OK, not completely Diablo 3 related but could have some bearing on the release of Diablo 3. According to a source at Blizzard right now, The World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion Beta test will be starting quite “soon” and Blizzard are getting the servers ready now for its launch. Also, anyone with an annual pass will get into the MoP Beta test early and they will be invited in waves.

    So what does this mean for Diablo 3? If Blizzard are preparing the Panda Pack beta servers now, then it seems sensible to get Diablo 3 complete and shipped before the MoP Beta gets underway, Blizzard are going to have their hands quite full once the MoP Beta starts.

    With the NDA lifting on the MoP coverage on Monday, it would be a shame if Blizzard also announced the release date for Diablo 3 then as it would get somewhat buried in the general news sites.  It would br better to reveal the date this week or after the MoP deluge dies down when it would command as many column inches as possible.

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