We’ve seen the mini Diablos in DiabloWikiWorld of Warcraft and now Blizzard’s latest special pet will be the Archangel DiabloWikiTyrael. This is the pet code as found on the WWI cards which were handed out to everyone with their goodie bags. Unfortunately the pet is not available until the next patch but it will be worth the wait if you’re playing WoW. Blizzard added:

    The code for the in-game World of Warcraft pet that was provided in the goodie bag at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational will be usable at our Pet Redemption Webpage (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/misc/promotion.html) after patch 2.4.3 is released in the near future.

    After you have received the in-game code from this webpage, the Alliance will travel to Stormwind and the Horde to Undercity to visit a new NPC where you will be able to claim the in-game pet.

    The pet itself will be a miniature version of the Archangel Tyrael of Diablo 2 fame who will travel with you on all your grand adventures in Azeroth! Pictures of this amazing new pet will be available on the official website soon for everybody to check out.

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