Wyatt Cheng

    Wyatt Cheng

    Wyatt Cheng has responded to a query about skipping ahead in the Realm of Trials but this is an on-going tweak so things are constantly changing.

    I’m not entirely sure how this works, but the first few times I did RoT I would never skip regardless of how fast I cleared and it took forever. Then later on in the same session I was skipping 5-6 waves at a time and hit Wave 30+ in no time flat, which was fantastic and it seemed to use a much more generous Wave:GR Key ratio (first time around 30-32:20-22, 2nd time around 30:25).I think the trigger might have been actually completing a Greater Rift (or possibly placing in a high enough GR Tier) to unlock the more aggressive GR/RoT unlocks, has anyone else noticed this?

    Hey guys,

    Yes all of this is intentional. We haven’t posted specifics because we are still trying to dial in the numbers.

    The goal is for you to be able to skip ahead reasonably comfortably but we do not want players to find themselves “off the deep end” by skipping ahead to a Rift that is way too hard for them.

    At the moment skipping ahead in the Realm of Trials is based on how many seconds you have left when you clear a wave. You can advance ahead between 1 and 6 waves depending on how many seconds you have left but I don’t want to post specific numbers because we will hotfix this as needed and I don’t want stale information floating out there.

    I can also confirm that we changed the Rift key that you get for various waves as well as how far you skip ahead when you clear a Rift quickly. Those changes are intentional and again, I don’t want to put specific numbers out at this time to avoid stale data as we iterate.


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