Our forums are going crazy, our new chat channel is an hour old and 200 people of chaos, and about 198 of them are complaining about their (failed) connection to the live streams from the WWI. Octostream making a lot of new customers very happy today. If you want to follow the WWI live, there are a few other ways to go about it.

    Rock Paper Shotgun is live blogging it via a twitter connection, though even that page is having trouble reloading under the strain (and this link won’t help any). Their posts so far:

    10.49 – a lot of loud Lords of the Ringsy music and giant concept art. Now two very excited presnters are telling us to make some noise. We do so.

    10.50 – The lady presenter’s mic breaks. She’s forced to share with the bloke presenter. People laugh. Not sure why.

    10.51 – Blizzard’s EU presenter arrives, thanks us, keeps getting applauded. Note to crowd: stop applauding. Let the man speak.

    10.54 – The invitational’s just been declared OPEN. Confusing, as I’ve been here three hours already.

    10.55 Blizz big names, including Mike Morheim, are introduced. Crowd experiences simultaneous orgasm. Even for the Vice-President of Global Finance.

    Update: IGN’s live blogging is going better.

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