A good question I think you’ll agree and Bashiok has responded to a few Beta key queries today including the mystery 1000 BlizzCon 2010 Beta keys that just sort of slipped under the radar. If you thought you still had a chance with these then think again, apparently these were added to accounts automatically ages ago but Blizzard forgot to tell everyone they went out (good job!). Bashiok added:

    Seems like no one ever commented on the 1,000 keys… urgh. I apologize.

    The 1,000 Diablo III keys promised to attendees of BlizzCon 2010 were indeed distributed some weeks ago during one of the waves, and it was through the normal ‘license added to account’ process (no actual keys were distributed).

    Yes, they have gone out already.

    So where is everyone on the servers and are opt-ins actually going out?

    We have invited more “general public” people from opt-ins than all other sources combined.

    In the same thread the question of “where are all the Beta keys?” is raised again and in a way it’s a sad response from Blizzard that would probably make most real Diablo 3 gamers hearts sink a bit. Baskiok says:

    I don’t have any data to share, but the vast majority of players in any beta test tend toward playing by themselves for a short while to “check out the game”, and then never play again.

    In our case that’s kind of not horrible considering the kinds of testing we’re looking for.

    What is seemingly a positive testing scenario for Blizzard is out of step with what the most eager of the Diablo community wants to see happen. The Beta is short but with all the classes there is a lot to mess around with when playing solo and co-op so it’s disappointing to see testers pick it up for an hour or so then stop. Here lies the problem, and in a way I think Blizzard is not looking at who would really help test and benefit the development of the game. I know they are just wanting to stress test the server etc etc etc, but would it not be more beneficial to have people testing the beta and enjoying it as well as stressing the servers. Puzzling.

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