Wyatt Cheng

    Wyatt Cheng

    Blizzard’s semi-monthly Play Your Way Thursday event is going off later this week, and joining the players will be a content developer. Wyatt Cheng Live Streaming Thursday:

    Here are the details:

  • What: Our final Play Your Way Thursday livestream
  • Where: http://www.twitch.tv/diablo
  • When: Thursday, August 6 @ 4:00 p.m. PT to 5:00 p.m. PT
  • Why: To carry on the Crusade and send off this stream format in style!
  • Join Nevalistis accompanied by Drothvader#1215, senior game designer Wyatt Cheng, and YouTube artist Rhykker! We’ll be tackling Nephalem and Greater Rifts on the PTR while we discuss our builds and what we’re looking forward to most in Patch 2.3.0. I’ll load up MicroWaveCat’s poll-winning “Haunting Spirits” Witch Doctor and we’ll see just how far we can push between all those beautiful orange and green beams.

    Note that they’ll be playing on the PTR, so hopefully we’ll get some conversation about DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube and other new DiabloWikiPatch 2.3 stuff.

    This isn’t a live interview, there’s always a bunch of chat going on during the livestream with the other CMs fielding questions and occasionally relaying them to the players. We haven’t had a new dev interview in months, and who knows if we will before Blizzcon in November, so if you’ve got question for Wyatt about why Season Three is so long, what’s going on with v2.3 on the PTR, why we didn’t get D3X2 at Gamescom, etc… here’s your chance.

    Nevalistis’ post informs about some programming/schedule changes with the Play Your Way Thursday system, which is going on hiatus with DiabloWikiPatch 2.3 nearing completion.

    Final?! What Now?

    You may notice we’re using the term “final” for this stream. Play Your Way will be changing it up after the launch of Season 4 and our next patch. In preparation, the Play Your Way series as a whole will be going on temporary hiatus and the livestream portion is ending to make way for a more regular format. This doesn’t mean we’re leaving Twitch forever; just that this particular stream series is coming to a close. We’ll be keeping you updated as we get closer to re-launching this feature.

    In the meantime, I want to personally thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support of this program. It’s been both a blast to write and host, and I’m looking forward to taking it in a new direction. I hope to see you in chat when we go live, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitch so you know exactly when the action begins!

    Nevalistis: I recommend reading the rest of that paragraph. 😉 Play Your Way isn’t going away (nor am I), JUST the livestream portion.

    We’ll watch the live stream and bang out a transcript of anything new or exciting Wyatt or the others offer, so check back Thursday for the new news, with any luck.

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