The new World of Warcraft patch enabled a feature called the Dungeon Journal. This is an in-game encyclopedia that includes dungeon maps, loot tables, monster spell and ability info, and more; basically all the detailed knowledge players used to play games to learn on their own, and now visit wikis or fansites to read. WoW players debated this feature at length before its activation, and today Grug brought that argument to the D3 forum and got a reply from Bashiok.

    Here’s the last portion, with the important details for D3 underlined. Click through to read the whole thread.

    It makes me wonder what the situation will be like in Diablo 3. I know they probably won’t give up boss details like in WoW, as there’s more room for freestyle (and it doesn’t have to cater to 13 year-olds and housewives that want to play End Game). But what about other parts of the game? What about item enchantments? Will Blizzard provide an in-game widget that explains the names and level range of every Fire Damage or +Crit modifier? What about drop chances? Possible quests in a zone? I’m fine with this information being available somewhere, but don’t put it in the game itself.

    BashioK: I think that we would totally agree that the Dungeon Journal is a horrible idea and would ruin the game if we were talking about it being included when World of Warcraft was first released. But it’s almost 7 years old. That doesn’t stop people from wanting to figure things out, and that’s why we specifically don’t provide them strategy, but sharing information like boss abilities really isn’t that big of a deal when that kind of information is not only readily available from many sources, but has become a part of how people play the game.

    Also it shows a 3D model of the boss, their loot, their location in the raid, and is just overall really helpful. It caused a stir before we released it, but as happens so often, since it’s actually been in the game people realized it isn’t an “I Win” button and now think it’s just a helpful tool.

    But anyway, no, nothing you mentioned will be in Diablo III, but who’s to say 7 years from now?

    So it won’t be in D3, at least not vanilla D3, so no point in arguing about that. But what about long term, or on general principles? Do you guys think there should there be full info about monsters and maps and all that right in the game, at the click of a button? Or do you feel that players should have to learn things on their own, and consult official guides, external maps, sites like DiabloWiki.net, etc, for extra details if they want to know everything?

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