the-furnace-nut1Diablo 3 developoer DiabloWikiWyatt Cheng took to twitter to ask fans for feedback on the issue of players gear switching to equip DiabloWikiThe Furnace (db) legendary two-handed mace specifically for DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians. That weapon is of special interest since its got the closest thing to DiabloWikiCrushing Blow in the game today, with a legendary affix that occasionally procs 6% of the enemy’s current health as fire damage.

    You can’t switch gear or skills while in a DiabloWikiGreater Rift, but you can portal back to town for a quick switch (or repairs), and taking a few seconds to do that would be well worth it to light The Furnace just before taking on a DiabloWikiGRG with many billions of hit points. So here’s Wyatt Cheng on fueling The Furnace in Greater Rifts:

    What’s your opinion: TP’ing to equip Furnace during GRift is valid strategy we should keep or inevitable min/max we should save people from?

    Early feedback to Wyatt seems to be mostly against allowing this kind of portal and gear switching in DiabloWikiGRifts. As we all know, if players *can* do something to boost performance, players *will* do it, even if it’s tedious or annoying. Thus the devs can “save us from it” by making it impossible, before it becomes all but mandatory as a play strategy. Or do you think they should not use game mechanics to control how we play, and if people want to exploit this sort of thing it should be an option?

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