Wyatt Cheng on Taeguk’s Legendary Gem

Initial PTR version.

Initial PTR version.

One of the most powerful/annoying of the Diablo 3 Legendary Gems is Taeguk’s, which adds a stack every time you use a resource spending skill. These stacks boost your damage and defense and are very powerful, especially when you’ve got 80 or 100 of them at high levels of the gem… but since the stacks expire if you go more then 3 seconds without refreshing them, there’s a lot of pressure to keep them active.

I’m tired of being pigeonholed into using this really annoying gem. I pretty much just worry about not losing my stacks for the entire GR instead of paying attention to what im killing. Is it game breaking? no just really annoying losing 84 stacks which takes almost a full minute to restack is super depressing. Now I think what a good option for this would be if you miss the timer that you lose half your stacks and continues to half until under ten which than it drops entirely.
TaegukWyatt Cheng: Taeguk feels too necessary for a number of builds that it doesn’t fit well into. Every gem should have a specific use. Zei’s Stone of Vengeance is an example of a gem we think works well: it’s used by people who want a ranged playstyle, and it’s not used by people who fight close. Taeguk was intended to be a gem that was great for players who used movement-based channeled skills like Strafe or Whirlwind. It feels bad shooting Multishot into thin air to keep Taeguk stacks up, and we want to look at some changes that would give players other options. We want to avoid changes to Taeguk that would further cement Taeguk as a gem that is strong regardless of playstyle. We’re still working out the best way to address this, but if we change Taeguk to adjust it more for channeled skills then we would certainly provide other comparable alternatives, probably in the form of buffs to some other legendary gems.

A few seasons ago when Legendary Gems were new, I used to *joke* that slow loading levels were History’s Greatest Monster… since it was so easy to spend an entire level level getting your Taeguk’s to maximum stack, and then see it all vanish due to a slow computer or lag. (This level loading time sponsored by Taeguk’s and your next SSD upgrade.)

That aspect of Taeguk’s and other similar buffs will never change, but from what Wyatt says, it sounds like the function of the gem itself probably will, at least restricting it to the channeling type builds it’s meant to support. Do you guys like the idea of that change? Or will you miss having to shoot off your spender every 2.9 seconds, even when you’re not in combat, are clicking up item drops, or are just running to get to the next pack of monsters?

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  1. 9 times out of 10 Bane of the Stricken is more consistent than Teaguk, especially when you are near your grift comfort zone, when even trash takes several hits to take down.

  2. This is one of those gems I never use because there's no way a 3 second timer is going to work for me.  A buff that only lasts for 3 seconds is way too strict of a cut off for me.Now, if it lost one stack per 3 seconds I could work with it.  But all stacks after 3 seconds?  No thanks.  Price too high.

  3. The meta for most characters seems to be some method of resource generation or cost reduction to spam your best skills nonstop, forfeiting generators altogether. This is not universally true, but that’s why Taeguk is so popular. It would be impossible to keep it stacked with a \normal\ build, and that’s why the design is flawed. I played a strafe build and Taeguk was always fully stacked, not a problem, but I also used it on my channel TR wizard. With that character I had \free\ disintegrate, but keeping up taeguk between packs required stopping every 2 seconds to channel for an instant. This wasn’t actually that bad because the TR set was actually forcing me to do the same thing, so even if Taeguk was more friendly, I’d be stuck doing that regardless.

    The gem is nice because of the armor buff, but it’s too much a pain in the ass to keep up. It forces you to keep a relentless pace, which is usually what you want to do anyway in GR, but if you’re constantly letting the gem fall of it’s almost worthless. If they want to really make it a boon for channeling builds, it should look something like this:

    Gaining additional stacks does not extend the duration of previous stacks.

    The only problem with this is the extra cost to manage it because each stack has it’s own duration, and 80 of those is a lot. So a better solution might look like this.

    Gain 0.5% increased damage for 30 seconds after spending primary resource. This effect stacks up to X times. Every 10 seconds you lose 5 stacks.

    Someone using a channeled ability or Strafe/Whirlwind should easily generate 1 stack a second most of the time, and if they have to stop attacking they’ll lose a small number. Someone who’s reliant on generators or using expensive spenders will have a harder time building stacks and will lose them in between packs. Further, they won’t be incentivized to attack the air because they’re losing the same number of stacks and just wasting time.

  4. I don't like having to manage the buff on Taeguk (multishot build), but it's SO good because it boosts both offense and defense.  I put up with the annoying playstyle because most other gems offer one or the other.  My suggestion would be to increase the time the stacks stay up AND make it so you don't lose all stacks at once (the "half" suggestion above looks good).  But they also need to re-work other gems so that they're improved.  In fact, instead of adding a new gem next season, just re-work 2 or 3 current defensive gems to add some kind of offensive component.  We know they have the usage rates; just pick the bottom 3 and start from there.

  5. The stacks are quite easy to keep up with teleport/calamity as I use this in my build and I’m always teleporting. Where I lose stacks is in between level loading in GRifts which is quite annoying.

  6. Shoot off your spender every 2.9 seconds?  Ah to be in my 20's again.

  7. Taeguk is awful, and they should have seen it coming. Leg gems and sets are the primary reason they need to get off their butts and do an expansion, so they can wipe them all out w/ one quick "doesn't work at level 71" nuke. Here's how silly it is. W/ a functioning Invoker set, Crusaders should put a Topaz in their weapons instead of an Emerald, but even then, they'll still need Bane of the Trapped. Bane of the Trapped is just a passive that everybody uses and tries to level up quickly. That's not an interesting choice, that's just another Paragon like level grind.

  8. Taeguk is too annoying. Will never use. Games are supposed to be fun, not micro-management tedious crap. Same reason I quit Starcraft II, but that was SO MUCH WORSE.

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