Wyatt Cheng sat for a twenty minute video interview with streamer ZiggyD. Topics include: ongoing efforts to add more legendary items and the 3 new sets coming up next patch, the last minute removal of Mortick’s Brace, power creep limiting gameplay variety at the high end, why Stash space is so limited and not being Pay 2 Win, why S1 was too long and S2 too short, possibility of Nemesis System coming to PC and sharing Followers between chars on the same account, and thanks for removing regular potions.

    Watch the Wyatt Cheng Video Interview below:

    In other Wyatt news, he tweeted about hosting friends for a big weekend Season 3 party, and shared a photo of the food. Not exactly Cheetos and Mt. Dew there, is it?

    And a late night Saturday update, 12 hours into the Season.

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