Blizzard continues to roll out new merch today, with some offerings themed to the Diablo III community but of use for every gamer. It’s bwankie and piwwow time!

    The first item is the Xtreme Gamer Blanket, which is the only way to stay warm during your long raids into the wee hours. It’s available in Magi Blue or Blunderbore Brown. But that’s not all! Because if you order two of the blankets (and how could you not?) you’ll get, as a special thank you, one of the new Diablo III body pillows, featuring cuddly artwork of the DiabloWikiUnburied at his huggable best. Delighted child is… delighted!

    Ask any X-treme gamer about his or her worst enemy and the answer will inevitably be “ice lock,” the dreaded drop in body temperature that can lead to stiffened joints and slowed reaction times. These performance-stunting symptoms result from improperly managed body warmth. But gloves are too cumbersome, and blankets can slip and tangle, trapping your hands and lowering APM!

    Introducing the Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blanket! Featuring patented Freedom of Movement Holes and covered in runes of warmth, this practical garb in the style of Deckard Cain?s robes is sure to have you saying, “Stay a while, and kick some hiney!”

    Fabricated from fleece-like material and featuring snuggably soft scrolls and a non-functioning replica of the tome into which Deckard Cain inscribes his worldly knowledge, this blanket combines function and fashion to combat ice lock and give you an edge over the competition. While your opponents struggle to maintain their temperature, you can focus on being an X-Treme gamer.

    Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blankets will be available in both child (Magi Blue shown) and adult (Blunderbore Brown shown) sizes. Limited quantities will be going on sale on a first-come, first-served basis later this year.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Order two Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blankets, and you will receive, absolutely free…

    After a long night of gaming with the Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blanket, you’ll be able to sleep soundly and ergonomically with one of [three] optional Diablo III body pillows. The design of these pillows helps keep your spine straight as you sleep.

    No more tossing and turning through the night! Wake up refreshed and ready to fight!

    Made from ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, high-quality down and featuring iconic Diablo III characters, these body pillows are sure to lull any gamer into the secret dream level.

    *One Diablo III body pillow per order of two Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blankets. Choice of pillow is made at time of ordering. Pillows may be cursed. Do not transmute with Wirt’s Leg and Tome of Town Portal. Blizzard Entertainment shall not be held responsible for possession or loss of soul as a result of contact with any known or unknown demonic caste.

    Images below; see the official page for more details, or look through the rest of our Diablo 3 Merch gallery for more cool stuffs.




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