Yet Another Amazing Fanmade Horadric Cube with Runes


Another fanmade Horadric Cube has hit the forums this week. Made by a friend of ShiinJin for their birthday last year.

This latest incarnation of the cube looks crafted out of wood and painted really well. The gold really stands out with the maroon stained wood. Along with this is a full set of 33 runes to go along with it; each articulated really well.

Thanks to ShiinJin for sharing this really cool gift with us on the Fan Creation Forums.

(Click through to see more images.)



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    4 thoughts on “Yet Another Amazing Fanmade Horadric Cube with Runes

    1. We’ve seen enough of this already :/
      First I was like, wow!
      Then, yet again, meh.
      Yet again, ergh.

    2. I was all like, “Geez, I’m glad all the spoilers are over.”

      Hooray for distractions!
      This one is so far my favorite of all of them.

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