World First Paragon 100 Hardcore is a Wizard

The honour for the world’s first Paragon 100 goes to a Wizard and it’s by EU player Azimuth. To celebrate the achievement he also released a quick video showing the 100 ding. Well done, it sounds like he really had to push himself to make it to the 100.

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    27 thoughts on “World First Paragon 100 Hardcore is a Wizard

    1. This just in: Azimuth is the first reported Hardcore character to die at Paragon Level 100. (Not true, but if it was….)

    2. Wow. If you hit 100 paragon via Hardcore mode, your character should be allowed to die and respawn in hardcore.

      that’s just nuts.

    3. Gratz! But somehow I am not impressed. The only thing this proved is that the has the time and capability to grind. In fact, the higher your paragon level is, the stronger you get.

      Now, if someone managed to make it to Hardcore Paragon lvl 100 at Monster Power level 10…..

      • LOL at hellfurion and jimmy legs.

        Also lol at:
        “The only thing this proved is that the has the time and capability to grind.”

        Sure cause thats whats hardcore about time and grind, its not like you have to focus, think in advance, pray to blood lag and horrible dc gods, train bossfights before on sc, watch vids and sometimes have nerves of steel.

        So much jelly, please hellfurion and jimmy, contact us when you make finish your first lvl 60 hc char, oh wait you never will(cause you dont have a time and ability togrind OFC!)

    4. That’s the sad part about this. They guy wasted countless hours of his life to get the first HC 100, but Blizzard will always be changing the end game, so his victory will be very shortlived. As the poster above said, once ML comes out in next patch, this guy hasn’t REALLY beaten the game anymore.

    5. lot of jelly in the comments, give the guy a break, he took a challenge and did it, just like kripp, alkaizer etc.

      These guys and their deeds will not be forgotten 🙂

      • Makes me wish there was a death counter on characters, so we could compare the number of failures for some Paragon 100 SC chars to this guy.

        Checking out his gear… surprising. Not overwhelming stuff. Only 3 legendaries, and while his rares are good, they’re not spectacular. Looks like only about 25% CHC from gear, though if he stayed in Act One he didn’t really need to add that much to killing power. Not with a 1238 wand and another 300 INT from those Paragon Levels, anyway.

        • He did finish Diablo though!

          Hats off to the guy, this weekend I experienced my first HC death. Managed to get my barb up to 60(1), which I’m satisfied with for the first try. I was just pummeled*into oblivion by some dark bersekers end of A1 while I had 47,5k life, good armor and reasonable resists and was not having any troubles at all with previous packs. Just shows how quickly things can turn around and how amazing it is to reach 100 levels without dying.

    6. How do you know this guy is the first to reach 100? There is no ladder. Anyone can claim they are lvl 100 right? What am i missing?

      • all the player profiles are public

        there are sites that scan all the profiles is one, is another

        check them out

    7. A mighty deed indeed… but damn, must be boring after a while. How many hours did he/she clock?

    8. Anyone has any idea what route/areas did he farm?

      I have been playing a ton and am only lvl.37 now which is about 12% of the way there lol. It’s not my goal to reach l100 – I’m at least somewhat realistic – but I’d like to reach 50-60 sometime in this lifetime 🙂

    9. These comments just full of haters. Like when the game came out and people were trying to be the first person to beat inferno, Oh but he didn’t really beat the game. Now oh but he really didn’t get 100 paragon because he wasn’t playing just using his tongue and pinky while jumping up and down on one foot.

    10. Thats cool I guess. But I still dont understand why Blizzard added those XP bonuses for valor stacks.

      • To give even more incentive for people to hunt down elites and clear large portions of the act?

        They said many times that they don’t want people doing *short runs*.

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