is some kind of powerfull melee fighter. Both Mephisto and Baal look the part more then Diablo does. Lord of Terror, in my opinion, is kind of frail looking shadowy being maipulating his opponents by using their worst fears against them. 

    And the other one, vanilla Diablo 3 is almost guaranteed to finish with a cliffhanger. We know there will most likely be two expensions, even with Jay’s uncertain comments back in Taiwan, so there has to be story left for those two expensions. Which means we will come to the end of Act IV, kill whoever is the final boss, and then something will happen that will leave the story in question, and we will be stuck waiting for an expension. That’s both awesome and depressing, in my opinion, at least. 

  6. Does anyone else make themselves over 100 years old in the age verification thing?

  7. If indeed the fallen star is Tyreal, “justice shall fall upon the earth” why would that reawaken older evils like the skeleton king?
    We’ll see shortly I guess.

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