Another interview with Wyatt Cheng and Andrew Chambers has popped up online, this one with 1up.com. It’s a good interview, despite a lack of new info. (Not like we’re going to see any with new info in an interview at this point, after all the panels and 10+ previous developer interviews.)

    It’s interesting anyway, because the interviewer doesn’t just get the same dry recitation of info, but asks for opinion. What’s it like working on a Diablo game, what’s your favorite Diablo memory, what’s improved in Diablo III, etc. Here’s a quote:

    1UP: Looking back at the first Diablo game, there’s not that much there. It’s a couple of dungeon levels — you have a blast, sure — but Diablo 2 brought in the epic story arc. What do you see as Diablo 3’s contribution?

    Wyatt Cheng: I think the story telling is better than ever. I’m not involved in that, but they’ve done an amazing job. I think our combat is actually deeper and our skill system, that if you were to have looked at the progression from Diablo 1 to Diablo 2, the skills became more interesting, the combat became more interesting, and I think we continue on that trajectory. Now the amount of character customization is greater — there are over two trillion possibilities per character now. It’s enormous.

    Battle.net launched with Diablo 1 and you kind of look at what it once was: unsecured, people bringing in hacked characters, and hacked items. But people did it anyway, because it was a service that allowed you to play with friends online. At the time, it was enormous. And then Diablo 2 — we still had some items dupes, but the chat-rooms and the community, and the people started to really “see” it. And now fast forward to Diablo 3 and Battle.net is now cross-game between World of Warcraft and StarCraft [2] and Diablo 3. People communicate to each other no matter which Blizzard game they play. So now it brings the community together even more.

    I like the interviewer’s style on some of those questions. So I’ll repeat one to you guys. What’s your favorite new feature in Diablo III? One that you think improves on something suboptimal in the previous games? (Bonus points if you answer anything other than “Skill runes.”)

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