Wyatt Cheng on Diablo 3 Legendary Items

Wyatt returned to the scene of Friday’s crime with some interesting answers to fan questions about specific Diablo 3 legendary items. If you’ve been wondering why Item X sux or needs moar buffs, here’s your answer! It’s Wyatt Cheng on Diablo 3 Legendary Items:

Lylirra: Here are a few quick Q/A follow-ups from Wyatt. Italicized questions from players, quoted answers are from Wyatt. (link)

Q. Is it likely that the Shadow’s Mantle set will continue to be a DiabloWikiShadow Power modifying set?
Wyatt Cheng: The DiabloWikiNat’s set is a great example of looking for alternative ways to make a set better. In my original post I said “We could also introduce a new Legendary item that offers a cool interaction or synergy with the “weak” one, and makes it better.”

So in the case of Nat’s, one thing Travis (Day) has been advocating internally is that instead of changing the Nat’s set directly (which, as I’ve mentioned, we prefer to keep retroactive changes to a minimum), we could look at finding cool synergies with DiabloWikiRain of Vengeance. I don’t want to put out any specifics, but in the same way DiabloWikiQuetzalcoatl makes DiabloWikiJade Harvester better, or you can imagine that any legendary item that makes Rain of Vengeance better, makes the set better.

Q. Why is DiabloWikiHelltooth not getting touched when DiabloWikiFirebird’s got redesigned?
Wyatt Cheng: Because at the moment we’re not completely happy with DiabloWikiWall of Zombies. We’d like to get Wall of Zombies to a place we’re happy with first, and then we can properly evaluate Helltooth within that context.

Q. I’m sure there’s a huge list of items that you want to look at along with abilities, but I’m just wondering if you have any plans at evaluating the DiabloWikiChantodo’s set at some point in the near future?
Wyatt Cheng: As I mentioned in the post, after 2.1 we’re trying to shift away from revising old sets and more towards introducing new legendary items that introduce new play styles. Rather than just have an existing set be more powerful – let’s find ways to promote skills by introducing brand new Legendary effects.

This is not to say buffing existing sets is out of the question, but 2.1 was about hitting things of the highest priority.

Q. What about DiabloWikienchanting? You guys basically turned the high end weapon enchanting game on its head with [/wiki]Ramaladani’s Gift[/wiki]. I’ve personally found two or three incredibly rare, well rolled (native socket) weapons that I assumed I’d never replace… but that’s not the case anymore. I know these weapons are by no means useless in the new patch, but had I known of Ramaldni’s Gift at the time, I would not have enchanted them the way I did.
Wyatt Cheng: Yes – this is non-ideal. The things I’ve described are ideals, not absolutes. We can’t improve the game without being able to change it, and sometimes change has a few negative consequences. Overall we try to keep the negative consequences to a minimum while maximizing the positive effects. In the case of the Gift we feel that the benefit was worth it.

After 1.5 years of crappy legendary items and non-communication during Diablo 3 vanilla, these days it’s encouraging to see so many changes and hear so much from the devs about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Agree? Obviously not every legendary item in the game is ideal at this point, but clearly the devs are on the same page with the fans about most of what needs to be fixed or changed or improved, at least in terms of items.

Gogo Wyatt for the win?

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  1. Blizz needs to do another BIG move like the AH removal, they need to separate weapon damage and skills damage. then make critical hit/chance a very rare affixe, also rare/blue items should have a chance to roll a +%skill dmg to make them worth to look at, now they are just trash.

    • Agree, but firstly they need to redesign enemies difficulty and remove those insane health pools because now everybody is forced to stack %skill dmg + % CHC + %CHD. %CHC and %CHD are just a part of another problem created by removing monster resists/new abilities, so the only option left was to increase monster health pools and dmg.

      In D2/TQ enemies on highest difficulty are inflicting very high dmg and some of them have new abilities but their health pools were not 30-times bigger. So you were able to use critical hit/crushing blow or not using them at all and still having high efficiency.

  2. With the recent monk spirit generator damage nerfs, I hope Monk is a high priority in their 2.1 patch rather than Crusader’s Heavenly Strength passive. The limited builds for each class is shockingly low, new items might fix that but runes should also make new builds rather than relying on an item that might never drop.

  3. Just a suggestion for helltooth bonus that is already in the game. Let the zoombies cast as mimics (like the helm) anything on your skill bar. If you have a special affect, (example poison cloud with chicken and CKnife) they get that also. You could range their casting percentage from 10% to cast up to 50% to be determined by testing.

  4. Also the taunt on wall of zoombies is extremely effective, people just don't know that yet.

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