WoW is Doomed! Activison/Blizzard is Doomed! Or not…

We reported on the Activision/Blizzard quarterly conference call, but focused our coverage on the Diablo III stuff, since duh, we’re a Diablo fansite. The financial media and general gaming media, on the other hand, cast their attention elsewhere; mainly on the cataclysmic drop in WoW subscriptions. During the conference call it was revealed that 800,000 more subscribers were lost in the third quarter of 2011, following the 300k loss in the second quarter — that’s 1.1m, 10% of the total, gone in six months.

News pieces that played up that angle can be seen here and here, and investors reacted negatively to the WoW subscriber loss as well, with ATVI dropping from over $14/share to the current value of $12.71. Incidentally, for those of our readers choose to take every sarcastic, “WoW is a silly game” reference as a personal attack, here’s what actual criticism looks like:

Pandaria‘s reaction among the western BlizzCon crowd was underwhelming. Compared to the major in-game changes that came with Cataclysm, Pandaria is just a new area to go quest in and that’s about it. It’s a fair prediction that the Kung Fu Panda look-alike expansion will flop in East and West alike, accelerating this subscriber downfall even further.

Despite these steep WoW losses, Activision/Blizzard’s revenues were up in the quarter, despite a lack of any new products. Even with fewer WoW players, the company is making more money per subscriber, largely thanks to DLC: Wow SparklePonies and virtual pets, CoD map packs, etc. That’s the take of this editorial on RipTen, which projects a long and profitable future for WoW, even as the title is almost certain to continue a gradual erosion of subscribers.

The announcement of the big drop in WoW subs explained a lot about the free copy of D3 with a 12m WoW subscription. Consider the timing of events. Blizzard knew their subscriber numbers were hemorrhaging since WoW:Cat, and they knew the the Panda pack was still nearly a year away. How to slow the bleeding in the interim? How about they give everyone who agrees to keep playing WoW a free copy of D3. Twelve months of WoW is a lot more profit than one sale of D3, and those people will play D3 for six months while still paying for WoW. Then when they start to get sick of D3 they’ve all got tickets into the Panda beta, which will hook them into that expansion just about the time their 12m subscription time runs out.

In related news, the latest Call of Duty sequel just set the all time sales record for a video game, moving over 6.5m copies in the first 24 hours after release.

DiabloWikiBobby Kotick, CEO at Activision Blizzard, said, “We believe the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest entertainment launch of all time in any medium.” Estimates are that Modern Warfare 3 will sell between 11-19 million copies by the end of the fiscal year. Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest day-one release for the Call of Duty series, following Black Ops with day-one sales of $360 million, and Modern Warfare 2 with $310 million.

(Incidentally, book 7 of the Harry Potter series sold over 11m copies in its first 24 hours, which is a lot more than 6.5m. Of course MW3 costs a lot more than a book, so I guess Bobby’s right on the money. Which is, after all, his area of expertise.)

Despite these WoW problems and the recent dip in the stock price, most analysts remain bullish (that means they think the price will increase) on the future value of ATVI. Obviously they’re making a fortune on MW3 sales, their digital earnings (from WoW pets, CoD map packs, etc) are increasing, and 2012 is going to be a huge year, with D3, SC2:HotS, and WoW:MoP (worst acronyms ever), plus the next CoD expansion. You might worry about 2013 though, given the profits from CoD running into Bobby’s habit of killing golden geese by lashing the developers into sacrificing quality for yearly expansions. As always when viewing Activision news, give thanks that Blizzard still (mostly) retains control over their own game and feature development.

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81 thoughts on “WoW is Doomed! Activison/Blizzard is Doomed! Or not…

  1. Meh, MoP signaled to me at least the near-end of the WoW expansion pack series.

    It’s gotta go SOMETIME….

  2. WoW feels thin, sort of stretched, like butter, scraped over too much bread.
    But it was great the first couble years.

  3. I hope that Blizzard will change the development process for games considering current situation. Wow was grat, but his time is over.

    • Well, I am one of those lost subscribers. I started wow when cataclysm came out and 5 months later, i quit because it was too repetitive. I enjoyed pvp very much until they decided to make collecting pvp gear longer to get… Bored me to death, gg.. Nows, its all sc2 and anticipation for D3.

  4. Just curious about the WoW and the loss of their subscribers … Why does a lot of people dislike this game ? Is it because it’s the same thing over and over again ? Too much hacks? or .. ??
    Thanks in advance

    • Nope, it’s the lack of alternatives all the (7) years – SWTOR might bring the change, but I doubt it.

    • I can’t answer for everyone, but for me, the problem was twofold: first, in an effort to balance pvp, your skills were changed on a near-weekly basis. Sometimes to the point of logging in to find your character plays very differently than it did the previous night. Balance in pvp is important, but it seemed like a cycle of crying on forums would take place, causing one class to be buffed to placate them, then the next class would begin complaining, and so on. Secondly, raid content, which in my opinion peaked with Ulduar, became more and more repetitive and boring ever since. The updates to the world that came with Cataclysm were much needed and nice, but ultimately I just found myself doing the same daily quests again and again.

      • Maybe with this “new and improved talent system”, the need for constant drastic balancing checks wont happen.

        i doubt it though, but there are still those who have faith.

    • For me, too much content. In the first 2 years, rare loot, unique or silly would amaze people. Now there’s so much of it nothing impresses or Wows anyone. Too many dungeons and stuff too, would take 5+ years to play it all and do most the achievements. Achievement system is screwed too because it mostly relies on other players.

    • Despite being hopelessly addictive, WoW is a great game. There’s a lot of good design choices contained in it. Most people enjoy it when they play it. I know I did. But a lot of people are also sane, and with just about anything you do for several years, you get bored and want to do something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost another million subs this year. I think it would be good for the industry for WoW to die off, and I also don’t think anything currently available will replace it. WoW is a hotkey MMO, and so is just about any other MMO challenging for the top spot today, no matter what, at the core it’s the same experience. MMOs have stagnated pure and simple.

  5. This reminded me of a question I had concerning WoW. Who is leading the project now? Is it the same person/group responsible for vanilla or the first couple expansions, or is that team working on Titan now? This last expansion felt very different than the previous ones, but perhaps it’s just my imagination. And now this panda thing… this does not seem like it will inject new life into this game. I suppose it has to go at some point, and it was an awesome game for a very long time.

    • Im sure there are people who worked on vanilla who still works on Panda.
      However many of the main lead designers on vanilla (such as Jeff Kaplan) have been working on Titan for quite some time now.

    • It’s the same person who is responsible for running UO into the ground, murdering what was the best online game ever made in a very short time: Tom Chilton. Well, the PVP-side at least. Why he still gets work, I don’t know.

  6. The vast majority of the change is likely not due to people now quitting WoW in record numbers or anything, but new people not streaming in to replace them. (Or coming back out of retirement to replace them.) WoW has always lost players with time; it’s a videogame. That’s kind of what happens. People get bored of it, switch life circumstances, etc., and move on. As WoW ages, however, it becomes a harder and harder sell for new players/retired players. I stopped playing during Burning Crusade, the first expansion pack, not because of dire flaws with the game or anything but simply because I had other commitments and didn’t really have time to play any longer. Even if I had time now, the idea of having to purchase several expansion packs almost all at once in order to “get back in” isn’t that appealing, and becomes less appealing with each pack. (Even if the value I’d get out of those entertainment dollars remains incredibly high compared to most forms of entertainment.) I can imagine that it’s only worse for a potential brand new player. While limited anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean a lot, I can’t remember the last time someone I know started playing WoW for the first time.
    The player loss is also consistent with the normal lifecycle of an expansion; players swarm back when it releases to check it out, then gradually fall away again. While they do add content in the interim, it’s less of an all-at-once rush, and often mostly geared towards players dedicated enough to be able to run it.

    • Dai, that was well said sir, i have nothing to add and people should refer to your post if they have any question as to why WoW is slowly dieing.

    • Tldr: all subscription based mmo’s are gonna fail these days.

      Luckily Blizzard will have much expertise inthe RMAH mechanics with D3 to replace the subs in Wow asap.

  7. Mists of Kung Fu Panda will bring back some players for sure.  But subs will continue to decline. Leveling from 1 to 90 just sounds so….not fun.

  8. Wow was released in 2004, 8 years ago.  Players have better alternatives when it comes to MMORPG…  That is the reason for the drop in subscribers.  I’m actually quite amazed it is doing so well right now. 

  9. “Even with fewer WoW players, the company is making more money per subscriber, largely thanks to DLC: Wow SparklePonies and virtual pets, CoD map packs, etc.”
    That is why Blizzard does not mind losing a portion of the Diablo fanbase in kicking single players to the curb. The RMAH will ensure it makes more money per player.

    • “The RMAH will ensure it makes more money per player.”
      You can bet on that, even if Blizzard is playing down the “small” fees atm. ^^

  10. i dont play WoW but i dont see the big deal here, all games have a life cycle WoW is winding down its had a good run.

    • It has had, financially, perhaps the greatest run in video gaming history.
      Seems to me that these investors are completely out of their minds (cocaine?) or just stunningly ignorant of the industry they are investing in.

  11. There’s already another CoD title coming in the next couple of months. I wonder when players will realize they’re just being milked for money through crap-quality CoD games.

    It makes since, though, that they would increase revenue through CoD with WoW expected to take more subscriber losses with SWtoR and GuildWars 2 on the horizon. Not to mention Skyrim should end up being the bestselling game in the long run, and it’s also soaking up people’s lives (see: cancelling more WoW subs?).

    Then Lineage: Eternal will roll around, which will be another large hit. All in all, let’s hope for Blizzard’s sake that ‘Titan’ can actually attract a decent crowd.

    • So, the reason it sells that good is because it’s crap? I actually love the CoD games (Modern Warfare and Black Ops). I also love World of Warcraft. So, am I a lover of crap then?

      Well, I love Diablo too. Perhaps the most. That makes Diablo the crappiest, by my wonderful sense of logic.

  12. To put this in perspective, WoW still has more subscribers than all other subscription based MMOs combined, a lot more in fact. Also, most subscription based MMOs have been declining these past years, the second biggest (Aion) has lost over 20% in that period where WoW lost ~10%, in fact the only “major” MMO I’m aware of that has increasing subscription numbers is EVE, continuing it’s slow but steady rise, but, again, putting that in perspective, EVE has less than 10% of WoW’s subscribers, less than a million.
    Is it dying? I don’t like the word and I don’t think it fits because the actual death is still way out of sight. We need to remember that an MMO can still be profitable with less than a million subscribers, you just need to downsize the apartments, and that is a very long way still to go.
    Also, the criticisms fall short, the bulk of subscription loss most definitely does not come from frustrated western gamers, which tend to be the ones cited (“my friend”, “my brother”, “myself”), those guys may take a frustrated break and rant on youtube about how bad the game is that they have been playing for years (yeah, let’s ponder on that for a moment), but they will never understand how to manage your life so that a game won’t take over and pretty much all other games become boring much faster than WoW does, so they’ll be back and they’ll continue complaining. The loss comes from being a dated game with very dated graphics, an important argument for new customers, and from years of bad press and generally being the punching bag for all the perceived bad sides of gaming.
    And you Flux, don’t really seem to understand what the problem is with the “WoW is silly” “sarcastic” remarks. You are constantly referring to us misunderstanding you, but we understand you perfectly well. You seem to like easy targets (Bobby Kotick) and apparently you misinterpreted the general “vibe” of the mood concerning WoW on the internet. You just happen to be in a section of the internet where many WoW-Players frequently appear and they are not amused to read the usual ignorance on a site they are trying to get their news about another of their favorite games from. I understand that you’re all about frequent updates, but I don’t really see the value of news posts about a game by someone who has never actually played said game, the wisest course seems to be to just ignore it, at least everything that may in the slightest touch on gameplay, including reviews by others because WoW is way too massive to ever get a coherent picture through that. You can pretty much pick your WoW related essays so they fit your opinion. Oh, and be prepared to have D3 receive similar treatment by the public because it’ll be just as big, perhaps then you will understand!

    • PS – I can’t read Flux’s mind but I’m pretty sure all those WoW jokes aren’t because he actually has much opinion about it one way or the other (how could he) but because it amuses him to see people post stuff like that last paragraph.
      Otherwise, good post, IMO.

        • You got your panties in a knot over 3 paragraphs containing 4 parentheses, all of which were used correctly and did not detract from the readability.

          I would be worried more about the fact that in your one sentence, you couldn’t manage to give the plural for “parentheses”. I would also figure you’d know by know not to criticise people for their ability to write on the Internet.

    • Brilliant post Justace.  People saying WoW is “dying” should take a look at the graveyard of “WoW killers” that have actually died in the past 5 years.  Also look at how many subscription based MMOs have gone to free-to-play just to survive on micro-transactions (until impending server shutdown).  Bottom line: Blizz can trim servers as population declines thus eliminating expenses.  Until the WoW population falls below say 1 million players, they still have A LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY.
      Ultimately one of your better points was your closing statement – D3 will be huge and will attract all of the arrows and slings.  I have a love-hate with Flux in that I have loved the almost 15 years of D1, D2, and D3 info provided, but hate the lobbing of grenades about another game I love: WoW.  I think he is pulling our leg though!

  13. WoW is a horrible “game”, and if it is your favorite game you must be the most boring person in the world. WoW belongs with the likes of Farmville.

    • Septar is a horrible “person,” and if you agree with him you must be the most idiotic person in the world. Septar belongs with the likes of those in the Darwin Awards books.

      See what I did there?

  14. It is only natural that WoW will die. It is already 8(soon, right?) years old. 

    I’ve been looking at the content and talked with my friends, because I quit the game back in 09, when I got bored on the repetitiveness of the game, and they say it’s much worse than WotlK was @lich king.

  15. First, WoW is not 8 years old. It won’t even be 7 till the 23rd.

    Second, Not only WoW is dying but Blizzard is dying also. I can imagine Bobby is getting angry towards Blizzard each day.

    How Blizzard’s dying…

    1. WoW has lost 1.7m subs in a year. Lost 0.8m of them in the last quarter. With the upcoming releases such as SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Marvel MMO etc. and with that Panda fiasco it’s only going to get worse. The truth is WoW has only 3 years left.

    2. Starcraft II sales are simply stopped and Blizzard couldn’t find a way to find the money they need for server costs.

    3. Diablo 3 will be the last record-breaking game of Blizzard. But it’s life time will be less than D2 because of the game quality itself and the better competition this time (path of exile,torchlight2,lineage eternal,grim dawn and more upcoming arpg titles). Expansion sales will be huge disappointments.

    At long last, Bobby’s gonna do something about Blizzard subsidiary. After all he knows how to produce all-time record breaking games yearly 🙂

    • @ 1.: so? they just build another game that makes money. np if u dont play WoW yourself
      @ 2.: didnt know that. can i have a link?
      @ 3.: less life time because of low quality? if someone wants ARPG there is no higher quality game than D3, is there? btw: D2 was crap in my opinion; no balance, no build order diversity, no (interesting) end game
       more competition? i really dont know anything about these other arpgs you named but i dont think they have the budget to be half as balanced, build-order-diverse and long time playable as D3.

    • If Wow goes free to play with the same RMAH mechanic as seen in D3 (adapted to 70 % boe gear), that coming competition is screwed.

      SWTOR will loose the usual 75% in 4 months time anyway … But no one will pay a subscription anymore when WoW can be played F2P with a player run real money Auction House.

      As the rest of the field will need to completely change their revenue models on the fly, it will be a blood bath for those so called competitors.


    • More permaximum bull shit… You also thought that the D2 manual didn’t refer to the Diablo world as Sanctuary and that they inteded it to be earth… go away now…

      • You’re a big liar. I said D1 manual not D2 manual. In fact I was the one who pointed out that, D2 manual had the map of Sanctuary. Aren’t you ashamed of being a liar?

    • Agree that momentum has subsided on WoW and SC2.  Disagree on yet another laundry list of “WoW Killers”, half of which will have servers closed or on life support by this time next year.  Disagree that Blizzard is done – you cannot say what their future IP is.  Titan (and other undisclosed IP) may be blockbusters or may fizzle.  Too early to tell.  I can tell you that they will be well financed, and that definitely counts for something.

  16. Guild wars 2 is the only MMORPG that looks promising to me. SW-Tor is probably very good story, but I dont see the endgame keeping people very long.
    Guild Wars 2 has so many new ideas its crazy:
    PVP, 3 sides battle eachother like DAOC’s RvR, but this time its server vs server vs server, so maybe 100.000 people on one huge PVP map. And the battle takes up to 2 weeks before one sides takes all the rewards for winning.
    sidekick system so you can always play with your friends
    Everyone can fill out all roles. Only self-healing spells and no buffs, so battle will be really intense with people taking turn tanking.
    87000 skill combinations. You level up skills by using the weapon in your hand. If you switch to another weapon you get other skills, but have to level them up by using that weapon, so you can have a lot of skills 🙂

    World events bigger than warhammer’s, but this time the village stays rescued, or the bridge is destroyed etc, if the invasions succeed / fails.
    Only thing is, its at least 6 months, and probably a year before its released 😥

    • You have to be a complete noob in mmorpg design if you think that 100.000 players can fight …

      First the server against server mechanic is …. Instanced and will have the exact same upload mechanics as WoW’ s Bg’s

      You need to upload the players data let them fight against each other, so there will be waiting queues, loading screens and … A limit of X players per BG. on present days systems and with the dated graphics engines I would say around 100 vs 100 is the maximum.

      Nice detail: until this very day NCSoft didn’t show even 1 second of this world vs world play. Not one second.

      Of corse not, because in its core design it is the exact same mechanic used in cross server Bg’s seen in Wow. Perhaps with a bigger Bg and not ending within a certain limit, but for the rest you WILL have queues, uploading screens in data, instanced zone and incredible number of frustrated players who were lied to (see Age of Conan’s so called massive siege fights that … Never happened because they couldn’t be implemetend.)

      TLDR: the maximum lag free fights on line = 100 vs 100 and that IS with pre loading of instances.

      So I know already where GW2 is heading, it is time you ll be updated on mmorpg designs too.

  17. Am I the only one seeing this drop issue is not related to WoW ?

    Some facts: 90% of subscription based MMO’s went free to play…
    The latest launched subscription MMO lost … 82% of their XFire players in … 7 months time (Rift). They lost 48% of their servers and no longer are there high pop servers or let alone full ones in that game.
    The biggest Wow hating site has at prime time around 100 users these days logged in. 2 years back that was 300.

    My conclusion: the single subsciption based mmo is losing players and Wow is also hurt by this.

    My theory can be checked with ease within 6 months time: when SWTOR will loose its initial 2-3 million players by summer time.

    With the intro of so called free to play mechanics the subscriptions will further fall.

    The odd thing is that the COD franchize introduced their Elite service at the same time fir 50 dollars a year. …

    My prognosis: Wow will grow past 12 M with ease if they introduce the real money auction house and a free to play game mechanic.

    Wow is not dying, it is the subscription based games that die.

    RMAH is a fantastic mechanic to counter the dreadful pay the developpers for gear shops.

    Diablo3 is a testing ground. By the end of 2012 or 2013 wow will have introduced the RMAH with adapted drop rules and 50% more boe items. Highest Raid and Pvp gear will still be BOP though.

    See you in 6 and 12 months time to verify it :)))

    • The global economy could also have something to do with it. People prioritising their expenses and/or their expenses going up to the point where they just can’t justify paying $x per month on something they can live without. If so, I’d imagine MMOs will come back down the track.

      I personally know a few people here in Australia who are MMO’ers and haven’t played WoW for over a year (whereas they normally would) just because the rent and electricity is so bloody expensive.

      People either have time and no money, or money and no time.

  18. Nah WoW will still be running along happily for a long while yet, the drop in numbers is just due theres only so many times you can run the end game content before you get bored of it. Then there’s 2 things you can do 1) roll an alt or 2) leave WoW until next expansion pack or you can face running the end game zones again.

  19. I quit before Cataclysm, and almost got sucked back in cause it looked kinda cool, but figured I’ve sunk enough time and money into that game – the announcement of this Panda Pack just reinforces my decision; I will never pick up WoW again.

    Bring on the (comparatively speaking) dark gothic slaughter-fest of Diablo III

  20. Out of curiosity… where does Blizzard get their income from? WoW subs, classic game sales, SC2, SC2 tournament licensing / IP usage (or something along those lines), expansion packs (for all their games), Blizzcon, soon to be D3 and the RMAH. Anything else?

    I wonder how much of their company is built on revenue from WoW?

    • unfortunately, the investor details don’t break these numbers down.  We can do some guess work though.

      Starcraft 2 as of Dec 2010 had sold 4.5 million copies.  thats the latest details I could find via wikipedia.

      via the investor call that just happened.
      Blizzard NET Revenue 9 months ended
      Sept 30, 2010
      Sept 30, 2011
      So SC2 sales certainly helped in 2010.   Considering this year saw no released games, the drop in revenue is actually surprisingly small.  Digital sales like sparkle ponies must be doing really well.

      The news was that WoW subs fell to a bit more than 10m.  Lets just take that low end.  10m * $15 =$150m a month * 9 = 1.385 billion leaving operating costs at around 400m
      The number of other games sold then is miniscule.  Even if you assumed SC2 sold 1m more units this year, that is only around 50-60m.  A drop in the bucket of their overall revenue and sales of classics is going to be even more negligible   So ya, their income comes from WoW.  No doubt about it.

      • ty. interesting.
        btw is it true that the chinese players can only play 3 h a day? i heard after 3 h they get a huge debuff for the rest of the day

        • dunno if now but years ago it was true. i found it on test realm during one patch was that feature active when i still played (end vanilla start BC)

      • I think you are misunderstanding revenue in this context, it does not mean profit, it’s the income before any salaries/taxes etc are paid.
        Their actual profit is, obviously, much lower, in some years they’ve even had a deficit, you should take a look at the annual reports if you’re interested in the details.
        Also, calculating WoW income like you did is highly inaccurate, they offer very different subscription models and much lower general fees in countries like china. If you want to know details, check the annual reports, it should have a field “subscription generated revenue” or something like that.

  21. “We reported on the Activision/Blizzard quarterly conference call, but focused our coverage on the Diablo III stuff, since duh, we’re a Diablo fansite.”

    So why are you even bringing all of this up? Why should anyone here care that WoW lost some subs and CoD is making them more money? By the way, most of those 800k were from China where they are still catching up with the current content due to all the censorship there…

    • well, it is interesting for one.  And it’s about Blizzard.  Death of WoW could very well be an end to the Diablo franchise.  It’s made tons of money for ATVI and if that were to stop, Activision could possibly kick Blizzard to the curb.
      Like it or not, WoW turned Blizzard into what it is today.   It’s revenues are massive because of WoW.  Without WoW, Blizzard simply wouldn’t be what it is today.  Without which, would we have seen D3 sooner or not at all?     And because Blizzard really does equal WoW, its fate is very much tied to it.  That is until they can replace it with another mega money earner.

    • Really, it’s not obvious to you?  The reaction to the conference call happened after the conference call.  We reported on the contents of the conference call at the time.  At that time the reactions hadn’t happened. They come after the event whatever it is. This news item is regarding those reactions hence the reason it’s posted after.

  22. I’d like to think that the majority of players are still of the mature age group (although maybe not always in mind) and we tend to enjoy mature styled content. Little lightness here and there is always good, but I think Kung-fu Panda pushed it a little to far for a lot of people. I know back in the original WC3 April fools joke when they were first released I said I would quit WC3 if they ever actually came out. To bad I’ve already quit WoW and can’t follow up that promise to WoW.

    • my suggestion: “400 % Players: 400 % Monster HP. 400 % Players: 100 % Monster DMG”
      i couldnt test it but some guy i asked to said its true (although he wasnt able to test the HP (-.-#)).
      plz read this! some beta key owner! better: an admin! 

  23. Flux, send me a PM when you launch a spin-off blog about why you hate WoW, why it’s dying, etc.  Thanks.

  24. I lost count of how many people mentioned SWTOR. Hate to break it to you, but as a guy that’s tested the game for quite a long time now…I gotta say, it sucks.
    I’m sure it’ll have good success out of the gate from people sick of WoW (and I’m sure that even people who don’t play WoW are sick of WoW–refer to the news post and people on this site), and people who long for another SW MMO after galaxies finally collapses.
    But it ain’t gonna last.

  25. It sucks because it tries very hard to copy WoW…which also sucks. Blizzard’s products are really beginning to suck. They are going down the dump and quick.

    • @”Blizzard’s products are really beginning to suck. They are going down the dump and quick.”
      No, Blizzard products get better and better. Compare the old games to the actual ones, and you can see the improvements. The problems is that the new generation of gamers has totally exaggerated expectations of what a game must deliver today. It seems they look a it as TV replacement that has to deliver 24/7 entertainment, ideally all for free. Play WoW and Diablo 3 for just some hours on some days of the week, and you’ll see how good and enjoyable these games actually are.

      • I liked Starcraft Brood War way more than Starcraft 2.  The fun factor feels much higher and that’s the bottom line.  I hope Diablo 2 does not feel that way compared to 3.
        Also World of Warcraft has too much grinding for the game to be fun to me.  I would rather not grind for 8 hours a day.

        • I can say I have had more fun in games like Diablo 1, WarCraft 2/3, Thief, Star Wars X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance, and other old classic titles then I have with anything that has been made in the last 8 years. 90% of my fond memories from WoW came from the players, not the actual game itself. When we find something interesting it is becomes we can relate to it in some way some how, and it captures our imagination. Lately games have become so ridicules that it is hard to find anything to relate to them, or capturing. D3 is a good game, I can see that from my time playing the Beta, but it sure as hell no D1 or D2, games that I enjoyed on a far higher level of entertainment.

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