No Diablo April Fools’ Day this year

This year Blizard has outdone themselves with the Diablo April Fools. There isn’t one. Yes, this is another year they decided not to rustle something up. Instead, there’s one for BlizzCon and Battle.Net (RIP).

Diablo April Fools gags have become a less imaginative over the past few years and they’ve not happened every year which is a shame. This year Blizzard’s main gags are the classic Battle.Net app Theme which will help you solve the true meaning of the Battle.Net chat gem and bring back that classic look and feel.

battlenet April Fools

There is also BlizzCon Textual attendance e-book.

blizzcon April Fools

Maybe we’ll see something next year for Diablo.

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  1. 100% dropchance – Squirts Necklace ingame. No joke.

  2. Really? I’ve heard about a supposed bug, but given that it popped up on April 1st, I thought it was an April Fools.

    Apparently, a rare spawn in Whimsyshire, Sir William, is currently bugged and is able to drop the Cosmic Wings (normally only available from Princess Lilian, a rare spawn in Whimsydale).

    When I heard about that, my first thought was “OK, this must be an April Fools, I’m not going to spend hours farming Sir Williams” (especially considering half of the time he gives his usual drop, the portrait). But if it turns out to be true…

  3. Too busy working on Diablo 4… april fools! :devils grin:

    • If Blizz Said, Sorry guys we’re too busy working on D2 HD to think of AFD, it would be the ultimate AF, Every guy would cream their pants and every gal gamer would instantly get pregnant(like Mary) only to have their dreams crushed the next day, sure then the third day might end with a posy armed with forks and torches 100k strong in front of Blizzard HQ demanding the heads of the Troll-Devs, but that is another story all together 🙂

  4. its bcoz you naggers and whinners troll them all year !!!!

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