World of Warcraft Could be Getting a Secret Cow Level

World of Warcraft Could be Getting a Secret Cow Level

With the 20th Anniversary for Diablo happening at BlizzCon, Blizzard could be lining up a Secret Cow Level for World of Warcraft. Recent datamining reveals odd achievements relating to Diablo including Horadric Satchel, Twelve String Guitar, Stone of Jordan, Tome of Town Portal and more.

In the video below, MobusGaming walks through the clues that suggest the cows could be coming to WoW.

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    10 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Could be Getting a Secret Cow Level

    1. eugh.

      Anyone else tired of the secret cow level joke? it was hilarious 10 years ago… but after D3, and now this, it’s all too try-hardy for a cheap laugh.

      • Just like the Pandarin, Blizzard are tapping into any and every fan-pleasing gimmick they can, since they’ve run out of ideas.

      • I should probably mention that I haven’t had that same connection to Blizzard as I did a long time ago. They re-hash the past, I can’t remember any fun memes like the cow level that spontaneously cropped up.

        The only sacred mystery that still exists is the chat gem, but Bizzard hasn’t figured out how to milk that yet, so they’re either going to let it die (thank god), or pull it out and turn it into something hokey.

        • My best guess would be an app. You can hit the button on your phone anywhere anytime (only 5 times a day, in app purchases available)! See what it takes to unlock the mystery behind the hidden chat gem!

          I’m sure millions would willing join the effort to find the answers…

    2. A few more years and wow + diablo will be merged into 1 big mmo :)))
      with next gen graphics and with no stupid uber boring pvp , that would be so cool 🙂

      but i know the stupid nagging kiddies don’t want that

      • Nah … they’ll throw in a skewed retrospective for the anniversary and tons of overpriced merchandise as well. Maybe even a wallpaper, if we’re lucky. 😉

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