Diablo 3 Necromancer Gameplay with Wyatt Cheng on Stash tabs, Paragon Cap and More

Diablo 3Wyatt Cheng sat down at BlizzCon to play the Diablo 3 Necromancer and also spilled more information on what is and isn’t coming in future updates with a few explanations to clarify. This was recorded  prior to the  second day’s panel so some stuff has already been covered.

Still, there’s plenty of Necro gameplay Things to take away from the video…

  • Looking at Necromancer skills first then runes once the skills are nailed own.
  • At release, all four sets won’t be released at launch so they can see how the class evolves. One or two sets initially.
  • Any plans for Kanai’s Cube and new sets? Wyatt only mentions the Legendary Soulstone reward from the new Diablo 1 dungeon. He says, “We had ideas for Cube recipes. We didn’t have any we were happy with and put them on hold and focused on new features like the necromancer and Armory.”
  • Scythe is the class specific weapon, one handed.
  • The Necro Pack comes with two character slots and two stash tabs. Wyatt says,”We initially wanted people to use the Cube to free up a couple of extra stash spaces, but it didn;t make an impact on the stash. You’re never sure if you’re going to cube or wear an item, or just keep it around. So stashes end up being filled with all these items. So we were playing around with the Cube recipe idea where you could take a power you had previously extracted and reconstitute it back into a Legendary item. We were implementing it and looking at what the cost should be. The problem is it became too easy to get an ancient version of the item and it didn’t affect people’s stash space like we were hoping.We added the recipe then cut it.”
  • Will we see Legendary drop rate changes or bring in ancient tiers of gear in the future with a low drop rate? Wyatt says.”Some people would like to see a second ancient tier added, whereas others get frustrated at how hard it is to get ancient items as it is. So designing for these different audiences has been a challenge. We had considered a second ancient tier, some people have enough trouble as it is. So we added the Caldesann augments to provide an equivalent augment to the stats instead of a second ancient tier, but in a predictable way.”
  • A second server for old players who love the hard grind? One standard one hard mode for the heavy grind? Wyatt. says,” To be honest. most of the feedback we get is people still think it’s a long journmey. Rather than splitting the community, I guess we should keep looking at more solution.
  • People with lots of time dominate the Leaderboards because of Paragon power creep. Will  there ever be a cap? Wyatt says,”We’ve been thinking about how we can let people compete but you can;t make a one size fits all solution. The reason Paragon is uncapped is, on the one hand while for  the competitive aspect it would make sense if we wanted pure competition and maybe have a cap. Even then people would say your cap is too high, or too easy to get to Paragon 800, or whatever it may be. Others say they don;t want a cap/ It;s the iodea that even when I login I may nit get new items but I may get some Paragon.”The design values for the Diablo 3 team is that every gameplay session you play is rewarding. We always want to make you know that when you sit down to play Diablo for 15 minutes or longer, you are always going to be progressing. I wouldn’t want the lack of Paragon to undermine that. But that said we do have  new feature called Challenge Rifts.”

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  1. It is the 1% of people that whine 99% of the time they need to be catered too. 😛

  2. If they don’t want leaderboards dominated by people at 800+ paragon, isn’t the obvious solution to introduce some new leaderboards that are for characters < 200 paragon, possibly also with the option to turn off EXP gain so people can choose to get to 200 paragon and stop?

    • Or, since points are fully respecable, they could limit it by points currently SPENT, without capping levelling at all. So there’d still be progression, you’d feel the benefit while farming etc, but paragon would no longer directly improve grift performance beyond a certain point (I’d suggest para 800).

  3. Sticking to the game design document. When the game is having obvious issues isn’t that the time to re-assess the games design values?

    [quote]It;s the iodea that even when I login I may nit get new items but I may get some Paragon.[/quote]

    May is the keyword because that little ‘may’ is really big for people who may only have a few hours a week to game. Where are they right now? They may not consider it worth farming past paragon 600 and given up. Others that do have time have no interest at going past 1000. Every single person is going to come to their senses and realise that all the goods they’re collecting mean less and less the higher your paragon. It’s actually taking away your progress not adding to it.

    Its like you have two oranges and someone trades you and apple for one and you’re left with one orange and an apple. Blizzard want people to think that they’re better off now. The truth is paragon replaces items so its not actual improvement. Its levels or gear not both. One replaces the other as far as a sense of progress is concerned.

    The only people playing diablo 3 right now are those who are only interested in farming level, anyone who wants loot has either left or they are junk collectors.

    • You sound as if you don’t play the game anymore. I play from time to time, mostly PS4 that hasn’t been updated since August. The game is very much rewarding for a 20 minute session. Yeah, I won’t get a perfect ancient, but I sure as Hell get some paragon (around 700 here) or an improvement to a set item I currently hold for a build I’m interested in. Again, my play sessions can only last less than an hour due to life.

      I agree with them. I want a play session to be rewarding. If I’m Hellfire farming, then 20 minutes works. If I’m bounty/crafting hunting there’s a good payout. Either way, I’m having fun with some rewards. I’m not talking about a game changing reward, but there’s a build up to that when I care to try a “popular” build. BTW, not a junk collector, quite the opposite.

      I say give it a chance. There’s still improvement, trading IMO would be one. However, this game is an action game. I still look forward to GrimDawn for the loot hunt. Diablo does lack the loot specific monster hunt like Borderlands/Diablo 1&2, however after this years Blizzcon, there’s obviously improvement on the way. Hell, we’re getting seasons which will deeply improve the prospective on the game.

  4. Uncapped paragon points and leaderboards aren’t really compatible. If Diablo is a game about gear, then why is there a linear stat increase from time spent? Time spent translated into power already through gear optimization, and paragon only inflates the gap.

    If you want to use leaderboards to gauge skill, normalizing stats would make the most sense, but removes choice from the player. Ultimately they see the leaderboards as not-serious and shouldn’t care if the top scores are essentially a list of the highest paragon levels.

    I think the paragon system has always been rather stupid. I don’t even want to level my characters from 1 to 70 at the start of every season (the main reason I’m not playing this new season). If you look at the success from D2, it wasn’t due to the 5 stat points you got every level (which mostly went to vit anyway), it’s due to the gear choices and the quest to find rare stuff. You might find an item at level 20 that’s usable at 99, and it doesn’t need high stats or to be ancient. D3 has doubled down on the artificial difficulty by directly translating time spent into power, which is far less rewarding. You don’t win because you play well and chose the right gear, you win because you played long enough to find an ancient version of your weapon and to get 500 more paragon points.

  5. I’m mostly frustraded and angry about that the Necromancer pack isn’t going to be free of charge as they promised ALL updates to be when D3 launched… I would have loved to play Necromancer and it would have getting me back into Diablo, but no. I will NOT pay anymore money for D3 so I guess I wont be playing Necromancer. Sad.

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