A fan asked if Loot 2.0 would fix the buggy bonus damage provided by DiabloWikiblack weapons and got his suspicion confirmed by Wyatt Cheng.

    Why not use the Loot 2.0 update to fix black damage ‘issue’?.

    My understanding is that when Loot 2.0 will be implemented, in some weeks, days or hours most of our gear will be obsolete and could be substituted by new gear coming from the drop (or purchased to other player). Therefore, fixing black damage could have a low impact on characters that currently have builds and are geared based on black damage.

    Black damage is apparently seen as a bug, but be careful what you ask for. Fixing that bug will greatly reduce the value/effect of all +5% element affixes.

    Interestingly enough, in the console version those have all been changed to Increase Elemental Damage by x%, instead of Add % to elemental damage.
    Wyatt Cheng: Just wanted to confirm that we do indeed view this as a bug, but we want to be conservative about fixing bugs that result in a nerf to items people have already found.

    The black damage bugs should be fixed for items that drop in Loot 2.0. The changes in console to Add % to elemental damage are a reflection of this philosophy.

    The difference between “+% elemental damage” vs. “Add +% elemental damage” isn’t just an oddity of language, but a core bit of the bug that makes black weapons so much more damaging than they should be. See the wiki article for full details.

    It’s said that science progresses funeral by funeral, meaning that people don’t so much change as die off, allowing young people with different ideas to move into positions of authority. This isn’t only true of science, of course. The same phenomena can be observed in many other fields of human activity, and even things like social change tend to proceed generationally, as our elders take their adherence to various hoary superstitions and prejudices to the grave.

    The same principle applies to gear in Diablo 3. The devs could tweak/change/nerf existing gear, but that would make people who use that gear unhappy. It’s easier to just fix the bugs in new items, and then let those items gradually (or not so gradually come RoS and level 64-70 items) be replaced by newer equipment. I, for one, welcome our new colorful weapon overlords and can be useful toiling in the underground item caves.

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