Wyatt Cheng: No Plans for Season 5 Bonus Weekends

Double this!

Double this!

Conversation on the new Podcast turned to community bonus events, with hungry wishful thinking/anticipation for a double materials weekend event. Players greatly desire that, since it’s slow/tedious to farm all the bounty caches for materials, and tons of those are needed for cube legendary power extraction and the legendary reforge recipe, amongst others.

A fan asked about this on Battle.net, and got a splash of cold water from a developer. Wyatt Cheng: No Plans for Season 5 Bonus Weekends

Any word on a double bounty weekend event like last season?

Wyatt Cheng: Hey guys – just wanted to pop in and say that we don’t have any community buffs planned for this season.

The main reason is the one highlighted by other members of the community – while 2x buffs are super exciting while they’re active, they have negative effects at other times. The biggest is how demoralizing it can feel if you miss out on the community buff. One of the strengths of Diablo is when players feel they can play on their own schedule, when they feel like it. The 2x buffs really detract from a sense that any time is a perfectly good time to play. It can also cause people to burn themselves out trying to get the most out of the buff.

I’d translate that as, “Of course we’re going to do some bonus weekend events, but 1) not any time soon, and 2) we won’t announce them in advance since you guys would plan too much on it.”

You guys thinking along the same lines? I think Wyatt’s got a point in that people who miss out on a double weekend feel screwed over, and that’s a big deal this early in a season, since every little bit counts. A couple of months into a season however, lots of players are drifting away and the devs need to throw out some bells and whistles to give a kick to the gameplay. We can hope, anyway.


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  1. RoS's 2 year anniversary will be after 2 months. So of course they will do something about it.But why would they care about the screwing over, when players that play in 4 man groups non-stop is already screwing all the remaining players in Paragons.

  2. I don't really see that as a great reason to not do special events. In fact, it's more a reason to do small multiple events, more often, so that if you miss one you don't feel screwed over. Make every other weekend (or even every weekend) some kind of minor special event: Double bounties one weekend, Double Goblins the next, Double the legendaries the weekend after, and so on.

    • I'm up for that as a solution. I'd even be up for "double goblin week" and then "double blood shards week", etc, covering the whole 7 days. I do get that they wouldn't really be special though if we had them all the time. The cantankerous side of me says "you can't please all of the people all of the time so just give us the shinies!" as well mind.

  3. They didn’t do anything for Christmas/New Year. They ignored us on the stash problem.

    Its obvious that they just straight up hate us for some weird reason.

  4. AFAIK, they did the 2x bounty caches event coinciding with the death anniversary (October 17, 2014) of the developer, Kevin Kanai Griffin, whom the cube was named after.So, if that's the case, I am not expecting one until next year. This also coincides with their overall attitude to these special events, e.g. double stuff on Diablo3 release week anniversary.

  5. Oh man yes please I want more events! I want better events! More more more!!! Once a month at the very least. Give us double goblins, double blood shards, double xp, double mats/gem/gold drops, double ancient chance, double rift guardian spawns, double elite pack spawns, double shrine/pylon effect duration, double EVERYTHING!!!!

  6. What did Jay Wilson say?…. um…. \And then we doubled it\ 🙂
    Sounds good to me 🙂

  7. Give players 10 potions that grant 1 hour of double-whatevers. Problem solved.

    Everyone gets the bonus, and they can play for 1 hour at a time instead of cramming everything in to a weekend (sucks if you’re working etc).

  8. how lame new season there should be some new stuff i dont buy what he said those that miss events they miss it, not the end of the world.. and those that play nonstop or bots? they funny dont burn out lmao…

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