Kotaku packaged their Blizzard NYC interviews into another article, this one focused on MMOs. What makes them successful, is WoW going to be the biggest forever, and what new game might come along and dethrone WoW, or join it in mega-popularity?  There’s a quote from D3’s Jay Wilson that makes this Diablo-relevant.

    Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson believes that one can really focus on one MMO at a time, because of the time demand. He said he played Age of Conan for a couple of months, played Lord of the Rings Online a lot, and still goes back to City of Heroes every now and then. He thinks the key to MMO success is “not making choices based upon being different, but making choices based upon what’s good for your game.”

    “If there was an MMO out there that had a tone different from WoW but was executed as well, I actually think there could be a huge audience for that. When I get disappointed, it’s because I don’t see that level of execution.”

    Not mentioned in the article is the fact that Blizzard is known to be working on a Top Secret next gen MMO. Blizzard’s said it’s not WoW2, but you know how they are about secrets. If that game is the WoW-killer, WoW will have a long reign indeed, since the project is still in the very early stages, and MMOs have a very long development curve.

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