Thanks to Kalos over at WorldofWar.net:

    Hello there, I’ve been asked to do a little typing while the office is empty. Everyone has arrived in France safe and well but very apprehensive of the Opening Ceremony tomorrow, which brings me around to the news portion of this post.

    You’ll notice over on Blizzard’s WWI Event frontpage that tomorrow as the Opening Events of WWI unfold for the luck attendees anyone also interested that wasn’t able to attend will be able to view what is happening live as it happens on thier site. While we can only hope that nothing will go wrong with thousands of people trying to watch all at the same time, the feature will be active as of 11:45, Central European Summer Time, (Make sure to get your times correct people!).

    While there are several secrets in store for the occasion, including the title of the new game we’re all hearing about, what we have been told is that Blizzard’s own band, formed inhouse out of the gamesmiths themselves, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain will be there! (For those not in the know, they do several tracks which appear in the games, most noticably the ending rock track to Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne; and often appear at the larger Blizzard events to play live to the crowds). There will also be several gaming tournaments, I believe Leord has spent half of the last two weeks playing Starcraft and Warcraft III back to front and back again but will it avail him? 😀

    You’ll have to excuse the unprofessional layout, I’m sure that we’ll have visitations from time to time by Elly+Rush and our editors Leord+Maticus several times throughout the weekend until their anticipated exausted return. And yes, we’ll do our best to get any annoucements out ASAP, half the community is watching for the second where the new title is declared, and the offical forums have gone into Hyperdrive. Catch you later.


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