World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Release Date Announced

The Pandas are Coming!

Not Diablo 3 news but related as I know some of you may be playing WoW or have come from WoW to Diablo 3. This afternoon Blizzard has announced that MoP will be released on 25 September. The game will costs £29.99  ( $39.99 USD) in the UK with the CE coming in at £59.99. They are also releasing a Digital Deluxe Edition for £39.99 ($59.99 USD) which gives you all the bonus in-game items from the CE.

While I have not  played WoW in a few years now since it went all sugary and mass-market, it will be interesting to see how many WoW players that are playing Diablo 3 now will put Diablo 3 down for good. A lot will depend on whether this WoW expansion gets the franchise back on track, there were a lot of complaints about Cataclysm which Blizzard acknowledged after relase. As we know from Diablo 3, whether they actually listened to the community feedback is another matter.

The digital version can be pre-purchased from today.


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    67 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Release Date Announced

    1. > since it went all sugary and mass-market

      Huh? That’s what it was from the start. It used to be really good, though.

      • WoW vanilla and TBC (well, until the very last patch which nerfed stuff) didn’t cater to bads like the current incarnation of WoW does.

      • WoW and it’s first expansion were a real, challenging MMO in both time and skill. At the second expansion, Blizzard dumbed the game down so any noob could play and be successful. And Blizzard has continued down the noob/more accessible path ever since… and IMO their games now suck because of it. But what do I know. Blizzard seems to be happy with their millions of subscriptions and millions of boxes sold.

        • That is precisely why I quite once in WotLK, tried cata for awhile and then quit again. It lost some of it’s challenge, but mostly they made the raiding content way too repetitive. You kill it once on faceroll mode and then have to kill it like 3 more times per week even though you already killed the end boss with little to no effort. And then if you have alts you have to clear it like 6-8 times per week… ugh.

          TBC was the height of WoW, it has gone down since then. This panda expansion is looking to be the worst incarnation yet.

          • I loved everything about TBC. From the music & atmosphere to the boss fights. It was so much fun entering zones for the first time in that game. It was the peak of WOW in my opinion. Vanilla world PVP was fun though… What happened to you, Blizzard?

    2. wow that was really fast…. they have just started to beta test it like a month or two ago, and now they are releasing it.. hope D3 addon will be done as fast as MoP 😀

    3. They are never going to take the ‘my little pony’ out of it. I hope you aren’t hoping for that because you will be disappointed.

    4. The shark is so far beneath the feet of the WoW developers, they need binoculars to tell that it’s there.

      But it is.

    5. WoW has more in common with Pokemon than Warcraft in this installment. Forget Hitler, we need to go back in time and kidnap Bill Roper. Those mission voiceovers in WC2 were truly epic.

      • “…and return with the head of Gul-Dan!!!”
        Oh yes that was awesome. This was one of the reasons I know English well today! Reading school texts in Bill Roper’s voice was FUN.

    6. If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, you would think that the D3 devs kept all the cool end game stuff under their belt until MoP is out. And once that is done, we’ll get the full Diablo 3.

      • Probably not the case. A more realistic theory is that the issues with Diablo were not intentionally planted there but their fixes are conveniently postponed until a bunch of unhappy fans return to WoW. Then once all the WoW hype has ended they’ll launch Diablo PvP.

        I’ve never played WoW but I imagine if Diablo 3 was an immense success and patched properly and regularly then barely anyone but the most hardcore WoW fans would continue to pay monthly for WoW.

      • Oh, I have just filmed a teaser trailer for MoP, and I dare say that it will be an immense success.

      • Weren’t you the guy who swore up and down that you had inside info telling you the game would be out april 25th?

    7. Looking forward to it, tho probably not going to return to raiding (done that for years and years) since they kinda killed 25-mans in favor of unfun and un-epic 10-mans. 🙁

      • Then why did they put a bunch of pandas in it?

        I’ve tried it. I’ve played through the beta, a good deal of the content, and it is just mediocre at best. This expansion will be what finally kills the game.

        Everyone always says “x” game will be the “wow killer” but I have always said that only wow can kill itself. And here it is.

        • Fully agree Risingred. This expansion is complete nonsense. There is no sensible plot and there are no antagonists. The gameplay videos, preview video, blizzcon demos and presentations only made the expansion look worse and worse. I will definitely not be trying it… I wish they went back to their TBC philosophy :/ The game was so much better then.

          • and yet there were a couple people on my facebook that announced this expansion release and were excited about it, sigh.

    8. Cataclysm had lITERALLY the same backlash as D3. People wanted harder dungeons than the aoe spam woltk was. Blizzard gave us harder dungeons and people went crazy over them, “zomg to hurd”!! The crazy thing is, people experienced with cc had no problem it was the new people that couldn’t adapt and refine that caused the uproar. Eventually everything was nerfed and now we’re left with aoe spam heroics and lfr.

      • Is that a “happy” really or something else? Because people were clamoring for a digital deluxe edition for D3.

        • I honestly don’t know. On one hand, people get the chance to get the online perks; On the another hand, the perks lose part of their “Collector’s only” status.

          Anyway, it’s another 180º turn regarding Blizzard’s philosophies, and that just pisses me off.

    9. I hope the D3 trolls move on to troll pandas. I also think the 1.1 patch will be delayed until year end to allow max revenue from the panda expansion. But, I think 1.0.4 needs to be out soon to rebalance end game skills and items. I don’t think we are playing the promised D3 yet.

    10. Now that GW2 release date was announced 2 weeks ago, they have made their move, release it exactly after 1 month after gw2, i dont know, i dont like it when its too obvious, it feels like they where waiting, bah what jerks really.

      • Pandas were in warcraft 1 or 2? As far as I know they were an April Fool’s joke which ended up turning into a real unit. They didn’t get added to Warcraft Lore until warcraft 3’s expansion, am I wrong?

        Hmm… Maybe I shouldn’t respond to people with your particular icon.

      • Funny for a ton of reasons but I think you have your timelines and facts a bit off.

        D2 came out before WC3. D1 came out before WC3.
        The first first panda thing in WC happened during development of 3 when they revealed the demon hunter hero unit with his glaives. His glaives had an emblem in the center, and the design on it was a manji. It obviously looks like a swastika so they had to change it after instantaneous outrage, and they changed it to a panda’s face instead as a bit of a jab.
        Then the rest of the panda idiocy came later.

        Regardless, they’re stupid-looking, creepy, lame fat pandas and nothing will change that. It doesn’t matter when a turd is plopped into a toilet. The only thing that matters is flushing it down.

    11. I find the wow comments here humorous. Vanilla wow was hard because everyone was new to the game and itemization was poor. Over time people have generally become more proficient even as classes have become more complex to play and gear is better designed. Wow has always been pretty easy. Also, vanilla had no clear antagonist, yet people still think it was best…

      Wow also nerfs itself over time, just like D3. The server gear level and player experience goes up, making everything easier. The content is most difficult for whoever gets there first (hardcore gamers), which is good game design imo.

    12. Ain’t buying shit unless it’s starcraft related. At least they can’t REALLY fuck the game any further. D3 and WoW have become the money factory

    13. You’re all hilariously ridiculous. Everyone who says “wow is too easy derp herp pandas” didn’t raid hard mode bosses when they were fresh and weren’t outgeared. There’s a reason 10 million “casual cry babies” play wow still, and probably less that 2mil cry babies play d3

      • That’s the catch. The game is hard for a month or two and then they nerf it all into oblivion. WoW is too easy for most of the life cycle of every expansion, and there’s no sense of achievement in raid progress when you’re killing bosses because they get easier, rather than improving yourself.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if heroics are easier now than normal modes were on the first weeks.

      • Their raid philosophy has gotten lazy. They make super faceroll mode which anyone can clear to “see the content”. But this then ruins the sense of accomplishment for the good gamers that work hard to kill hardmodes… I’ve already seen this fight… in fact the mechanics are identical just less forgiving! *borrringggg* I liked taking 1-2 weeks to figure out how to kill a boss, downing him, and then seeing the next guy for the first time ever. Instead of… knowing what every single fight does from faceroll mode and just having to execute it better.

        I hate it. TBC was the best time in WoW, gone down since then. WotLK was pretty good through ulduar then started going to shit when they changed how hardmodes are activated.

        • I get the feeling you have no idea what you’re talking about given that you seem to have very little knowledge about how heroic bosses tend to operate.

      • I did raiding during vanilla as a hunter. I was the guild puller.

        My opinion hasn’t changed.

    14. Inb4 “same boss as normal mode”
      No, it isn’t. Same skin, but mechanics are added for the pros. Tuning is tighter and unforgiving. Single mistake kills you. At least when you die in wow it’s because YOU did something wrong, but because you rolled a barb, or because you came across a jailer vortex mortar shieldMinions.

      • The fight is the same. The boss looks the same, and *mostly* does the same things. They might add a new mechanic here and there, but for the most part it really is just the same fight and it gets way to repetitive killing it again when you’ve already seen all of the content.

        It was much better in Ulduar (in my opinion) where you had to do the fight in a completely different way to unlock the hardmode rewards.

    15. Pandas in a game full of pink haired gnomes and two-headed ogres and murlocs and talking cows. Turning a super serious adult game into a kiddie game, how dare they. I play Asura in GW2 and laugh at your kiddie game!!

      *super small font* (Actually looking forward to GW2 as well!)

      • I think a so called MMO without a seamless open world, no mounts and loading screens everywhere is not much of an mmorpg.

        You could call it an on line game with loading screens and closed 4 cornered game maps without any other possibility to travel but to jump through hoops.

        A little bit more and I would call COD an mmorpg too.

        • its not an mmo because it doesn’t have mounts ? ! 😆

          ok, you got me

          I used to think your defense of Blizzard was serious, but now I can see you’ve just been messing with us all this time

      • Well, we don’t know yet, but I can tell you the plot:

        Two sides, one ultimately good and one ultimately evil with no gray area in-between. There’s one main protagonist and one main antagonist. There’s a side-character who will end up being the protagonist once the main character turns to the darkside of the force.

        Disney ending. Roll credits. Titan.

        • At least I hope it takes longer to do normal play through than the roll of the credits. God, there is an insane number of people that worked on D3!

    16. Some fights are “similar”, most are completely different. Their latest raid, the first boss went from faceroll 1 tank 2 heals 7dps in 10man to 2 tank 4 heal 4dps , and completely changed the entire dynamic of the fight. The boat boss added a second boss to deal with, and the boat caught fire ; limiting movement immensely. Ooze boss added 4 combos instead of the 3 pack, changing the way the fight was done completely. Eye stalk boss added 3-4 waves of varying adds to deal with under a time crunch. Elemental boss added multiple mechanics that changed the foundation of the fight. Ultrax, and Deathwing remained relatively unchanged.

      Over half the fights in hardmode were drastically different. Makes no difference that the “skins” of the bosses were the same. The fights were very, very different.

      Ragnaros? Lets throw 5 minutes worth of his hp back on, add a new phase, and continually destroy the ground you’re allowed to walk on.

      The challenge is still there for those who want to tackle it. To say “ulduar was different” is asinine. Hitting a button to activate Firefighter is no different than toggling hardmode from the UI. Killing rag before the 2nd boulder in phase 3, to start the new phase 4, is no different than killing the heart of XT002 to start Heartbreaker mode.

      Yeah, TBC was the golden age. The first kill of vashj felt much different than the bosses of today, but to say the challenge isn’t there is asinine. you just choose not to look for it / participate in it.

    17. I am gonna vote a 1/10 on Metacritic for MoP at launch because I want an offline version of WOW.

      I no longer accept DRM in any Blizzard game. So where is that much needed off line mode for WOW !!!

    18. lol, I remember being on this site when WotLK and then Cataclysm were going to “end” WoW according to the comment walls. Some things never change.

    19. I can’t wait for MOP. I just started up WoW again, still trying to figure out my character and stuff after a year or so of not playing.

      Sucks I can’t get into the LFR tool, my iLVL is too low 🙁 Maybe some pvp gear will fix that.

    20. My interest in MoP is kinda borderline, it looks promising but so did Cata and it got stale pretty quick. This will be the make or break point for me for WoW.

    21. I can’t believe I’m at the point where returning to WoW (and quitting Diablo3) is looking like my first choice.

      3 Months ago I was sure I’d be playing Diablo 3 for years, no desire to pick up Panda Pack – but after 300 hours of D3,clearing inferno on 3/5 classes, and, most of all, getting more and more furstrated with the bugs/glitches/mechanics of the game.. I’m ready to be done.. I didn’t even make the concious decision to be done.. it just happened. about 2 weeks ago I stopped logging on to play and instead hopped on SC2 with friends.. then a few days later logged into WoW for the first time in months to sts with friends.. Now.. theres no desire to do anything in D3.. not even start a new character as the thought of playing normal-hell again in a game that offers so little in the way of thought provking leveling/skill choices makes me want to puke.

      Its a sad sad sad realization for me to have come to.. but despite my best efforts and best wishes.. I’m done with D3 – for now. Not only that but I think its failed in soo many ways to be the game I hoped it would be.

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