Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational kicks off on Saturday 28th June in Paris, France.

    DiabloII.Net will be there for the entire event and will bring you photos, panel reports, interviews and even a few exclusive videos all of which will be linked from this page.

    We don’t have to wait before the event for information on what the weekend could hold. From the 23rd June Blizzard have been releasing a new splash screen on blizzard.com and battle.net.  Of course we’ve all gone into speculation overdrive and analysed the images until we are cross-eyed.  Unpublished images have also been accidentally-on-purpose left by Blizzard for the more curious to unearth.  The pre-release teasers can be found below.

    WWI 2008

    WWI 2008 Movies

    Note to site PALS. High quality versions of the movies available from the PAL forum.

    Pre-Event Coverage

    Other Blizzard Product Coverage

    Starcraft 2 @ StarcraftWire.Net
    Wrath of the Lich King @ WorldofWar.Net

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