Wyatt Cheng on Diablo 3 from Gamescom 2016

Expectations for Diablo 3 anything from Gamescom were not high after Diablo 3 wasn’t even mentioned in Blizzard’s Gamescom preview. That said, senior designer Wyatt Cheng submitted to a short interview by a woman wearing jeans with holes in the knees, and here’s what went down.

The interview focuses on the 20th anniversary of Diablo 3 at the start, and then segues into some recent Diablo 3 stuff. The key bit comes at 1:14, when the interviewer mentions how much content we’ve seen added in patches, and if we’ll keep getting more of that. Wyatt answers by talking about 1) new cosmetic gear in the last patch, 2) set dungeons added in the previous patch, and 3) how Kanai’s Cube was named after Kevin Kanai.

Not to be cynical (though that’s sort of my job) but when the question is “will we keep seeing new content” and the answer is, “look at all the new content we added in the last few patches” without a word about plans for any more new content in future patches, right after the first RoS patch that didn’t really have any new content… hmm.

Blizzard has also posted a couple of “greatest hits” videos showing their reveals and fun stuff (from non Diablo 3 games) during the first two days of Gamescom. Click through to view those and see what’s new in WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and all the rest.

Gamescom Day One:

Gamescom Day Two:

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  1. Why would they do something new ?
    for a bunch of haters , rage kiddies , whiners and naggers
    The “REAL” players love the game for what it is and its a great game
    just remember idiots D2 is not the same as D3 , keep that in mind in your next rage post :p

    • Can’t tell if you’re being serious or if this is sarcasm…

    • D3 just isn’t a really good game. It has no depth and no skill involved. They actively removed skill from the game from the beginning till now. Monsters have a swing animation, but even if you move out of their range you still get hit. This prevents most kiting. Jailer, Thunderbolt, and Frozen all deal instant damage that you can’t completely avoid. The game tells you not to play better, but to get better gear. Paragon levels are a joke and just exaggerate that stat numbers are all that matter, and the equipment is completely imbalanced.

      This all leads to a game that’s hard to play for an extended period of time, because there’s no depth. Want to play Wizard? Here’s the 1 build that’s best. After 2 weeks you can have all the BIS items, so now you can pointlessly grind greater rifts to as high a level as you want, with the gameplay not changing at all.

      There are good things in D3, and D2 wasn’t perfect either, but many of us think D2 was a better game.

      • Removed skill? No depth?

        Sarcasm at its best.

        Diablo 2 is objectively a million times easier than Diablo 3 and has far far far far less depth.

        Kiting is core in D3. It was irrelevant in D2.

        Skill and attribute system in D2 was a complete joke.

        • vileguy has 30 ‘recommends’ on his comment. That’s pretty much the most I’ve ever seen on any comment in this news section for 3 years.

          So it would seem you are very outnumbered in your opinion.

    • Corrected it for you: “just rember idgets, Diablo is not the same as D3 , […]”

  2. “The interview focuses on the 20th anniversary of Diablo 3 at the start”

    Damn I must be old. Didn’t realize D3 has been out for 20 years already.

  3. Blizzard has posted right in the open of the Battle.net news site that they are looking to create a working long term concept for the forthcoming seasons and that they are starting to be happy with where they are there. I can’t really read that in many different ways than that Diablo 3 is being put in maintenance mode.

    I do believe the sizable post-Reaper of Souls content patches were deviations and put out there for fan service. I would be surprised if there is going to be a second expansion since they still haven’t announced anything. The reason for that doubt is that the Auction House seemed like the planned revenue motor for the series, and it was derailed with seemingly no Plan B. I think the AH concept was a serious mistake by the back-then game designer and I’m not sure how Blizzard ever imagined it would work out without tearing up the very foundation of Diablo.

    So, consider that Diablo 3 is a game competing with their other games firmly grounded in subscriptions, e-sports, and microtransactions… It is a black sheep that I think can only be remedied with a major conceptual-level overhaul in the form of Diablo 4, or maybe something more different in this universe than a straight sequel.

    In a sense, I think the Diablo world is reaching a dead end and that “more” is needed. A basic D4 with no major news and ideas risk becoming like Torchlight; mere imitations of the past. The question is… What is needed? I think at the very least, PvE and PvP needs to finally be made to work in the same game where some sort of PvP balance is found and where players can compete on equal footing. Guild Wars pulled it off — I’m not sure why Blizzard keeps struggling here. Brawling in Diablo 3 is like a bad joke that I’m not sure why they even introduced it. They could as well add a sign in the brawling pits saying “Placeholder Awaiting Better Ideas”.

    • Where the planning on the auction house went wrong, was imho mostly making it a necessity to be used for breaking gearwalls and how easy it was to play the gold auction house. Also, the personal contact while trading and not being fixed on one defined ressource played a big part in why trading in D2 was so well received. The real money auction house could have been stayed, as it is, if the gold based trading would only have been realized differently and without this heavy impact on lowering the droprates to account for trading being an option.

      On PvP, my idea would be, to simply take on the open PvP idea of D2 and limit the players capabilities to hostile through the filter of a clan-based political metagame. Would make most sense, though, if different player groups could run across each other ingame, creating the tension of choosing between siding with the group, someone is in, or ones respective clan association and alliances.

  4. Interesting slip at the end:

    Soe: I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us in the future. Now, Wyatt, thank you so much for taking your time for a quick chat!

    Wyatt Cheng: Definitely, definitely. The team super passionate about _Diablo 3_, we love Diablo, we love the community that’s gathered behind the game, we very happy to have be celebrating 20 years.

  5. God this man is boring even in a short 3 min video I had to cut out.

  6. Just pointing out that they spelled his name wrong…

  7. i want expansion.. tired of this game dull gameplay 🙁

    • Well … The gameplay itself is top. The secondary gameplay is lacking the elements, providing longterm motivation, though. (For me, that are especially the roleplaying aspects of character differentiation and specialization in [at least gradual stages of] permanancy and [: This is an unfulfilled wish …] fiddling around with the inner balance of individual skills, to optimize and balance the chosen skills to one another.) That’s unfortunately something, I lost hope ever seeing it coming to the game via expansion …

  8. “Wyatt, the gaming world wants to know. Why are you such a pudgy smug nutball? Why don’t you actually give a damn about what players actually ask for with Diablo 3 instead of shoving sets and cosmetic items up their butts?”

    • Because that requires more monetary investment than Blizzard Entertainment Corporation is willing to spend on this entertainment product.

  9. Amongst the complaining, you might like to consider that its Blizzcon in Nov and it’s likely that any new announcements will be made there, not a month or two earlier. They’ve been hiring for something in the Diablo world, lets hope its significant.

  10. Diablo 3 is a great game, the problem is that after some time playing it gets repetitive.

  11. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. D2 was just as repetitive and boring as D3 is now. Make a Hammerdin, get HotO, get enigma, do thousands os Baal runs… aaaaaand that’s about it.

    • nostalgia has nothing to do with it

      I have D2 installed on my computer and regularly switch back and forth between it and Grim Dawn and PoE

      I can play D2 right now and still have more fun than I do with D3

      I also have D3 installed, but haven’t touched it since the extremely disappointing Crusader was released

      D3 is an extremely boring and unfun game

    • In D2 your endgame weapon could be a godly Rare, a powerful Unique, Set item, Runeword, a high Char level crafted Weapon, A cruel Blue weapon with sockets or even a mofo elite white weapon with high level runes or rare jewels stuffed into it.

      That is way, way, more choice in your endgame weapon than Diablo 3 will EVER HOPE TO HAVE.

      That’s just the weapon slot, dont get me started on everything else…………………..

      Choice does matter.

      • Such a degree of choice would need a skillsystem [at least near to] equal in weight of power gained, working as a counterweight to itemization. Then there’d be the freedom to actually design the items themewise – ALL affixes and not ‘just’ Legendary ones – , instead of overusing RNG in item design.

    • D2 definitely got old. That’s why I ended up playing the Median mod which was basically a whole new game, tons of fun with friends. Does D3 have any mods? Oh…

  12. Server Slam hype!!!

    Has this ever resulted in any optimizations? To my knowledge they just nerf the laggy builds to render them useless versus actually fixing anything on the backend…

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