Wyatt Reiterates Multiple Diablo Titles in the Works

Wyatt Reiterates Multiple Diablo Titles in the Works

With this year’s BlizzCon coming to a close, Diablo fans have had time to digest the announcement and Blizzard were very keen to point out what they have already told fans.

As soon as the Diablo Immortal Q&A kicked off, Wyatt Cheng immediately reiterated to the audience that there are “multiple Diablo titles” in the works. Diablo Immortal is just one of these. The video can be watched on the BlizzCon site.

I think we can all agree that Blizzard didn’t handle the timing of this mobile reveal particularly well. However, as long as fans are prepared to wait, and Diablo players are experts at that now, something worthwhile will likely appear. Question is, are you prepared to wait?


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    8 thoughts on “Wyatt Reiterates Multiple Diablo Titles in the Works

    1. Other than having no choice, no I’m not really interested in waiting. I hardly game anymore at this point due to hand pains in both of my hands which are exacerbated by phone and computer user. I’d love to sit down and game but its just painful for me to the point that I don’t do it at all. Diablo 4 or even Diablo 2 remastered would get me to change my lifestyle around to be able to allot at least 30 minutes a night to playing it, but at this point, what faith do I even have left in Blizzard?

      I’ve been playing Diablo 1 since it was released and I was just in middle school. I’ve played Diablo 2 since release day. I am about as hardcore of a diablo fan as it gets up there with the rest of them. 22 years later I have a framed Diablo 2 posted in my living room, I should add thats the only gaming memorabilia that I have, and I haven’t even played D2 in a solid 4-5 years now, short of the random times I’ll download it from Bliz and reinstall it in whatever new computer and giant monitor I have at the time(currently just a surface pro 4) and realize it doesn’t run right, or its so stretched on the screen, or the fact that its just not the same as it was back in its lively hood. I have done everything you can do/exploit in Diablo games and Diablo 3 just let me down. I still sunk ~150 hours into it and for far much longer than any of my other Diablo friends IRL, but it was only in name and only in lore. D3 did not bring justice whatsoever to the name of Diablo 1 & Diablo 2, and for that I have absolutely no faith in Diablo 4, especially after this Fiasco. But I also hope to be proved absolutely wrong.

      My 2 cents.

    2. The best thing Blizzard can do now – and lets see if they have the guts for it – is to say they’ve heard the community and they made the wrong choice about what they’re doing, and that they shouldn’t be holding back Diablo lore from their avid PC gaming fan base.

      As such they should announce that all of the content in this new mobile game will be coming to Diablo 3 as DLC / a paid expansion at a later date.

      It won’t entirely erase their mis-step, but will show that they do ‘listen to the community’ and know ‘where there community is at’ etc.

    3. Yeah, a room full of hardcore gamers (who paid like $200 a pop to be there) most of which use PC’s. Lets announce a mobile game there……..WOW.

      Diablo really is the only franchise that Blizzard has that gets this treatment, super long droughts with no content or updates, and even less communication. They claim its a “tent pole franchise” and a mainstay of the company, I dont believe that for a second anymore. No gaming company in their right mind would keep treating one of their core franchises (or playerbase) like this.

      Just completely out of touch, and it has been happening for a while.

      The mind boggling thing is that this whole situation could have been easily avoided.

    4. We have just been reassured that the franchise will never go back to its “Dark” roots of D1 and D2 because it’s simply not as profitable.

      No matter how long we wait, it’ll never be “Diablo” again. Now it’s just another generic ARPG among hundreds on both PC and Mobile. Why even call it Diablo at this point?

      And here I thought things couldn’t get any worse after D3.

    5. What bothers me most, besides the fact that they decided to make the next Diablo game an effing mobile game, is that they apparently removed all of the blood and gore. This is most likely due to content restrictions on the Asian markets. But how the hell can you make a Diablo game without gore, when the original series had characters like the evil Countess, who bathed in the blood of a hundred virgins and was buried alive, and in which dungeons were full of piles of mutilated bodies? You can’t make a Diablo game “PG rated” without ripping out the very soul of it!

    6. 1 – Mobile games are bad, and drastically inferior to PC games
      2 – Blizzard is known for PC games and it’s what we expect and want from them, especially the loyal customers
      3 – The audience of PC gaming and mobile gaming doesn’t have much overlap (that I know of, could be wrong)…there’s a huge and growing mobile gaming audience, but the issue is that it’s a DIFFERENT audience. Especially not the audience that paid to be at Blizzcon.
      4 – The way mobile games are monetized matters, most people hate the way it’s usually done
      5 – Outsourcing it to people who have basically already made the game just without the Diablo license feels lazy and cheap and like a reskin (in spite of their comments that it’s from scratch, this is still a bad move)
      6 – The audience feels unheard and ignored. You know what people do when they feel unheard? They get louder, and often ruder. They show support to the most verbal and eye catching of people who get their point and do hear them. Like that guy with the april fool’s joke question. Sure, he was rude, but the more and more and more AND MORE support that 30 second clip gets, the more the audience is trying to send Blizz a message that they obviously want to ignore.

      Seriously, game developers can make whatever game they want to make. It’s them announcing it at Blizzcon and expecting the Diablo fanbase to like it that was way, way out of touch.

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