WoW’s Female Pandaren Model Revealed

I don’t mean this as a WoW-bashing post, and don’t encourage you guys to take it that direction in the comments, but have you seen the female Pandaren?

Apparently the female model was just revealed, much like we got the female Monk and male Demon Hunter months after the classes were first revealed. (A friend tells me that Blizzard just used the basic male Panda and put a pink bow on the head at Blizzcon last year, as placeholder for the female artwork.)

That’s her to the right, there. The pic comes straight from Blizzard’s site , which I only saw since Bashiok pointed there in a tweet. Had I seen the image(s) elsewhere, I would not have believed they were official Blizzard artwork, because… that’s a furry. Seriously! Right?

The face especially, and the bright cartoon style eyes. (I mean cosplay type costumes; not the perverted anthropomorphic fanart that is all too common online. Seriously, I would pay good money to unsee some of the images I saw while searching for these costumes. This was one of the most offensive, and about the only one that’s actually SFW… though not safe for your brain.)

Below you see some of the furry cosplay efforts, for the sake of comparison. I couldn’t find any of anthropomorphic female pandas, but just you wait for next year’s 2013’s Blizzcon.

Is this a bad thing? That the female Panda looks like the virtual version of a good fursuit? I guess that depends on your point of view, but I must admit to being a bit startled by it. Which is why I went to the trouble of writing this post, since I’m curious what you guys think. The feedback on the Blizzard post is quite mixed, which is very unusual for the heavily-fanboy skewing conversation on The main complaint seems to be that it’s just too cutesy and cartoony.

In retrospect, several of the WoW races are right on the edge of being furries. Taurens are bull-humans, but seem to be alien enough in their facial features and proportions to seem inhuman. Worgen are wolf-humans, and they’re a trickier, since dog-humans are by far the most common type of furry, in my (mercifully) limited experience with the genre. The male versions in WoW are werewolf freaky enough that no one seems to have complained, but apparently the female Worgen were widely-criticized when first revealed, as they dance right up to the edge of being cute dog-girl furries. An edge that these female Pandaren skip right across.

So what do you guys think? Do female Pandaren look too much like furries? Is this a good or bad thing? And are you glad the Diablo world sticks to humans heroes and that all of the human-esque enemies are demonic or undead or otherwise grotesque, or at least non-furry?

Also, check out the 3 three new zone trailer for MoP.

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132 thoughts on “WoW’s Female Pandaren Model Revealed

    • Because, what, you’re shocked to find something childish in a childish game?
      Wake up, WoW was never a serious game. It was very lighthearted all throughout, sprinkled with ANOTHER BIG MENACE THREATENING THE WORLD type encounters to give a bigger sense of meaning to the whole thing.
      WoW is a beautiful virtual world, more beautiful and varied than any other ever created, it’s a world you want to spend time in, and for many long-time players many of the locations and faces say “home”. It wouldn’t be home if it was the gritty grimdark that is Diablo. Diablo caters to largely different audience, both in terms of gameplay and world/characters. I don’t need to be glad that it does. It just does because it’s the game Blizzard wanted to make, to complement the other series in its roster.
      Now, theoretically, if blizzard suddenly introduces Pandarens into Diablo as a playable character: Yes, eyebrows will be raised and rightfully so. But I don’t see this happening.
      Thinking that it might happen, or being glad that it doesn’t happen is akin to thinking that menacing grill of a 5xx BMW will get a Mini Cooper treatment. Same company, different brands, different customers. On the same token, can one person own and enjoy both Mini and BMW? Yes.
      P.S. If you are associating these with furries, that’s your own damn problem/fetish. I didn’t even know what furry is until I looked it up. Pandaren introduced as a hero in WC3 was a bipedal humanoid with a panda’s head. If that’s “furry” to you… whatever turns your crank! To me, it’s a bipedal humanoid with a panda’s head, sorry.

      • To me, the artwork looks far too human. The jaw line, the bone shape around the eyes all scream human to me. Only the :3 lips make it look anything less than human. A panda head on a human this is not.

        • . . . *chuckles* This topic amuses me.

          Honestly, I wonder if they’re trying to make up to ‘us’ for chickening out back when they did the Worgen female. As the topic outlines, she was highly criticized on her first inception, and they continually hacked at her until she became so beastlike that only a therian would be drawn to her.

          What bothers me most (but is something that will make many critics of Blizzard’s usual style of character design) is actually the female Pandarean’s weight. Yeah, it’s a realistic build, but I tire of the whole ‘fat pandas’ thing. Yay, we got furries in WoW, legitimate stereotypical furries. The female will even have a long elegant(?) tail! Except oh weight… (See what I did there?)


 Red version of the panda can be seen here, with mentions of the tail, but no visuals.

          And props to Fluxx for finding some half decent fursuit pics. Not the best, but not painfully bad either.

        • That’s your own perversions talking.

          I see a cute character which would appeal to children and women.

          Tiny demographic potentially into MMORPGs and with a weird sexual fetish is… tiny. If blizzard captures them, great, more money for them, but to assume that they are the target audience is plain stupid.

          • Liking anthropomorphic fictional characters (as oddly specific as that is) isn’t always, or even usually tied with a sexual interest in the same. When people hear “furry” they seem to immediately jump to sexual fetish.

          • Yeah, because marketing as a science is sexist? Anything else you want to add, big guy?

          • My purpose was to point out how silly it is for you to suggest that anyone who notes how something like this would appeal to furries – a very well-known sort of sexual fetishist – must themselves be perverted. “That’s your own perversions talking” is a dumb and presumptive thing to say, and my accusation of sexism was a rhetorical way to show that to you.

          • OK, I’ll concede, since I spent all of 60 seconds finding out what furry even is.
            This doesn’t negate my point, however. I see a character which would appeal to a certain demographic which could help Blizzard revive subscription sales. This character won’t necessarily be appealing to other demographics, but they have about over 10 other race/gender combinations to play with, as well as a slew of new content to enjoy, even if they don’t like this particular new race/gender combo. 

      • Quite frankly, I’d actually like the concept/game if it was specifically trying to capture the sexual deviant market.  We’ve been neglected for far too long.  That said (and since I know that not what Blizz set out to do) this is the lamest thing ever.  

      • WoW and the Warcraft series in general didn’t start off as “childish” games. They started as fairly typical fantasy war games, with a bit of silliness mixed in (not too unlike how Diablo is mostly a typical fantasy game with a secret cow level thrown in for fun). I also don’t think that “childish” is what they’re aiming for, especially with a game rated “Teen” by the ESRB.

        I won’t deny that WoW has become increasingly light-hearted over the years, but I think that MoP represents a final turn in a direction most fans aren’t interested in, rather than an obvious route for the game to take. Some people might have found Samwise’s Panda art funny over the years, but I think that the majority of people considered it a sort of in-jokey thing, rather than something core to the Warcraft universe. Of course, WoW’s past couple expansions have done a great deal to undo much of the core of the Warcraft universe as well – my point, however, is that there was a core once upon a time, and it wasn’t especially childish.

        A better example in the Diablo world might be, say, a “Bovine Avenger” hero being released as a bit of a gag. Some people would chuckle, some people would groan, but few people would consider it to be a part of Diablo’s “core” experience. Then, a couple years later, “Wrath of the Cow King” becomes the next expansion and everything is cow-themed. Not exactly what people would be hoping to see.

        • Some good points, but ultimately not a good comparison.

          Wc1 was serious business 

          Wc2 was serious business 

          Wc3 and WoW were quite lighthearted from the start. Cows riding lizards? Undead grimdark heroes making lame jokes when spammed? Trolls with Jamaican accents? Blizzard walked a fine line between comedy and tragedy all the way in WC franchise. In Diablo, the secret cow level isn’t part of lore, nor canon. It’s a joke which turned to be a good way to level up. Go ahead and name one lighthearted thing about Diablo that IS a part of lore/canon? If you can, it’s probably gallows humor.

          Response for MoP is fine. What you’re observing isn’t negative reaction to MoP. It’s players being tired of a damn old game and looking for a reason to whine and finally quit. On the other hand, Blizzard is trying to save a damn old game from dying and blindly pokes here and there, hoping to hit the right lever. They don’t know the right answer. But don’t pretend like you, or any player does. Some love, some hate. In the end, only time can tell.  

          • WC1 and 2 were not just “serious business”. Units made lame jokes when spam-clicked in those games as well, and the trolls had Jamaican accents back when they first appeared in WC2. Do you not remember the joke disco song from the WC2 disc? How was that “serious business”?

            WC3 wasn’t really that much of a departure from WC1 or 2 in that regard. Chen Stormsnout only ever appeared briefly as a secret character in the expansion campaign, which isn’t that far removed from a “secret cow level” in practice. Classic WoW had a bunch of pop culture references, but made attempts at having “serious” storylines as well. MoP is taking something that many considered to be a fringle, jokey element of the Warcraft universe and bringing it into the spotlight, and that’s not sitting especially well with fans.

            “Response for MoP is fine.”
            That’s not what I’m seeing. When else has a game developer ever had to reassure its customers that their expansion is “not a joke”? I realize that not everyone hates MoP, but I think it’s quite clear that it’s gotten the worst reception yet for a WoW expansion.

            Some light-heartedness from the Diablo franchise: The silly noises and taunts made by the fallen ones, zombies that groan out for “brains”, the cutesy-grins big heads of act 3’s “fetish” monsters, and pun-friendly names like “Lord De Sies”, for a start. Sure, maybe you don’t think those things are super silly and light, but there’s a hint of silliness there for sure.

          • You’re probably right re: Wc1/2, I don’t remember the specifics of those games very much. But then we agree that the entire WC franchise is very PG/silly combined with OMG WORLD ENDING HELP PLS for a pretty good effect?

            Diablo has some gallows humor at best, and all the grins on fetishes kind of come to an end when you see the poor couple they’ve cooked up in their pot. I’m also pretty sure butcher’s room, andariel’s room and meph’s levels basically negate any sort of lightheartedness any other point in the game can have.

            You’re right that it’s the worst reception, but I don’t think it’s due to MOP. I remember 1.0 forums with 40 page threads of people demanding Pandarens as playable race. The reception is bad (or rather, fine, which in my language is “as expected, and couldn’t be better anyways”) because the game is old, because every Wc1/Wc2/Wc3 era villain is dead, and because there is a limit to original ideas, after all.     

            With that in mind, I trust in Blizzard’s ability to produce a damn good game. Cata for all its shortcomings carried alot of fun for the price (compare to some $60 bioware game you complete once or twice and forget). I’ll be playing D3 when MOP comes out, but if I ever need a break from the grit and grind, back to WoW I go! For someone who played it religiously for full 2 years since 1.0 release and then came on and off. It’s like going home where you were born, but since grew up and moved out…. furry pandas or not.

          • I think that the Warcraft series consistently aimed at a somewhat dark mood and that the jokes were only intended as little distractions, but as time went on the jokes got closer and closer to the “core” of what Warcraft was. What you say about the Butcher’s chamber (and a few other areas of Diablo and D2) could just as easily be applied to Stratholme in WC3, or the siege of Quel’Thalas, or the murder of Terenas Menethil, or a number of other “serious” Warcraft moments. The jokes weren’t any more a part of the “core” experience there than they were in Diablo 2.

            In any case, my point is that the Warcraft universe was not always “childish” and that MoP represents the culmination thus far of a gradual but perceptible change in the mood of Warcraft. MoP is a departure from what we’ve seen previously in WoW.

            A segment of the WoW playerbase has always wanted playable Pandarens. A segment of the WoW playerbase would probably also be thrilled with playable Zerg and Protoss races. The thing about TBC, when they were originally considering the introduction of the Pandarens, is that if they were introduced then they would have been subsumed under an overarching plotline involving Illidan, Kil’Jaeden, and The Burning Legion which was solidly rooted in lore going back to WC1. With MoP they’re being given center-stage billing, and that has many fans feeling worried or critical.

          • Mm, I’d say it’s on the level with what it has been. We’re being promised some tragic events like Theramore destroyed, Jaina going mad, Orc leaders becoming villains… If your perception is based on pandarens alone, I’d say it’s too early to tell. As with any unfinished product, really!
            P.S. Heavily disagree on comparing Diablo grit with WC’s. A very graphic pool/trenches of blood with naked bodies in it, torsos and torn body parts on the walls, corpses in piles, every kind of nasty impalement and dismemberment… uhm, no way man, nothing can lighten up this.

          • “Chen Stormsnout only ever appeared briefly as a secret character in the expansion campaign, which isn’t that far removed from a “secret cow level” in practice.”

            Um… no. Chen Stormstout was one of the main characters of the Horde campaign in Frozen Throne and was part of the group of heroes you control throughout all of the missions for the majority of the story including fighting through Theramore to assassinate Daelin Proudmoore… I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the Pandaren’s emissary to the Horde in MoP.

          • @Scorch: Even though Chen could be with you for quite a while in the Orc campaign, it was an “optional quest” to get him, and he had no role in the story whatsoever. Hardly what I’d call a “main character”.

            In any case, I was mostly referring to his appearance in the Human (Blood Elf) campaign, since the Orc campaign was a bit of a side-game anyway.

  1. Well…  If Blizzard decides to embrace furries, it’s definitely a non-traditional move, but it’s pretty fiscally sound.  I don’t know of any “official” venue or big name proprietor that associates with furries, and yet, they seem to be a big group of people who are largely within Blizzard’s target audience and spending abilities.
    Also, furry stuff generally seems to overlap with [pretty weird] porn, so it’s a great way for Blizzard to get a chip of the mindshare/traffic of that side of the very profitable adult industry, without having to explicitly support anything “adult”.
    If they can keep it from becoming too creepy, I’d say it’s a good business plan.

    • That is a big if 😉
      Mind you, everybody has a fetish… so we should respect other people’s… right? or have I said too much?

    • Blizzard is “embracing furries” in the same way that Insomniac embraced furries with Ratchet & Clank, or Sucker Punch embraced furries with Sly Cooper.
      In other words, not at all.

  2. Blizzard is going downhill.

    I find it hard to accept it too, but.. thats it.

    Seriously, furries now ? .. If it resembles them or not its not a question. 

  3. well…if you think about it it figures since the majority of the persons that will remain in wow after may 15 will be females :>

  4. You are just mad for seeing cutness. I think the female panda is awesome and my gf is gonna love it! It is good blizzard has mixed styles in their games, and wow is not all bright either, it depends where you look. Most  people complaining are looking directly at the cuteness and are skipping the darkness. Does that tell you more about the people complaining than of the game I wonder?  

  5. Apparently druids will get a Minor Glyph that turns their aquatic form into an Orca (Safe for work, but terrifying!).

    As for the female Panda…I can almost imagine it’s a female Dwarf wearing a panda fursuit.

     – Rayner

  6. This expansion is not a joke. It is not light and fluffy, although the Pandaren are fun and super zen.”
    Yes. Blizzard said this. It’s on mmo-champion. And people think that Pandarens are SRS BZNS!

    • Yeah, the fact that Metzen feels pressured to reassure people that it’s not a joke speaks volumes.

      Frankly I thought it was stupid when the Demon Hunter’s weapons had fucking panda faces on them in WC3. At first when they patched it in I expected it was going to be some sort of rare variant look, not the norm for the hero, but, alas… 

  7. lol
    It’s an anthropomorphic panda chick. There’s no way this was going to turn out well.
    But anyway, here’s your obligatory YIFF!

  8. Blizzard is just adjusting focus to new market segment that is younger people. When WOW came 2005 everybody played it, even hardcore Everquest fans cause it was the best MMO. Now we have start to see some real competition and upcoming release of GW2 will take huge part of adult players from WOW. So they need to find new people to play wow and what is better han furry panda.

    • Doubtful. They honestly thought this was a superduper idea on its own. They were going to put pandas into the first expansion pack, but maybe they were a bit more sane back then and realized how god-awful that idea was.

      • They were still insane enough to retcon the horribly ugly Draenei into a cutesy race, though.

      • They obviously didn’t think it was a god awful idea (hence why they brought it back), they just realized it made no sense in the context of an outland themed expansion… They could’ve easily put it into Cata though.

  9. first impression while looking at the pictures: WoW furry fanfic porn incoming.
    after reading the text of the news: yes, definitely furry-tastic.

  10. This expansion is a no-brainer if you consider it from the cynical game’s designed with focus groups angle. China + Furries = $$$$$$

  11. WoW- Vanilia – TBC  was for us 20-60 years old. 
    WoW -Wotlk – 15-18 year
    WoW cata – 10-15 years
    WoW Pandaria – 4-8 years and all Chines Farmers and Aisa fans hahaha LOLLLL 

  12. Female panderan looks like female worgen model put on female dwarf model.
    Classic WoW – Gnomes: “WTF Blizz ?!!?!?!? R Y Joking ?!?!?! They look silly !!!!!1111 They are joke not race !!!1111 you are killing game !!!!!!!!!1111111”

    Burning Crusade – Draenei: “Space Goats ?!?!?!1/1 Serisly ?!?!?!? WTF ?!?!/1/1 Worst expansion ever !!!11111”

    Wrath of the Lich King – this one was joke itself, did not need another race

    Cataclysm – Worgen: “Lololololololol !!!!11 Furry ?!?!?!? Blizz mad !?!?!?1/1They are cute !!!!111 Worgens should look so nice !!!!1111 Blizz fail !!! Worst expansion ever !!!!111”

    Mists of Pandaria – Pandaren: “OMGZ !!! Pandas !!!11 Blizzard even moar silyl !!!!!1 WTH Blizz !!?!?!?! They are joke !!!!11 They hez no lore !!!! (*which is false*) Worst exapnsion evah !!!!!!!111”

    So yeah… Been there, seen that, move on.

    • The reaction to the other expansions, or even the original game, does not even begin to scratch the surface to kung fu panda.
      The reason people didn’t like draenei was that they “broke the lore” whatever the hell that means. People were excited for the DKs in WotLK, and Cata was looked forward to (revamped the entire game world) and the worgen thing was passed off as yet another twilight joke in the game by a lot of people.

      But the pandas? Look at the subscriber numbers and lol. 

      • The thing is that Panderans in Warcraft lore are much older then “Kung-fu Panda” cartoon. But obviously what’s more popular that was first, right ?
        Also Pandarens weren’t only a “joke” race in W3, but also were fully playable race with full lore, in paper “Warcraft RPG” that came out in 2003. They had their lore explained as much as Trolls had.

        • They were still stupid back in 2003, based on Samwise and Metzen’s in-jokes. Samwise has been doing Panda art for years and years – the fact that someone who published an RPG book tried to make coherent sense of it doesn’t really establish it as “lore”.

  13. Pandas, pokemon, farmville, rainbows and unicorns. WoW are not my kind of game anymore 🙂
    But I think its a smart move, they get the kids/teenagers completely hooked on their game, and tbh it can only be more fun, than playing the same shit on facebook. Now they just need to have a hanna montana guest appearence at the 2013 blizzcon and its a wrap!… :p

  14. Well, I think you should post that on your google+, on your blog or wherever and not use this site for your personal curiosity. Please don’t be offended, just stating the obvious. 

  15. Eh, I don’t see a problem with it.  I mean, Warcraft was never “serious business” when it came to the art style.

    Anyway, I’ve had a special soft spot for the Pandaren ever since the Brewmaster in Warcraft III.  It kinda makes me raise an eyebrow that people are calling the new expansion ‘cartoony’ and ‘for kids’, when the game launched with these guys:  

    World of Warcraft has been light-hearted from the start.  Honestly, I’m REALLY happy there’s still some popular games on the market that aren’t brown, gray, and hyper-realistic.

    EDIT: By the way, I think the whole furry imagery is just a result of the kinda creepy way she’s tilting her head and smiling woodenly. It’s just that piece of art, IMO.

  16. Wait what? Ppl are actually complaining about a female panda looking cute? Have they played blindfolded for the first 3 expansions?

    Seriously, most characters in WoW are cute.

    Female gnomes
    Male gnomes
    Female tauren
    Female goblins

    Even female humans are cute, and the male humans runs like bimbos.

    BTW. Have anyone of you seen a not cute female panda?  


    • Aye, I agree, that is exactly what I thought. I was never that much into the Expandasion for wow, but looking back at all the info it looks quite fun tbh. Still won’t go back anyway, played wow for 6 years or so and I am glad I quit 🙂

  17. Well, they did make wow for the money, obviously not for the betterment of the warcraft series. This is just a money grab from all those weirdo’s that beat off over this furry crap and role play as them irl.

  18. They should’ve just lept on the MLP internet meme bandwagon and gone with ponies (maybe a tie in with Hasbro?). Would’ve broken all the CoD sales records. Or wait. Maybe that’s what Titan is!

    • No couldnt do, because then they would have spoiled some of the fun of the Diablo 3 secret unicorn and pony rainbow level. They have to differenciate the different IPs – cute pandas in WoW, unicorn-rainbow-ponies in D3 😉

    • There’s no law that we can only post strictly Diablo news. We regularly post about other RPGs, gaming news in general, Blizzard news, etc. This one hits all of those categories.

      Besides, the D3 devs have made clear, on numerous occasions, that WoW is their biggest influence outside of previous Diablo games. Therefore, developments in that title are germane to our interests. For better or worse.

      • I think you missed a d3-related opportunity. I have been avoiding looking at the panda pics, but since it is posted here, I have to say that no matter how ridiculous it is, her garb is a bit more appropriate than the monk’s in D3. That panda pic is also of the new monk class, which will be appearing in WoW, and from a perspective of design, it is kind of interesting to compare the two.

    • There might not be a law, but this is the weirdest post I have seen here at in a looooong time. I love the rest though 🙂

  19. I don’t know what people were expecting. They are Panda humanoids…
    It’s not even like it’s the first time they’ve done something similar. Worgens anyone? Sure, they might not have been as cutesey, but still ‘furries’. Get over it folks, it’s a fantasy game. Anthromorphs have been features of many high fantasy franchises in one form or other.

    • Worgens are essentially just werewolves with a different name,  do you think werewolves are”furries”?

      • Semantics. The only real difference is that pandaren are new, while the worgen was based on supersticious horror. If we never heard about werewolves before, they would be furries.

  20. A murloc race would be the nail in the coffin even though it would be hilarious and awesome. Everyone would be a murloc. The game would virtually be overrun by murlocs. Actually, it would be a fitting end to the game. Developers would throw their arms up in defeat.

  21. World of Warcraft has always been grotesque to me. The minute I saw it a few weeks before it started I was utterly repelled by the style of the graphics. I tried it, because I had tried every new MMO back then. When I found out how it dumbed down and copied everything I had experienced in Everquest II and other MMOs, I was out of the door and never looked back.

    • Yes it modified stuff from Everquest and others… except that it, you know, didn’t suck a fat one…

  22. IMO  Art vs  ingame model  I seriously doubt the ingame model will be like that.    Are there any screens of the ingame model yet? 

    • I didn’t say anything about the panda female being sexy or sexual. I mentioned it since if you search on “furry” anything, you’ll see mountains of weird porn stuff, with real life costumes making up maybe 5% of the image returns. It’s clearly much more prevalent as an online image fetish than a real life cosplay phenomena.

      • Honestly, I had never heard of it as some sort of legitimate cosplay niche… it is presented as the furry fetish the majority of the time, so I’m not sure what rock you have been living under if you didn’t see that coming…

  23. I have never played wow… Is it like in D2 where this cute little thing will get her ass kicked and get full of blood?

    I agree it is far too human… Look at her breast! 

  24. hm… dont know what should be so revolutionarily bad about this… i mean of course its a punch in the nuts if you want serious video games. but i dont know why its so much worse than the male panda… or gnomes… or cute pets… or murlocs..

    • I think it is somewhat related – it’s a show of how Blizzard will continue to appeal to the lowest common denominator to preserve revenue. You’ll see the relevance when Blizz introduces a goofy cartoonish class in the D3 expansion, or super-cute pet followers (oh wait…)

      • In the D3 team’s defense, they did remove the scroll of companion, and one of the two reasons listed were that the pets didn’t fit into the game world.
        D3 is really a lot more gruesome than people give it credit for, because they only look at the surface of the art style. 

  25. Don’t know what people are complaining about. Female Pandaren look fine and Male Pandaren are badass.  I have loved Pandaren since WC3.  I think it’s a little late that Blizzard put them in 4th xpac. I have wanted them since vanilla.  Who do not like drunken panda?!

  26. It’s pretty much in line to what WoW is. I’m not sure why people get so upset about this, WoW has always been lighthearted (flying steam machines operated by gnomes, wooden helicopters, whatever). If it’s not to your taste just don’t play it, really. I’ve quit playing WoW quite some time ago but “cute” characters were not part of the reason, I wish that was the only problem I had with WoW.

    I mean some very well respected mythologies have cutesy looking characters too (Ewoks, Hobbits, whatever) so it’s not like WoW is getting childish (since it always has been lighthearted) or more childish than some better known mythologies. And then when you want to appeal to a wider market it is to be expected that things get toned down to a more mainstream approach (Alien, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th… it happens in every industry).

    Just please give WoW a rest on this site, there are tons of WoW fansites that we can visit to get WoW news if we want to 🙂

    • Ewoks and Hobbits come from mythology? Sorry, but get your terms straight 🙂 That’s fiction, respectively sci-fi and high fantasy.

  27. The MoP beta might start as early as today or tomorrow. So, there you have it: WoW first, then Diablo.

    • What, what? The Diablo 3 beta has been out since last year. Not sure what you’re getting at here.

  28. The worthless news posts on this site are growing in numbers and it’s not even funny… Why are you letting yourself go so bad?

    • Why is this worthless? It shows Blizzard’s priorities which Diablo fans should be aware of.

      • So… the WoW team’s priorities are to make things they think WoW players will like? What’s the problem here? Vorador is right, this is a flame baiting nonsense piece that has nothing to do with Diablo 3.

      • Let’s start bitching again when the new models of the ‘old’ races get an update, since you seem to have very high concerns about this kind of stuff.

        Also I thought this site was always about voicing opinions without the confinements of a ‘fawnsite’ and I can’t express my disagreement with the article? Or is this an expetion? Should we also expect an artile about the ending of Mass Effect 3?

        Get a grip of yourselves. But I gotta admit, the flame baiting is obviously more than successful.

    • This is a 3rd party Diablo/Blizzard site; they can post about whatever the hell they want.  I suggest you A.) get over it, or B.) go to diablofans where the blizz-brown is fresh on their nose every day.

      • And being strongly against something for the sake of just being against something coupled with lust for sensationalism is just as equally bad as blindly supporting it…
        And you don’t look like someone who isn’t getting his nose all brown around here either…

  29. There is a phenomenon, called XXXXphobia (substitute XXXX for a 4-letter combination, standing for attraction to same gender. Begins with “h” ends with “o”). Some people theorise (and i personally agree) that a good part of this phenomenon comes from repressed XXXXsexuality.

    In this post we have example of furryphobia. The only thing i can advise to the OP is to find him/herself a nice member of opposite/same sex in a furry suit, get it on and get over it.

    If this appear as a troll, please keep in mind that i don’t really have enough sense of humour to troll anyone. 

    • Online Doctor Phil strikes again. You realize that logic can be twisted around and turned on you at a moment’s notice for any kind of ridiculous reason? That’s because the logic is broken and it doesn’t make sense.
      “You don’t like this because you secretly like it”. 

  30. In games and movies (For example Schrek”dragon part”) kids, and also their parents should recognize gender in first sight, without doubts. World of Warcraft isn’t exception. How so young people can tell, this
    is X or Y? Because, those models have some shape, or attribute of human race. For some people It’s offence, I don’t know why.

  31. It’s just the dwarf female body, with gnome female hair, and the panda mask from halloween. Something about her face just isn’t right. The male panda looks good, everything fits without any weird feeling…but that female panda is slightly freaky.
    As for the MoP expac…yes it is somewhat a joke. The bosses are bunnies and fermented kegs…The bad thing for me though, there’s no way to connect this with wow lore. In Cataclysm your fighting deathwing. We’ve known about him for years and it’s dealing with the old gods. MoP has nothing to do with the olg gods or Sargeras, so it’s a pointless expansion. 

  32. I see, so the issue is that Flux thinks this female pandaren model is a furry?
    So I guess any game where there happens to be a race based off of some animal that looks ‘cute’ it automatically makes it a furry?

    That’s pretty messed up logic my friend.

    I’m not even sure what the point of this post is other than to point out some perceived flaw in Blizzard. It sounds like you’re trying to find some issue with Blizzard regardless of what they do.

    At best this is an example of prejudice against any remotely cute player-race. At worst this is flame baiting, neither of which I appreciate on what should be a respected Diablo 3 site.

    • Then leave.  Go to diablofans, they’ll be happy to spoon feed you more politically correct news you little pansy.

      • So he’s a pansy because he has an opinion about the news on a diablo fansite? I guess you are a pansy too then…

  33. WoW was never serious game. To be honest pandarens are kind of cool. Female Panda doesnt look as good as I thought it will, but its okay.
    Its WoW universe, where trolls dance capoeira, cows practice druidism and gnomes wear half meter tall huge pink hair. And suddenly pandas are retarded. I, for one, welcome the new expansion!

    • There’s a line and kung fu pandas crossed it for many people, including myself.  It’s fine if you do not agree with our assessment.

      • So basically most people’s problems with it is that Blizzard decided to take a race that they created back in the early 2000’s, which was put into one of their previous rts games as a playable canon hero and then put it into their MMO based on that rts, and because some animated movie that has a talking, martial artist panda in it came out long after said rts game, blizzard can no longer put something they came up with years beforein their games… Interesting (read: totally retarded) logic… Obviously nothing of value was lost then…

  34. People still find furries on the internet shocking or offensive? Sure is early 2000s in here.
    Really, there’s been furry art from WC3 since it came out. You couldn’t visit . . . certain image boards . . . without getting bombed with it.
    Still, I don’t understand why the male models for the animal races look unique, while the females of every race is just a different head on swimsuit model with double D’s. I mean, I understand why they’re doing it – it’s obvious fanservice. And be honest, if you lust over an elf’s pixel-tits you’re no different than if you’re drooling over orc’s pixel-parts.

  35. Well, it’s official, WoW has just jumped the shark.  It used to be a great game, wish they would have let it die with a little dignity.

    • Lol, I knowwww.

      I guess I’ll keep hoping for a vanilla server.  Or at least a TBC server. 

  36. Ahahahaha this expansion looks rediculous, seriously I am soooo glad I don’t play anymore or I’d be really annoyed with this rediculous content, looks more and more like thos cheap korean MMO’s that come out by the dozen, there’s teletubby hills, the pandas are just rediculous.
    Oh and for all those saying that it appeal to girls, no thanks, so far from the truth. WoW will never be anything like how it was in vanilla, when it was actually a decent game and content was hard. Byebye WoW, I see this as the end for you (sadly) and you’ll become popular in Korea instead along with the other cheap MMO’s. Bring forth Diablo!

  37. I don’t really get why the whole focus on Pandas. For me they are just another race i don’t care. What makes or break MoP is everything else.

  38. Meh… just looks like a female dwarf body with a panda head. Pretty much to be expected considering the chubby males. I personally think the red panda variation with the tail is dumb, but whatever. I haven’t played WoW since around the time Firelands came out, but I quit because of burn out and because my raiding guild fell apart more than anything. I’ve always thought the pandaren brewmasters from Frozen Throne were cool, but I didn’t think they’d become a playable race. A neutral npc race certainly, but not playable… Well I guess they finally found a way to leverage them in much to the chagrin of the hardcore WoW players. I’m not sure if I will ever be interested in WoW to the degree that I used to (still hoping for a return to the Warcraft RTS’s personally), and I think some parts of MoP are downright stupid (pokemon and farmville stuff mostly and some of the class changes), but I’ll still probably check it out again someday after I’ve had my fill of Diablo 3. I’m still willing to give Blizzard some benefit of the doubt when it comes to their claims that it isn’t as light-hearted and casual as it looks… 😕

  39. I don’t get it. Why care? Some WoW classes always looked dumb, it’s like that since the beggining…
    Imo : Just stop posting WoW stuff please.

  40. since the article mentioned the female worgen dance, I had to see it for myself. after watching it I’ve decided that I must end the world with a deadly flesh eating virus. 

  41. Looks pretty good. Should fit well into the setting. They seriously need to update the old race models, though. They suffer from a bad case of polygons compared to the Cataclysm/MoP ones.

    As much as I like Flux, I think this news item says more about his line of thinking than anything else. Take this with a tiny bit of salt though coming from someone who doesn’t really know what a “furrie” is or why it’s bad.

  42. Flux whining about something that makes no sense to whine about, He was constantly doing it about Diablo 3 and looks like hes carrying it over to wow.
    For the record, I don’t care about this expansion but I also don’t have an issue with the Pandas.

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