news-stash-tabsI’ve heard comments to that effect, so I threw up a Diablo 3 community forum post asking… and so far almost all the replies say yes, that they would pay real cash money for more character slots and/or stash space in Diablo 3. A few quotes:

    I would only spend money for stash tabs. If there is another expansion and two classes are announced it might make me buy more character slots but right now I am ok with the character slots I have. $10 for 3 storage tabs seems about right. —Dacar92

    I’d definitely pay a couple bucks for another stash tab. —yovargas

    I would probably toss a few shekels for some extra stash tabs, would really depend on the price. —ZappaFan

    I’d pay for more stash tabs and character slots. —Phaedrus

    I’m surprised that everyone seems to want/need this, and would be willing to pay for it. Where’s the hate?

    I didn’t get the impression that many people were out of stash/char space in D3v, probably because 1) we had an Auction House for additional storage and quick flipping of unneeded gear, and 2) there was so much less character customization in the game that spare gear didn’t really exist. Back in the D3v days we regularly saw complaints that you could DiabloWikirespec all six skills, or move your entire kit from a Monk to a DH, and see no real change in performance.

    That’s no longer the case in Reaper of Souls, with all the DiabloWiki+skill and DiabloWiki+elemental damage gear that only works for one class, or one DiabloWikibuild. Today it’s quite possible for busy players to have multiple active characters of the same class, all using totally different and incompatible gear, and that seems to be fueling the stash-filling and mule-filling issues that have driven otherwise sane players to advocate for micro-transactions and moar space. If only there was some sort of feature built into Diablo 3 that would easily let players spend real money to buy game features? *cough*

    So, vote time. Would you pay real money for more Diablo 3 stash and characters slots?

    Would you pay real money for more stash or char space in Diablo 3?

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