Wyatt Cheng Gives More Details on 1.0.7

In a follow up to the other day’s 1.0.7 Preview Wyatt Cheng has expanded on a few key areas of the changes to come.

“We’re removing the incrementing resurrection timer on consecutives deaths.”

Just to make sure we’re setting expectations correctly, the radius increase is modest. As mentioned in the blog, for melee characters who are very particular about saving their health globes, we wanted to make sure we didn’t increase the radius so much that melee characters picked up health globes unintentionally.

So, kinda imagine a health globe dropping a melee range, we increased pickup by LESS than that. I’d tell you the exact number but I don’t remember it off the top of my head and it’ll be in the patch notes anyways. The bump is small.

Regarding DiabloWikiOne With Everything (db)

One With Everything is not changing in 1.0.7. We still recognize it as an issue, but 1. We do not want to make any change that invalidates the existing gear people have acquired. 2. We have to weigh the cost of any change vs. the benefit of doing so. Does One With Everything feel mandatory to many monks? Yes (though not as much as it used to be). Is fixing it urgent? No.

Increased monster density

Unfortunately increased monster density in Act 1 and 2 in Inferno difficulty did not make patch 1.0.7. It is absolutely something we would like to improve, and it is still on the list for the future. I spend most of personal play time in Act 3 as well: Keeps 1, Core, Tower, Bridge, Fields. It’s a matter of degrees, it’ll never all be balanced 100% equal in all zones everywhere you go – but they need to be comparable within a certain tolerance, and we’re definitely outside that margin right now.

Stacking DiabloWikiNephalem Valor carrying over between acts

I did not mention it in the blog but Nephalem Valor should carry over from Act to Act.

The Patch Notes represent a collated list of the things that have changed in a patch. When choosing which changes to list in a Patch Preview, it’s the design teams opportunity to provide some additional commentary, insight or explain the reasoning behind the changes.

The new DiabloWikiRuby gem

The new Ruby gives flat damage increase, much like the existing rubies do. However, because of the way the math works out, the higher your attack speed, the more your character benefits from a flat damage increase.

For example, let’s say Your attack speed is 1.1 If a Ruby adds 20 damage to your weapon, then it is adding 22 DPS to your weapon.

However, if your attack speed is 2.4, then that same Ruby that adds 20 damage to your weapon is going to add 48 DPS to your weapon.

Essentially, flat damage benefits higher attack speeds.

Our goal with the tuning on the new Ruby is that if you have high attack speed, and/or your skill build leans heavily on skills that don’t crit (such as Hydra), then you may prefer the flat damage granted by the Ruby over the Critical Hit Damage provided by the Emerald. The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we’ll be monitoring things on PTR as well. I expect some clever theorycrafters will figure out some breakpoints for when to use one gem or another.

Judging by the comments in the update news item and in the forum discussions this patch has been largely well received, more so than some of the previous.

Source: Reddit

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    29 thoughts on “Wyatt Cheng Gives More Details on 1.0.7

        • Well, since the new craft materials drop only from elites, I think there may be niche areas in a2 and a1 that are better for getting these materials quickly. If all you care about are these materials, trash monsters may just be an impediment.

          I do agree there arer some areas in a2 and a1 that could use a population boost – or maybe just move waypoints a bit so you can get at high density areas more easily (spider den in a1 + jail for instance).

        • I guess what I am getting at is they may be better served seeing how the new crafts change play style. Then tweak monster density based on any new farm routes that become competitive.

    1. OWE is not getting ‘fixed’ before expansion.
      Density increase will come sooner it seems. Maybe I will play act2/1 again before I die.
      Not even a comment on the itemisation or degree of monk/wiz buffs.

      • well the problem is not OWE it isn’t one of the most popular skills (not even THE most popular skill as far as monk goes) because it is op, it is the most popular skill because everything else sucks hard.

        People only choose OWE and STI because they can mitigate Auction house prices whit it in other words they can buy shitty items no one else would ever want and still meet EHP requirements ; while maximizing DPS.
        If i could get the equivalent of the Barbarian’s Ruthless, Weaponmaster,LS or even Brawler i would do it in a heartbeat.

        however this Blizzard Irvine ; so if they nerf OWE to make it as shitty and unappealing as the rest of the Monk Passive Roster an equilibrium will have been reached; and the Devs of Blizzard will stroke there goatee’s in malicious glee at how cleverly (without any effort or ressource-investment) they have solved the “skilldiversity-Issue” of the Monk Passive-skills.

        but what is too say about it ; they are still “not satisfied” with Spirit spender’s while combogenerator’s have been virtually untouched since release and Thunderclap is still #1 and will not need to be ever switched out under any circumstances once you hit level 6 on your Monk.

    2. ” The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we’ll be monitoring things on PTR as well. I expect some clever theorycrafters will figure out some breakpoints for when to use one gem or another.”

      What are you doing? What are the other designers doing? Don’t you do your own theory crafting? Isn’t that your job as designers? I pictured their work as being more than making an educated guess, throwing the idea at the wall, and hoping it sticks.

      The dev team should know these things inside and out. They spend 40+ hours a week on this stuff yet they don’t seem to be able to do math that takes some moderately smart players less than an hour or two to optimize.

      • Thought the same thing when i read that. They should know the breaking points before they even put it into gameplay, grab a pen and paper and crunch some numbers. So they are gonna let the fans figure out the numbers for them and update according in a future patch…

        • They do already know the breakpoints for sure. Remember when people were whining at LS being worthless in inferno, but Wyatt said that they had done the calculations and thought people would start using LS when they increased their dmg? Well, he sure as hell was right 😉
          I think they just do not want to throw out the break point values they’ve come up with because in practice they may be a little bit off and the community will make them take loads of crap if they give us some exact values and the community then disagrees.
          I may be incorrect I guess, they may just have used their RNG to create a number.

          • lol I just want to chime in that I totally remember some nerd raging (seriously pissed) at Wyatt in one of the earlier AMAA on reddit that they were all terrible designers and that they should let him work on the game because they had completely miscalculated life steal and that no one would ever ever use it, and in all ways life on hit was better, and how could you miss this totally obvious mistake, etc etc.

            Good stuff. You can probably find it around somewhere, his ignorance and arrogance will forever be immortalized!

          • “The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we’ll be monitoring things on PTR as well.”

            If they know the break points and fully understand their implications on the design then why do they need to tune them through testing? Shouldn’t the math alone be enough if they did it right? That tells me they either didn’t do the math or don’t understand the results.

    3. “We still recognize it as an issue, but 1. We do not want to make any change that invalidates the existing gear people have acquired”

      EL OH fucking EL…’the game is broken but we can’t do anything because you payed for those items’, design dependent on customers.

    4. I really can’t understand how it comes that this patch is so well received from the information that has come so far. There will still be no real reason to play act 1 and 2 as far as I can see, they do both mostly feel like an empty space without enemies.
      It’s very unlikely that the new crafting items will be good enough to be worth the hassle, even though this may change. Also, they’re incredibly boring as they look now.
      Higher tier gems. Good with a better gold sink I guess, but they need many more. And I’m not gonna get any of these gems.
      Experience bonus increase in higher MP. My high paragon character does not care about exp and will continue farm in MP0. My low paragon lvl characters are far from good enough geared to farm higher MP. They should’ve made it more worth gear farming in higher MP instead, would make much more sense to me.

      The only thing I’m really looking forward to are the monk buffs. Will get quite bummed if they only go the easy way and buff different skills dmg, they need to change things like the effect radius or decrease spirit cost etc for it to get interesting. I guess the patch notes will be here soon so we can see.

      To already feel that we might have to wait for patch 1.0.8 for anything to really change kinda sucks. I want to play act 1 and 2 with monsters in them, is that too much to ask?

      • “There will still be no real reason to play act 1 and 2 as far as I can see”

        Act 1 is the only place where you can duel

        I still can’t believe that lol

        So you join a random public game in Act 3, everybody finishes the run so they decide they’ed like to duel 4 person free for all.

        What do they have to do ?
        Exit the game. Have one player start a new game in Act 1, and then have that player invite the other players.

        So much trouble.
        I just don’t get it.

    5. i feel like these people have no idea what the real problems are with this game. they butchered the franchise. they should never have shown the game so early… they should have beta tested it not fucking demo’d it. also, that storyline is incredibly shit… why did they not get robert a knaak to write it i have no idea. oh, there is a handful of demons in the black soulstone but we’re gunna make diablo look like a fucking girl. gj d3 team you made me quit my favorite franchise of all time. it was a good 14 year run.

    6. “We are hoping that one gem in one slot is a slightly more interesting choice. We still plan on ignoring that every other gem in every other non-helm slot is a totally boring choice (if you can even call it a choice).”

    7. Looks like we have to wait until the PTR is live to figure out the details on the BOA crafted items. Probably a smart move as it sounds like the new crafted gear might have a major impact on the economy. I don’t think I will be spending any gold on upgrades until we know the following:

      Will this BOA gear have 6 properties + the primary stat or is it 6 properties including primary stat?

      How much higher can these rolls be than what is currently the max?

      What is the cost of making of these things? Brimstones? Essences? 100k gold per craft?

      Is it essentially current crafted gear with a just a slightly higher max roll possible for the primary stat only? Same existing miniscule chance of crafting a quality piece of gear is are a modifier similar to the hellfire ring?

      The smart move by Blizzard is probably to not answer any of this at all and let it go to test server for us to get the answer.

      • Apologies for the terrible grammar and structure for this comment, is it possible to edit my own post when “quick reply” is used?

    8. Ok so in game and in these comments after the articles recently I have been hearing a LOT of people claiming that rubies will grant increased attack speed come the patch (along with the dmg boost.)

      Now I may be wrong but that is not how I have read it so far in any of the blue posts, they say that the new change is intended to work better with IAS builds… So am I missing something not on this site or is everyone else just derping hard and incapable of understanding written text?

      • Lots of people just misread it. The original post was a bit poorly worded leading to the confusion.

    9. Surprised no one has commented on the fact that NV stacks will carrier over from act to act now with patch 1.0.7. I have read many a rant on that one feature and now that its coming I see no raves on it lol. I haven’t even maxed out a single characters level yet. Currently only character is a level 20 wizard.

    10. Wonder what is preventing them from simply telling the game to spawn more packs in those acts. It’s not exactly brain surgery and god knows they won’t play test this crap anyway so just do it and let the community start testing it for you and giving you feedback. Stop playing like the game isn’t in beta.

    11. What’s goes on at Blizzard HQ to fail so much lately? Did they cut funding so hard that only 2 interns who never played the game are brainstorming what will work best for Diablo 3 Beta? Do they actually believe they can do more harm than good by adding monster density to Act 1 and 2? Like someone before said, it’s not like they will be testing it. The public test realm is a perfect place to put together new ideas and test them.

      Blizzard is so stuck on this idea that the lowest common denominator must be able to put in 40 hours of game play and like it. Because that’s what will create instant sales or some bullshit. Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn’t seem to realize they may screwing the whole franchise to make a quick buck.

      With all the great ideas the community has come up with, Blizzard has been able to find a way to slowly suck the life out of it’s Diablo fans with their inability or not giving a shit attitude to get anything substantial done.

      Sure they brought us a few things like the Uber Event and some decent legendary improvements but that’s about it. I used to wonder if maybe they were taking any substance and saving it for expansions while keeping just enough content around to keep the playerbase from boycotting their game into the ground. But now I believe that at least a high majority of the decision makers and game designers working on Diablo 3 are completely clueless on how to proceed. If the game was released in 2015 at the going rate of stuff getting done, they would still be stuck on if the monk should get an animation corresponding with its equipped weapon or if bobby kotick and jay wilson need another 5million dollar bonus for donuts and bouncy castles. I really hope this game either dies or a miracle happens sometime in the near future.

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