We’ve found three excellent interviews with key players in the Diablo III team today.

    The Guardian UK interviewed DiabloWikiPaul Sams, COO of Blizzard, and got in a few questions about Diablo III, as well other Blizzard games and PC gaming in general.

    Diablo 3 then, why now?
    Because the team wanted to make it. They had come up with enough new things to differentiate it from the past. Whenever we make a new game we aim to make it genre defining and to take it to the next level and differentiate it from the past. I like to say we are genre definers. We look at what the team have done and what others have done and try and find out what works and what doesn’t. Then we try and fix that. But the most important thing is that the team wanted to make Diablo 3. We only hire gamers and we let them decide what they want to make. If they are going to put three or four years of their life into a project we want them to have a passion for it. If we asked them to do a rodeo clown game they would probably not be excited. But if we ask them to create what they want to play there is a real commitment there.

    Gamespy interviewed a guy we’ll be hearing a lot from the months to come; DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky, Diablo III’s lead world designer.

    “I wasn’t a hardcore Diablo fan before joining Blizzard,” Boyarsky says as we begin talking. “I played them, of course, and I really liked them, but I usually like a lot more story depth in my games.” According to Boyarsky, what drew him to the project was what he sees as the franchise’s untapped potential for storytelling. “A lot of people are afraid that we’re going to slow the gameplay down by enriching the story parts of the game. We’re not doing that at all.” The idea is to use some simple cinematic techniques such as dialogue rather than monologue to convey quest information and crafting richer backstories for the main characters that will be reflected in their artwork and the way they view the central action of the story.

    Kotaku snagged an interview with DiabloWikiJay Wilson, Diablo III lead designer:

    Kotaku: With the popularity of WoW and other online games, Battle.net seems to have nearly disappeared into the background. Do you think Diablo III will breathe new life into the service?

    Jay Wilson: I can’t really talk about Battle.net but I will say, Battle.net will not be a background. I’ll be huge, the next version will be absolutely Blizzard’s focus. Everyone is going to be thrilled when they see the kind of stuff we have planned! It feeds into our overall focus of providing a really great service for our players.

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