Nkara, her of keen eye and inquisitive mind looks to have solved the splash image currently gracing Blizzard’s site which we reported on earlier.  It appears a rune from an image for Lich King is also present on the splash.

    The portion from the WWI Splash is from the left hand side.

    Blizzard often offer a series of splashes on the run-up to an event and if we took this image to mean WWI is all about Lich King that’d leave Stracraft 2 out the picture and that’s definitely not the case.  If this is the rune from Lich King take it as meaning Lich King is at the event, not that nothing else is (read Diablo 3).  Hey, come on, I’m trying to keep the hope alive here. Work with me on this.

    Source: Worldofwar.net

    Update: Doing at admirable job at keeping the hope alive Davidus and jlane both point out that the rune doesn’t look dissimilar to a Shael rune as seen in the image below.


    I can certainly see the similarity but I’d have to say the splash image is slightly more like the Lich King than the Shael but when you’re using runic artwork in both games it’s that much harder to decipher where it’s from.

    The only thing I can say we do know for sure is that we don’t know for sure.

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