Hardcore Wizard vs. Urzael on Torment VI. Chikibawa returns with another epic battle. This time it’s the World’s First Torment 6 Uzrael Hardcore victory, and while this video is less chaotic and death-filled than his recent Torment 6 Uber Diablo spectacle, the ultimate result is virtually identical.

    Grab a cuppa for this one, as the battle goes for more than thirty minutes. Though Uzrael is very slow, the Wizard has to play cautiously lest that giant flamethrower or leap attack one-shot her. It’s not quite Danny the Dog’s bathroom fight scene, but it it pretty close quarters for high stakes.

    Much of the commentary around the previous Uber Diablo T6 battle focused on the crappy drop, of just a few rare items that a well-geared character won’t even bother picking up. Urzael drops much the same, but it’s not such a surprise/disappointment since he’s not a KeyWarden or an Uber or anything with a special drop that scales up in probability with higher difficulty levels.

    1 Rare per 7.5 minutes

    1 Rare per 7.5 minutes

    Do you guys think that the highest difficulty should offer different rules for drops and odds and such? I don’t think the game could guarantee a legendary on T6 since that would be easily exploited in Softcore. So maybe a guaranteed Leg from certain big bosses on T6, but only to players who don’t die during the battle?

    That sounds like an exploit or an OP reward, and something that Hardcore characters would gain more benefit from than normal characters, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I know Hardcore players who are routinely doing Rifts on T2 or T3 and averaging more than one legendary per rift, and that takes 15-20m or less. That’s faster and a lot less risky than a T6 Uber fight, for a vastly greater total reward. So why not urge the devs to put in special rewards for the biggest boss fights on the highest difficulty level?

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