World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Starting Soon

OK, not completely Diablo 3 related but could have some bearing on the release of Diablo 3. According to a source at Blizzard right now, The World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion Beta test will be starting quite “soon” and Blizzard are getting the servers ready now for its launch. Also, anyone with an annual pass will get into the MoP Beta test early and they will be invited in waves.

So what does this mean for Diablo 3? If Blizzard are preparing the Panda Pack beta servers now, then it seems sensible to get Diablo 3 complete and shipped before the MoP Beta gets underway, Blizzard are going to have their hands quite full once the MoP Beta starts.

With the NDA lifting on the MoP coverage on Monday, it would be a shame if Blizzard also announced the release date for Diablo 3 then as it would get somewhat buried in the general news sites.  It would br better to reveal the date this week or after the MoP deluge dies down when it would command as many column inches as possible.

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81 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Starting Soon

  1. And there you have the “release hint” I meant. Keep cool, we all can just speculate. ^^

    • Yeah, you know diablo 3 will be released after MoP BETA. I know it too. Anybody else knowing it?

      • I think trying to discern any release hints from this is a bit of a stretch. “the NDA lifts on X so the MoP beta must be on Y so d3 must be on Z” etc. It will happen when it happens. Believing that you can somehow rationalize or theorycraft it into coming sooner is a lot of wishful thinking.
        BUT you’re right, who knows how they might time everything. Releasing multiple games in one year is a very new thing for Blizzard, we don’t really know how they’re going to handle it. D3 and WoW are both technically rpgs so they will be competing for some of the same market share, so they probably have analysts producing charts and graphs of the best order to release the games to get the most profit out of people.
        My personal guess is that D3 would come out before MoP ships, since D3 is a one time box purchase they can hit people up for that, and then once they have your $60 they can turn around and try to suck you back into a WoW subscription.

  2. Soon may not be that soon, so we might get D3 release date sooner than the possibly “soon” MoP Beta.

    • Question is, whose ‘soon’ is the soonest.  I’m thinking our ‘soon’ has to be the soonest by now, we must be next up, surely!  Is there an official Tier of Soons?

          • Absolutely! Gotta’ give credit where credit is due! Those guys are MASTERS at ass covering!
            Now, if only they’d be as good as letting their community feel appreciated and loved 😉

  3. Do we really want to get into Blizzards definition of “Soon”? I’ve seen this word utalized to account for countless months in the future by them.

    • They have entirely different development teams for each game but with the technical people there is a lot of cross over of staff.

      Edit Sorry that is a response to ituron below.

  4. they can develop 3 games in paralel but they can’t run 2 beta’s at the same time?
    not a very strong argument tbh 

    • I don’t think they would want to run 2 releases at the same time.  Especially considering that their playerbase has huge overlap.  If they release MoP beta at a similar time as D3 full release, a nontrivial amount of people will only play one or the other, not both.  That’s probably a worst case scenario for blizzard marketing.
      Best case scenario would be launching diablo 3 for a month or two, then do some crosspromotion and say “hey here play this MoP beta for a bit” which pulls people back to WoW / MoP.  Then, after MoP starts getting a bit stale (2-3 months after launch), SC2:HotS comes out…then as that is winding down, D3X1 is ramping up…

      • Except it makes more sense to go ahead with Pandapack beta, milk that for a bit (WoW sheep will get a taste of things to look forward to after their D3 interests wanes), release D3 (players overlap for a bit) and then release Pandapack. This gives a better interest control and more time for development of said Pandapack.

        D3 is finished by now rest will arrive by early patches, blizz is just playing corporate/marketing games to milk the cow as long as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if at one point we got confirmation the game was long finished but they were really waiting for Pandapack to mature a bit & final RMAH polish.

      • It would make sense for them to announce the release of the Panda Beta first then D3 if they were trying to promote their buy a year of WoW get D3 free campaign.  Get people to bite off on buying a year to get access to the Panda Beta then D3 comes out either a month or so before or after the Panda Beta.  

        Then HoS when?  Man the D3 team really messed up Blizz’ timeline!  😉     

  5. I really doubt it’s gonna be this weak because if so, they would have announced it on Monday already. Now we gonna wait till March 26 i guess.

  6. There’s a flaw in your logic….
    If WOW is more of a priority than D3 (as seems to be the case) they might be using the D3 release date to push the annual pass = free D3 angle for the WoW stuff.

    • To make their reputation stand, they have to show enough box sales for D3 on launch day. Giving everything away to free Panda passes is already destroying that (i.e. we have already lost 1million box sales of D3 in opening week to the pass).

      • Not necessarily.  Dollars to donuts Blizzard counts annual pass D3 contracts as day one sales under the famous catch-all: “units sold”.  They can spin this news any way they wish in their next conference call.  Furthermore, it is an industry standard to announce digital sales over Origin, Steam, etc… D3 et al. will likely count all of the annual pass sales as zero day digital downloads.
        You think ActiBlizzard accountants aren’t going to count those 1M units just because they were linked to an annual pass contract?  No. Freaking. Way.

  7. WoW Mists of Pandaria is the Secret Level of Diablo III, you can farm panda’s and burn it all to pieces! I’m excited!!

  8. I own the first 2 expansions of WoW, but never made it far into the content to actually take advantage of it.  That game took a lot of time lol

    • Blizz is running a promotion right now where if you reactivate, you get a level 80 character and a free upgrade to the latest expansion set (as well as a free transfer to the server/faction of the friend who invited you back).  It comes with a 7 day free trial with no obligation to continue the subscription if after a week you’re still “meh”.  So, if you’re interested in WoW, this is probably the best time there has ever been to come back and give it another whirl.
      Google “scroll of resurrection” if you’re interested.

      • WoW took a lot of time just to get to the point where you could start learning to mastering it. SC 1/2 has always had the highest skill ceiling, but a rank beginner and top tier pro all have the same units and mostly the same map pool. WoW, you need to play for a long time (less than you used to, of course) before you can even start to get to the “mastery” portion. Gearing up takes a lot of time, and w/o the gear only the best of the best of the best are able to tackle the “hard” stuff.

  9. Well, that’s just great.  We get to watch the WoW crowd revel in kung fu panda and our game still isn’t out.  Why don’t they kick me in my junk for good measure.

    • Yeah, I gotta wonder if any of the adults left playing that game feel an extra level of shame due to the pandas.

      • Yeah!  I mean, it’s not like there isn’t already cow men/women, ox people, walrus people, space goats, horse elephant things, bear men, fish people, bird people, and rat people.

        Pandas though, that just crosses the line.

        in b4 I get flamed for playing WoW, rather than just being logical about it.

  10. [heavy sarcasm]”We are very exited to announce the beginning of the MoP beta. Our dedicated WoW players can now get their hands on a brand new content in the WoW universe.

    Due to preparation of servers for the MoP beta and awesome moral boost and atmosphere that spread throughout the whole Blizzard office we decided to postpone the announcement of the Diablo 3 release date. All our teams that are not working on WoW products are sharing the joy and happiness of the MoP beta.

    Therefore we realize that you, our dear customers, are also exited of this magnificent moment, and understand that the delay of the announcement of the Diablo 3 release date was necessary. We know that you, fans od Diablo universe, are also full of joy with our care towards our most “moneybringing” title (WoW of course) and therefore will have the patience of waiting the announcement of the Diablo 3 release date that have been planned to be announce VERY SOON is now going to be announced SOON.”[/heavy sarcasm]

    Sorry for the long text. I’m in extreme sarcasm mood these days. 😉

  11. all those rumors and predictions … based on what ? do you really pretend that blizzard is predictable ? really ? what makes you think so ? I mean at the rate we are getting unfounded rumors you will eventually be right one day or another but its none the less ridiculous.

    • Blizzard is very predictable.
      You know it’s going to take forever for them to do the simplest action. There. Diablo III development in a nutshell. Along with SC2, World of WarCraft, WarCraft III, Diablo II… 

      • well you just did a recap of the previous blizzard typical delays ; thats not to say that we can anticipate the release date or “events”.   thats like anticipating that iam not going to hit basketball hoop , blindfolded after being turned 20 times around…

        • You’re right, there’s no possible logical basis behind speculating a chain of related events.  🙄

          • yeah sounds very promising ; just like their inside source…
            besides building a chain of logical conclusions is pretty easy if you only look for signs that support your own view and interpretation.

          • That wouldn’t be very logical then, would it?
            There’s patterns of behavior that tend to happen in the video game industry. Blizzard has their own subset of behaviors. A lot of the “guessing” going on (which doesn’t include “inside sources” which YOU invoked, not me) is based on empirical evidence, namely, past behavior and timelines of the company.

            IE, we know that the release will follow the announcement of the date by roughly eight weeks. Because that’s how they always do it. We’ll give it a margin of error by two weeks, and then taking into account that they want the release to be, at the latest, June 29…ohai it’s logic! This isn’t rocket science, and it isn’t the most accurate thing. It’s what we do. We speculate. Because we don’t know. 

            If this is beyond you, I understand.

          • this prediction isnt any better than “the release date will be announced in december / february conference call” or “the release date will be announced at Cebit”
            the probability of blizzard announcing D3 this friday isnt any better or more conclusive than my previous examples ;
            the only difference to them is that  time passes on and thus the probability for a correct prediction gets higher and higher ; regardless of the logic that is applyed, as you said  the time frame is already set ; but the reasoning behind those predictions, isnt any less or more relevant than the previous.
            though as i already said eventually one of those “prediction” will be right at the rate we are recieving predictions lately. Even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn.

  12. “According to a source at Blizzard” – is that the same source that said diablo release date will be revealed last week? 🙄

    • What source is that?  Not this news item by any chance is it?

      The source that said last week would be a very interesting week for Diablo 3 news and then Blizzard released patch 14, activated hardcore and shelved PvP for now? That source? No, not that one this is another one who will no doubt be right also.


  13. Soon carries a lot more weight in WoW time than Diablo time. They can’t sit on that game for years on end, they’ve got bills to pay. Things have to happen in a reasonable amount of time when it comes to WoW.

  14. Do you think that D3 could be send to the retailers in secret. It could explain why we don’t have an official release date even if the game seems to be done.
    Like this, Jay could say : The game will be out in two days and it will be true.
    That’s will be a really nice surprise for everyone and a big buzz.

  15. I’m excited (but hey, I’m an annual pass douchebag).  They let you play pretty much the entire game in the WoW betas, so I suppose I know what I’ll be doing until D3’s release.  Kindgoms of Amalur and Pandaria.

      • You’ve been trolling WoW posts (and my response to WoW posts) on this website for a while now.  Worse than that, a +1 pops up behind your post right after it appears meaning you probably +1 yourself.
        If you don’t have anything to say OT, move along. And for God’s sake, stop +1ing yourself. That’s just… desperate.

        • LOL well said. 

          I wish I still had a fire for WoW, but I finally axed the account after 7 years of keeping it up and enjoying it (with a few brief breaks of a month or so in between). The game just feels stale to me, and while there’s some interesting discourse and changes geared for Mists, I’m not sure I feel like devoting the time necessary to really get everything out of that type of mmo anymore. In fact, I think one of the reasons why SWTOR is going to tank is because they mimicked wow from 4 years ago when they were heavy in the dev. 

          Compared with a diablo type game where you can do what you want to do, at your pace, log in, kill crap, log out. Hells yeah 😉 I think people who think Diablo may be taking people from mists and that’s why the annual pass and such, I personally think it’s more a “time for a new game style” from them. They won’t axe wow obviously, still too many people enjoying it and money coming in, but I’m sure they can understand that the golden egg can’t stay untarnished forever.

        • Haha, the nerd rage is strong in this one.

          P.S. Didn’t know I could thumb up my comment 5 times.

  16. Played WoW for a year, got tired of paying $15 /mo., quit. If they actually had yearly passes for 1/2 the regular price I might still be playing. You can buy a lot of used games in a year for $180.

  17. Thank you admin for deleting my post!! -_- why the fuk did you? and it is not the 1st time your site does that.

    I will post as many times as it will be necessary then. What the fuk do I have to loose -_-

    So…again. As I stated before and my post was deleted release dat will be announced this friday 16 of march 2012.
    Look for the signs.
    Fast forward at the end of this cast >> 

        • Ya I saw that too. Well, if they troll and don’t give us something concerning the release date when they get back, they may have quite a few livid customers 🙂

          Edit: A release date for Mists of Panda would be hilarious!

    • it would not be the first time that elly deletes inconvinient comments ; but if asked it would all be for the greater good ; and she would say in all “honesty and objectivity” that the comment did not contribute to the topic (aka it does not suit her)

      • Actually get your facts straight. Shynta’s post went into spam automatically (I have just checked for it now and it is there). His second post obviously didn’t trigger it this time.

        Our system looks for common spam filter words and auto-places them into a spam filter. We don’t delete comments unless they are personal attacks, offensive or trying to hijack a topic/thread.

        Over and out! 

        • i had an interresting deleted conversation with elly that makes me think otherwise ; though i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

        • a post of mine disappeared from the comments (including the 2 replies it had received) hours after I posted it, where I said that Flux has never been funny. I reposted it, in pretty much identical wording with some extra sauce, and strangely enough the replies automatically reappeared below it. that was no spam filter, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to edit the original comment after I posted it. it wouldn’t have been there at all.

          so there are the facts for you to straighten out, now draw your conclusion

          • You can edit comments that haven’t been approved. This is not new. The spam filters are highly inconvenient, and even if you don’t have a link, you can hit the filters. This is also not new.
            You can have a comment go straight to moderation if you have a url, even if that url leads to this site, and that is not new.
            People are always harping on about the moderation here (ironic how that shows up conveniently…) but I’ve yet to see something deleted that wasn’t completely asinine and worthless. 

    • They are probably going there for the MoP press thing dude… Stop trying to rile up false hope.

      • So what now u smart know everything in the universe dude? -_-

        pfffff….think out of the box and detatch yourself from the net srfer dismiss everything syndrom. Not all is a lie around here..rly.

  18. lmao you’ve gotta be kidding me, stupidass WoW Panda beta start being more important in terms of gaming news than the announcement of Diablo 3’s release date…….man where does the site get these writers? godamn!!!

    • No where does Elly say it is more important.

      “With the NDA lifting on the MoP coverage on Monday, it would be a shame if Blizzard also announced the release date for Diablo 3 then as it would get somewhat buried in the general news sites.  It would seem better to reveal the date this week or after the MoP deluge dies down when it would command as many column inches as possible.”

      Fact of the matter is, general gaming news sites would do a brief post on Diablo 3 then smother it with WoW news.

    • Info:

      D3 – The date it will come out.
      MoP – Every stupid little panda detail including the new monk race, stupid panda zones, shitty panda lore, and horrible panda pets. Details of every little panda talent point, etc.

      There’s a lot of stupid panda to cover. There’s only a tiny bit of D3. Just a date, possibly price points and ratings. 

    • Solomon Wreath – Not the same place you learnt to read.  Stop gibbering, give yourself a fighting chance and read the news items, no big words and it’s crystal clear.

  19. Money income from WoW is most important for blizzard
    MoP release date – July
    D3 – November

  20. Sorry to say that, but in my opinion Pandas will go online before D3. It’s a question of marketing. Mark my words.

  21. Mist of pandaria will release first then Diablo3 sorry but that is fact!
    Mist of pandaria release 13 November 2012
    Diablo3 realse Mars 2013 =(

    • Come on….this isn’t even science fiction! Both will release this year, just Pandas will be first in order to suck the rest of the wow fans energy (cash)

  22. Diablo 3 will launch the moment the next Wow expansion is playable in a BETA version (give or take a few days).

    The exact same procedure was used with the launch of SC2 and the beta of Cata.

    The resaon is simple: WOW brings in 1.2 billion dollars per year. It would be illogical to launch Blizzard games without having upcoming new content for its successful MMORPG.

    The RMAH will probably be introduced as an extensive test case for further use in future expansions of WoW and of course the new Titan. 

  23. Further. The people that bought the annual pass will be pissed that the MOP BETA is ungoing while Diablo 3 is being released. 

    • I think they’d probably be more excited to enjoy D3 than mop beta, or both. There’s room on my hard drive for more than one game 😉 I’m enjoying the hell out of ME3 while rekicking the SK’s tochas in the d3 beta. I can be done 🙂

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