The Pandas are Coming!

    Not Diablo 3 news but related as I know some of you may be playing WoW or have come from WoW to Diablo 3. This afternoon Blizzard has announced that MoP will be released on 25 September. The game will costs £29.99  ( $39.99 USD) in the UK with the CE coming in at £59.99. They are also releasing a Digital Deluxe Edition for £39.99 ($59.99 USD) which gives you all the bonus in-game items from the CE.

    While I have not  played WoW in a few years now since it went all sugary and mass-market, it will be interesting to see how many WoW players that are playing Diablo 3 now will put Diablo 3 down for good. A lot will depend on whether this WoW expansion gets the franchise back on track, there were a lot of complaints about Cataclysm which Blizzard acknowledged after relase. As we know from Diablo 3, whether they actually listened to the community feedback is another matter.

    The digital version can be pre-purchased from today.

    Source: IncGamers.com

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