Wyatt Cheng and Jay Wilson Talk v1.0.5 – PvP Next Year?

IGN has sat down with Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng to look at the updates coming in v.1.0.5 which should be landing shortly. The article features quotes from the devs and describes the changes to ‘monster power with Jay  commenting on the update:

“The goal of the system is to allow players set a monster power level, and the higher they set the level the bigger the bonuses they’ll get to magic find, experience and loot drops — but the harder the game will be,” Wilson told IGN. “It’s a system we’ve put in to allow players to have a lot more control over the difficulty of the game.”

Wyatt added:

“As the game’s been out for awhile now, we’re finding players are stratifying into different audiences. You’ve got your player who has 1,000 hours played on their character, they have absolutely amazing gear, and they need more of a challenge. And then you have somebody else who just hit 60 last week for the first time because they’ve been playing for one or two hours a week since it came out and they’ve been having a blast but they’re just rolling into Inferno now. They don’t like to use the auction house, they don’t read the internet — so what does the experience need to be like for that person? Monster Power definitely gives us a bit of room to try and simultaneously hit both types of players and everybody in between.”

The Infernal Machine was also touched on with Jay explaining roughly what it is but that part of the fun will be “figuring it out”.

. “At level 60 players can find various objects to put together a device that will allow them to fight more powerful bosses hidden throughout the game,” said Wilson. …The hope is that this gives people who are grinding for items something of a “meta game” to enjoy while they’re hunting for loot. Completing the Inferno Machine can apparently net you a legendary ring acquirable only through this event.

Finally, there is a mention of PvP but as usual Blizzard are being really cagey on this one with Jay saying that they are “focused on making PVP really great, something appropriate for Diablo III”. Reading this section it sounds like they are wanting to plough ahead with what they are calling “bigger goals” and “expansion content”. Jay gave the usual answer of “when it’s done” and said the “hope” was for this year but they are wanting to make sure it’s up to their high standards. Let’s hope they do get it out the door this year and all the game fixing doesn’t delay PvP into 2013.

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    48 thoughts on “Wyatt Cheng and Jay Wilson Talk v1.0.5 – PvP Next Year?

    1. Make sure it’s up to Diablo 3’s high standard on release?

      Just poop on a piece of paper and release it as is. Mission accomplished.

      • That was harsh.

        I admit that Diablo 3 is flawed but dammit, I appreciate the fact that they are trying hard to make the game even better. Kudos to them!

        • i can only somewhat agree with that. many people i know would most certainly argue that they aren’t really trying to make the game ‘better’, but more are trying desperately to put in any change they can, like grasping at straws to just try and keep as many players playing as possible, with a whole bunch of bandaids. if they were really trying to make the game better (i mean REALLY better) they would start working on the fundamental problems with item hunt/itemization.

          almost every “blue quote” i read these days just sounds so completely out of touch with their customer base, and so often seems like they are trying to tell us what makes a good game, rather than listening to the actual gamers.

    2. So the rich (ie those that can do /players8) will get more loot and put up on AH for 100mil+

      The poor (those that can’t do /players8) will get less loot, and quit the game.

      Good to know.

      • I’m sorry but unless you choose to play only self found and dont want to use the AH , which is something that i understand and respect , being a “poor” player in this game is someone that doesn’t know how to play properly. Simple as that.

    3. I don’t understand why they simply can’t add a “Duel” option as an interim option for PVP where players can offer to duel each other in game for fun. Both players have to accept and it resets on player death. No griefing possible there, and it’s basically the same thing D2s PVP system was already. Then a more robust PVP later.

      It just doesn’t make sense that something like this, which seems simple enough to implement, wasn’t in the game from the very beginning.

      • Because you will oneshot each other. They must do something first with that, and it seems they can’t decide what.

        • Make it the same as diablo 2, then you wont oneshot each other. A simple -75% damage to players or something. There is absolutely no reason not to have it, torchlight will get pvp before diablo 3 even though it is released months later and will be 1/3 the cost.

          • Im middle geared Wd 110dps with soul harvest, and I can crit for 500k with zombie bears. There is a lot of people that crit for way way more. -75% dmg will be nothing since people got 30-50k hp usualy. Even with -99%dmg some people will be able to oneshoot others 🙂

    4. When will these morons realize ITS BORING?? Idiots need to smell the roses and acknowledge the bland game they’ve created. THROW SOME FUN INTO THE FRIGGING GAME, IDIOTS.

      • Diablo isn’t a game about fun. It’s a game about grinding away in a semi-meditative state wile being stuck in a giant skinner box. The game’s a slot-machine. Designed to trigger chemical reactions in your brain. Lets draw a simple comparison: you pull a slot machine, it deliberately takes a few seconds before the outcome is shown. You identify an item, it deliberately takes a few seconds before the outcome is shown. (This is why there will never be an identify-all-quick-use button btw)

    5. I find one of the more interesting quotes from the article was omitted – “Completing the Inferno Machine can apparently net you a legendary ring acquirable only through this event.”

      Can we speculate if this is a new legendary and what features would make it compelling.

      • The ring being like the torch was in D2 and as variable as well? That would be helpful in making p0eople want to redo the event over and over would it not?

    6. This whole player set difficulty in D3/1.05 patch context is a mere illusion. The same kind of illusion paragon system brings as content extension, something many players finally realized after spending time working on it. Was hailed as the next great thing to god pre and few days post release.

      It is basically, ‘shifting’ and ‘inserting’ another hell difficulty or different act difficulty, on different MAP, working in tandem with waves of difficulty nerfs. It is back to square one and status quo when it comes to relative difficulty, and equipment worn and loot. It is just different scenery and a few tweak here and there to make it “feel” unique and something new. You going to to the “new lv 1 inferno difficulty” vs “new lv 1000 inferno difficulty” is basically you going to “old hell difficulty” vs “old inferno difficulty” comparison. Same characterteristics, simulating similar thing, and will of course bring the same problems (and perks if there is any) over again.

      In any case, it is a welcome addition. Infernal machine (at this speculation point at least) seems to address what paragon system ought to but fail to. Having Infernal machine included in patch 1.04 was a better move.

      What unfortunate is, something like this, along with those “balancing” like CC, and others introduced by patches are something D3 team should’ve been able to test and anticipate prior to May release. Why do all these now, wasting resources. First you want to make inferno difficult then “double it”, only to nerf it in waves. Had they played and tested their own game before releasing it in May?

    7. If that bonus MF from /players 8 is like paragon MF i.e. within the 300% on player cap then my MF gear got ******, again. Why don’t the dumbasses remove the stat from the game when they take a break from chasing their tails?

    8. The one thing that bugs me about /players8 is what’s the point of Inferno? All three difficulties could be a bit more challenging and /players8 could bring Hell into Inferno territory. Getting a new character from 1 to 60 though the same content 3/4 times is one very weak aspect of this game.

      I’d like to have NV stacks right from the beginning and make that 1-60 have more of a point.

      • You’re right. With the existing design, the introduction of a monster power modifier completely negates the purpose of Inferno – might as well just have stuck with Hell and gotten Inferno-level difficulty through monster power.

        Pre-release, I had been expecting Inferno to have modifiers on the monsters, like different base powers, faster/better AI, perhaps monsters in different areas. Instead all we got was vanilla stat buffs – boring.

      • Fighting level 50 monsters at level 60 is not the same. If you think Act 1 Inferno is easy now, it’s nothing compared to Act 1 Hell, with or without Monster Power.

    9. nice, seems ubers will be purlpe monsters like Grand Cultist in Halls of Agony, or Chiltara etc.

      Seems it will be fun, and will force us even more to see whole world!

    10. Infernal machine will for sure be something positive. My guess is that this ring that drops is always good, but can roll with some different affixes, maybe class-spesific. That way you want to farm over and over again.

      For the manual inferno diffculty tuning….not sure. How will this effect multiplayer public games?
      I feel like Blizzard is pissing in their own pool here. They nerf defense skills to increase build-diversity, but hello… everyone will try to farm the highest possible difficulty since drops will be better. This means stack bunch of defense skills. Since the def skills has been nerfed, maybe you need even more defense skills. This way the game will be more boring.
      I think a better solution would have been to tie EXP to harder difficulty and not the loot. The you have a choice; EXP runs or loot runs. As mentioned by someone else, the rich will become richer.
      I will give it a try, but I think my computer will be running TL2 from now on.

    11. high standards ? to me that sounds more like ” we have no idea what we are doing – and we still have to figure it out – so instead of doing what was already great in d2 we dick around for an unreasonable amount of time without any progress whatsoever. until the day we throw the mediocre system out with our unique “trust us , we know best” approach and our unique fingerprints on the product.

      then we’ll wait 3 months for the community to bitch about the system and give them what they expected and wanted in the first place.”

    12. anyone has any info is patch 1.0.5 scheduled for today since there will be 8h of maintenance ?
      or blizzard is trying to “surprise” us once again?

      • I doubt it. It’s a sceduled server maintenance. They will probably do more blogs first. It will be wise to go live before release of TL2 and Borderlands2 though.

    13. I remember when Jay said it was a disaster if they didn’t get PvP out before the end of the year. I am sure he remembers it too…

      Why I am not surprised. Blizzard in a nutshell.

    14. If I recall correctly, D3’s game box listed PvP as a product feature with some fancy “too be added post-release” remark. So no, that is what customers have already bought, there’s no selling that with an expansion again.

      Undoubtly though, as with many core game systems in D3, PvP will end up with a ‘bare bones’ implementation at first, and a possible fleshing out process following over several months and expansions seems more than likely. If anyone’s still playing this around mid 2014 they might have a chance of seeing a fully featured and to some degree elobarate implementation of the system.

      Emphasizing quality at this point is merely their way of buying time, we’ve seen that with the main game release and are still searching for the quality they took so much extra time for. In the end we know as well as they do that whoever is still playing when PvP is finally released, won’t be very demanding in their expectations.

    15. Game is shit
      Loot is unrewarding, 100 million for an ik chest piece loool
      PVP = Pay to Win.
      Diablo 3 epic fail

      That is all

    16. who says you need to pay anything ? (pve)
      play it like it should instead of whinning like a little kid.
      oh wait , you are one
      this game is a BOMB ! maybe not that perfect but its a verry cool game.

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