Wyatt Cheng on fueling The Furnace in Greater Rifts

the-furnace-nut1Diablo 3 developoer DiabloWikiWyatt Cheng took to twitter to ask fans for feedback on the issue of players gear switching to equip DiabloWikiThe Furnace (db) legendary two-handed mace specifically for DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians. That weapon is of special interest since its got the closest thing to DiabloWikiCrushing Blow in the game today, with a legendary affix that occasionally procs 6% of the enemy’s current health as fire damage.

You can’t switch gear or skills while in a DiabloWikiGreater Rift, but you can portal back to town for a quick switch (or repairs), and taking a few seconds to do that would be well worth it to light The Furnace just before taking on a DiabloWikiGRG with many billions of hit points. So here’s Wyatt Cheng on fueling The Furnace in Greater Rifts:

What’s your opinion: TP’ing to equip Furnace during GRift is valid strategy we should keep or inevitable min/max we should save people from?

Early feedback to Wyatt seems to be mostly against allowing this kind of portal and gear switching in DiabloWikiGRifts. As we all know, if players *can* do something to boost performance, players *will* do it, even if it’s tedious or annoying. Thus the devs can “save us from it” by making it impossible, before it becomes all but mandatory as a play strategy. Or do you think they should not use game mechanics to control how we play, and if people want to exploit this sort of thing it should be an option?


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  1. I don't see the harm. It would give more value to finding a Furnace, rather than just auto-salvaging it.

    While they are at it, make it so followers can wear more gear

    • Addendum: just give us a damn weapon swap button like we had in D2…that was an awesome feature.

      No need to "save us" from min/maxing what little choice we DO have these days

  2. But Wyatt doesn't like it when we play his game wrong. He likes to fix it for us. Also crushing blow should come back if the only idea the devs have for making the game harder is exponential hp increase on mobs.

    Blizz guy does like big numbers after all

  3. Weapon Switch please. After finding the 2nd Swiftmount, I miss that feature even more. If we have to get along with WoW mechanics, also allow build switching.

  4. What is funny is that if TP is disabled, dying could be a way to switch weapons. For GR, they really have to make death a failure.

    • +1 – I like this idea, Greater Rifts become a … "Firm-core" (not quite hard, not quite soft…) game. Death isn't PERMANENT for Softcore players, but it's like a boss battle. You're dead? Nobody can revive you? Sorry, you'll have to sit this one out. No loot for you.

      Hardcore stays permadeath, because HARDCORE.

    • Death =Failure That is the way it should be. But that is the way Blizz rolls.They say they want variety in builds but they create mechanics of game play that almost require one kind( dps only)of build. They should not have a timer, they should have death equal failure and if there is a tie then I could understand a timer coming into play for placement (on ladders).

  5. I hate all the deal a % of hp effect in the game. I mean, they are too hard to balance. Either, they are completely useless or completely mandatory.

    If they want any of these effect left in the game they have to be toned down a lot.

    Suggestion: Exploding palm's dot effect could deal double dmg against elites, but the %hp explosion would only hurt lesser enemies (white). Then give monsters that are hit by the explosion, even elites, take 30% increased dmg for 10 seconds (runes could give different effects). That would make it relevant for fighting elites while it would be an awesome AOE for trash mobs, but not mandatory/OP.

    Make the furnace only work for lesser enemies, but increase it potency against them. That would make the furnace great for reducing the time needed for clearing a greater rift but not be mandatory. I can imagine it would be quite effective for locust swarm builds. One cast would potentially kill all white mobs while you run between elite packs.

    I also hate the way they are balancing difficulty by only increasing HP and dmg, especially hp.

    Increase dmg of mobs with attack speed instead. That reduces the insta kill factor where several enemies hit you at the same time. Also, after a certain level of greater rift, roughly equal to torment 6 or a bit higher, increase difficulty of rift by increasing the amount of enemies you'll have to kill before the timer runs out. That is more fun and equally hard to achieve. Just making the fights last longer by increasing hp goes against the very nature of a action RPG, where you are suppose to clear hordes of enemies in a timely fashion. Not fighting the same elite pack/boss for several minutes. Bleh.

  6. Wait, gear switching is disabled already?

  7. Just as broken as crushing blow….

    • Maybe downgrading the effects of %moves for each difficulty level would work? Like, at torment 6 it would only do 0.5% of the usual amount listed (like 6% would go down to 0.03%?

  8. I mean honestly I'd hate this personally, but the easiest way for them to increase difficulty is to increase HP/Damage of monsters because of the type of game that this. From there the only restriction is how far the gear available in game allows you to go which makes a sort of unseen cap. Items like this will make that "cap" higher than it would've been if we didn't have skills that deal X% of a monsters health because it scales with the content whereas "deals X% weapon damage" doesn't scale and eventually even a full hatred bar of cluster arrows will feel like you're just tickling the monster and there's literally nothing that you can do about it because you've hit a gear wall that was implemented because of how gear eventually reaches a best in slot point (as unlikely as it is you'll ever reach it).

    If their intent is to have you farm for items like this that allow you to push to higher levels that you normally wouldn't be able to then it'd probably be prudent to make ones that every class can use (because right now all I see is a big middle finger to Demon Hunters). To be honest I would dislike this less if they made a set (or two for choices!) that might have this "crushing blow" mechanic built into its final set bonus (along with something else cause that'd be boring) so that the new ones are appealing and something you'd want to work for to complete higher greater rifts.

    I dislike the notion of monster HP having to be so high that a crushing blow mechanic even has to exists, but I have a hard time of thinking of ways to actually increase difficulty without making it a complete gibfest or doing some really wacky things to make it work. Maybe more environmental hazards?

  9. Yes, remove it. Feeling pressured about having this specific legendary just to stand a chance is stupid.

  10. Just remove the weapon, easiest fix there is.

  11. Not only am I not a fan of the developers controlling how we play the game, I think they should actually support gear swapping as strategy. I still think that not having a gear swap button 'w'(like they had in D2) was a serious serious downgrade from Diablo 3's predecessor.

  12. after all, if they control us to that extent … we might as well be playing Dragon's Lair … then it'll just feel like it's on rails the whole time … like a Disney ride. Who really wants that? Just choose A or B and on to the next scene.

    No matter how hard they try to dumb the game down … it's a bit complex to an outsider. They should just embrace that already and give us our gear swap.

  13. I fail to see how 'weapon switch' = min maxing.

    I look at it as VARIETY.

  14. The weapon switch debate is somewhat missing the point though. Even if we had the option to switch between two sets of gear, we'd still have the Furnace as the mandatory high-level single-target weapon. The fact you'd no longer have to TP out to equip it would change nothing.

  15. They will end up fixing it like EP – changing it and adding…

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