ThomasJ points us to a new piece on the Huffington Post which cites a Chinese TV news report on the under-construction Joyland Blizzard Starcraft/World of Warcraft Amusement Park. Here’s a quote from the HuffPo:

    Completing the circle of weird is Joyland, which will apparently be comprised of five themed sections: Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of StarCraft, Island of Mystery, Moles World (the cute section), and World of Legend. Joyland was supposed to open by this March, but judging by the photos it doesn’t look like it is going to be ready by then. Then again this is China we’re talking about, where entire hotels have been built in six days.

    The official site for Joyland is here. Warning: it’s only in Mandarin, and there’s loud (WoW?) music you have to mute, but it’s a very cool page with a big interactive flash map that shows all the planned areas of the park and lets you zoom around and such. The Chinese TV report is 3 minutes with lots of footage of the furious construction underway at the site.

    I doubt any of us are itching to jet off to China to visit a WoW theme park, but what if it was Diablo-themed? What areas or game features would translate well into a theme park? The towns thus far in the game have been fairly small and utilitarian (though this looks to change in DiabloWikiCaldeum in D3), but there have been plenty of creepy monsters and dungeon levels.

    I can imagine a Haunted House type ride, where you’re in a cart moving along a track through areas from each Act of Diablo II where monsters pop out from the sides with scary noises and puffs of steam. You’d want to condense the surface areas of Act 1-3, a bit, I suspect.  “Oh joy, more jungle!”

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